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High School Senior Elected Mayor In Michigan

In another stunning rebuke to Republicans and the President, an 18-year-old high school senior appears to have beat the 51 year-old incumbent mayor in a Michigan race. From the Hillsdale Daily News:

In the political equivalent of a Cinderella story, 18-year-old write-in candidate Michael Sessions has unofficially won the Hillsdale City, Michigan mayoral race.

Preliminary results have Sessions defeating incumbent Doug Ingles 732-668.

The city's new electronic voting system automatically counted all write-in ballots for Sessions because he was the only official write-in candidate. As a result, he stands the chance of losing votes after the board reviews them.

Ballots with incomprehensible writing, or those made out to fictional characters, could be Sessions' version of hanging chads.

If he is declared the winner, Sessions, a senior at Hillsdale High School, will be the youngest person ever elected mayor in Hillsdale.

Which begs the question, if you're Mayor Ingles what's worse: losing to the 18-year-old; or beating him in a recount?

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That's not the election eve... (Below threshold)

That's not the election everyone around here is shaking their heads at.

It's the re-election of Kwame Kilpatrick. He is blatently milking the office to its fullest. Hundreds of thousands of dollars on the city credit card, over a hundred thousand on the city 'petty cash', two dozen old buddies hired as body guards who need to attend to him even on vacation in Las Vegas, and more. Lining his pockets wouldn't be so bad if he was actually useful as a mayor. Instead he's on the verge of running the city into the ground.

The Metro area has always been waiting/hoping for the city to get its act together so we could actually have a worthwile city center. Right now, it looks like that will never change. With the exception of a few tiny spots, the city has no reason to interest people in the Metro area. It's time to pick a new city center and move forward.

BTW, I should have mentione... (Below threshold)

BTW, I should have mentioned Kilpatrick is running for re-election of Detroit Mayor, if you couldn't deduce it from the rant above.

Maybe Detroit is trying to ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Detroit is trying to outdo Wash. DC who elected a convicted crack-head.

Avid Reader - first time po... (Below threshold)

Avid Reader - first time poster. Second time in two days on this site I noticed the word 'loosing' when surely you mean 'losing'. Also, the phrase 'Begs the question' doesn't mean this is something that has to be asked - but rather a supposition of the terms of the question - as in, 'Have you stopped beating your wife?'

is loosing the sam... (Below threshold)

is loosing

the same as losing?

You'd be in more trouble if... (Below threshold)

You'd be in more trouble if I were loosing my mind on you than if I were losing my mind.

I assume you all noticed th... (Below threshold)

I assume you all noticed the timestamp on the post? It was pretty late and while I got a spell check review, I forgot to do a grammer check.

Interesting that you think ... (Below threshold)
Barbara Lewis:

Interesting that you think Michael Sessions' election is a rebuke to "to Republicans and the President," but you might want to do your homework first. I think you will find out that, like many of his generation, Michael is an 18-year old registered Republican.

'I assume you all noticed t... (Below threshold)

'I assume you all noticed the timestamp on the post?'

I guess you'd be wrong.

What's a grammer check? Is that related to grammar?

Barbara - Irony is hard to ... (Below threshold)

Barbara - Irony is hard to indicate in type. The post is filed under Humor, which was the best I could do.

ICallM.. I hate you :-).

Gee, you seemed so sincere.... (Below threshold)
Barbara Lewis:

Gee, you seemed so sincere. I guess I fell for it, huh?

uhh, I actually LIVE in Hil... (Below threshold)

uhh, I actually LIVE in Hillsdale, and whether or not he's a 'registered Republican,' i CAN tell you absolutely 2 things:

1. Mayor is a nonpartisan race in Hillsdale
2. The Hillsdale Democratic Party contributed to his campaign.


'like many of his generatio... (Below threshold)

'like many of his generation' hahaha

also, where did you get YOUR information? i'm curious where you can just find things like this out.

Was there a recount, Hillsd... (Below threshold)

Was there a recount, Hillsdale mayor?

I guess this topic has gone... (Below threshold)

I guess this topic has gone off the boil, but here in this Chinese university some of the students are interested to know how a high school student in his final year has the time to be mayor. They are i believe genuinly curious.

OK not sure if anyone is go... (Below threshold)

OK not sure if anyone is going to read this so I'll make it short.

There was no recount; the previous mayor decided that it was in the best interest of the city to withdraw his recount request.

As far as how he will have time to be mayor, you have to realize my city is small and mayor is a part-time position here. Its more of a PR job. Keep in mind that the mayor in this town is only paid $300/month; that should be a good indicator of how much work he actually has to do. The previous mayor, Doug Ingles, runs a skating rink; he literally spent almost all his time there, from morning till 10 o'clock at night or later (I know this because I work nearby).

As far as what party Michael is registered with - he's a registered INDEPENDENT, so maybe other people would like to do THEIR homework first :) also, I'm not sure what the qualifier "like many of his generation" is supposed to mean.

Hope somebody will see this! I'll check back. It's disheartening to see some of the things people are saying on the internet about my fair little burgh.






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