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Suicide Bombers Strike 3 Jordan Hotels

AP says 53 were killed in the attacks, which took place at the Hyatt, the Radisson and the Days Inn in Amman, Jordan.

Michelle Malkin is rounding up reaction.

Folks are saying Al Qaeda is the likely culprit, but no one has taken responsibility yet. The hotels are popular with Western journalists and tourists of all nationalities.

Update: Fox is reporting that the death toll has risen to 57, with 115 injured. They're reporting that the explosions at the Radisson and the Hyatt were suicide bombers who were able to walk into the hotels. The Days Inn explosion was caused by a car bomb, evidently. The Radisson was the site of the most fatalities. The Radisson bomber was targeting a wedding. Disgusting. John Gibson points out that because much of the world records their dates "day/month/year" instead of the way we do it, this attack took place on 9/11.

Bush has condemned the attack and offered help in a manhunt.

Update 2: The injured number is up to 300 and something, according to Fox.

Kevin adds: Athena at Terrorism Unveiled has local reaction and a look back at the targets and suspects.

Unrelated Update: I keep forgetting to mention that I have a new job with Salem Communications, which is why I've been absent from Wizbang!, Townhall, and the blogosphere in general lately. In the future, the new gig will require mucho, mucho blogging, but I took a break in between hitches. I'll tell y'all more about the break and the new job later, since Kevin is nice enough to let me continue to hang around here.


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Comments (3)

John Gibson points out t... (Below threshold)

John Gibson points out that because much of the world records their dates "day/month/year" instead of the way we do it, this attack took place on 9/11.

That's about as useful as baseball statistics. I hate it when sports announcers say things like, "This is the first homerun in the bottom of the eighth inning in the AL West during a lunnar eclipse since 1914."

The Amish strike again! No... (Below threshold)

The Amish strike again! No, wait, Mormons! Lutherans? Episcopalians?

kbiel has it right. Gibson ... (Below threshold)

kbiel has it right. Gibson notes how Europeans cite dates. In Arabic, today is the 8th day of the 10th month, that is 8 Shawwal, 1426. Any good Islamist would know that...






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