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Wal-Mart: Home Of Falling Cessnas

Yesterday morning, a small cargo plane ran into engine trouble just after leaving the Manchester airport. It tried to make it back, but didn't quite make it.

It crashed into a Wal-Mart, cracking the greenhouse before landing on the loading dock.

The pilot walked away, injured but all right. There was no report on whether or not that damned annoying little smiley face survived.


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Comments (12)

So how much are they cuttin... (Below threshold)

So how much are they cutting back the price on a slightly dinged Cessna?

You'll notice that is was a... (Below threshold)

You'll notice that is was a cheapo Cessna, not a higher-end Gulfstream.

Walmart bought the rights t... (Below threshold)

Walmart bought the rights too (or maybe just lifted) that smilely-face ad from the British grocery store chain ASDA. I got at least a four-year headstart in loathing it. Pity it's not a balloon; then, at least, it would have deflated.

What I want to know is:<br ... (Below threshold)

What I want to know is:
How did he miss the Target?

Veeshir? If this was FARK, ... (Below threshold)

Veeshir? If this was FARK, I'd bestow upon you a "Hero" tag!

Years ago I saw that smiley... (Below threshold)

Years ago I saw that smiley face with a bullet hole right between the eyes, complete with dripping blood. Made my day ;-).

Actually [email protected],... (Below threshold)

Actually [email protected], I was expecting a smack for that one. I thought I deserved it.

Veeshir, I think that comme... (Below threshold)

Veeshir, I think that comment was brilliant. Obvious when I read it, but it never crossed my mind until then. Well done!

I'm just glad that it didn'... (Below threshold)

I'm just glad that it didn't get my layaway!!!!!

It was so close to the runway. It's a shame that he didn't make it, but he's lucky to be alive! I guess the employees at the car dealership next door helped him get away before his plane burst into flames. Yikes!

There was a small plane cra... (Below threshold)

There was a small plane crash today in Loudoun Co. (VA) which killed the instructor and the student pilot.
I guess the Wal-Mart was too far from the airport.
(Hey, someone has to kill the good karma Veeshir generated!)

The New wal-mart airport is... (Below threshold)

The New wal-mart airport is now ready and open for landing and the cheif tower operator is the smileyface

Hey, try not to perpetuate ... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:

Hey, try not to perpetuate ignorance.

The airplane wasn't a Cessna. It was an Embraer; it says so in the story.

Ignorant people in my yout' used to label all single-engine small planes as "Piper Cubs". They were wrong. Today, not all small airplanes are Cessnas, not by a long shot.

No, I don't own any stock.







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