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Apres Le Francais, le deluge

Earlier, I lamented the riots in France, saying that while I still loathed the French, I didn't want the rioters to taste victory. But I try to be realistic in my postings, and it is still possible that France can fall.

With that in mind, earlier this week I started thinking about the French national anthem. La Marseillaise is an adequate song, as far as anthems go, but would never survive an Islamist revolution. So, I started thinking about a new French national anthem. I managed to come up with two possibilities. Since I'm no song-writer, I had to base them on other songs, but I comforted myself with the knowledge that the Star Spangled Banner was a poem that was set to the music of an old English drinking song, "To Anacreon On High."

So, with no further ado, I give you my renditions of the new French national anthems. I've included the lyrics in the extended section, so we can have the first Wizbang Sing-Along.

Anthem 1

Anthem 2

Jacques Chirac,
Jacques Chirac,
Sonnez la muezzin,
Sonnez la muezzin,
Allah Akbar,
Allah Akbar.

Women can't wear pants
In the Islamic state of France.
But one thing is still true;
It's OK to hate the Jews.


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Comments (8)

DoNotQuit<br ... (Below threshold)


SCSI, if it were for any ot... (Below threshold)

SCSI, if it were for any other reason than abusing the French, I would never inflict my "singing" on anyone. I know better. But for the French, I'm willing to make that sacrifice.


That was...different.... (Below threshold)

That was...different.

Actually, Jay Tea, you sang... (Below threshold)

Actually, Jay Tea, you sang Anthem 1 pretty well. It was the second one that made me wince a bit.

I do like the lyrics, though. Seems fitting.

Okay, Jay Tea, truly a suck... (Below threshold)

Okay, Jay Tea, truly a suckworthy endeavour on your part. HERE is the new marseillaise:


My research shows the tune ... (Below threshold)

My research shows the tune to our National Anthem is " To Anacreon in Heaven."

(I know, who cares?)

I love the fact that our National Anthem is sung to the tune of a British drinking song while "God Save the Queen" is the tune, "America."

"...it is still possible th... (Below threshold)
Aidan Maconachy:

"...it is still possible that France can fall."

WHAT!!! No way in hell! Riots of the type we have witnessed won't even come close to upending the French Republic.

The IRA tried to bomb N.Ireland into surrender for decades and Gerry Adams and co have pretty much been co-opted into the system as regular politicians.

You don't bring down France with youth riots, no matter how wild the antics might look on TV. It will take something a hell of a lot more organized and lethal ... and even then, it would be a tough go for any insurrectionists.

I know there is a caricatured idea in the States that the French are softies etc, but actually they can be tough sons-of-bitches when their back is to the wall.

...they can be tough son... (Below threshold)

...they can be tough sons-of-bitches when their back is to the wall.

Anybody can be tough when their back is to the wall. But it's just like what Patton said about "dying for your country."

When you've let the other guy get you with your back to the wall, it's a little late to suddenly decide get tough.






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