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A golden opportunity

Earlier this week, I was a bit annoyed when my boss asked me to come in a bit late on Friday, and stay late. I'm really a morning person, and around 9 or so I start getting sleepy.

But then I heard John DePetro give a plug for his show on Friday morning. He's going to be interviewing Mary Mapes, Dan Rather's former producer, who gave the world the "fake, but accurate" Texas Air National Guard memos that led to Gunga Dan's downfall.

Now, I can't guarantee I will get through, but since I'm not gonna be at work, I'm gonna try like hell. And if I do, I will be lucky to get a single question in (besides thanking her for giving us that wonderful phrase). And as I've learned repeatedly in blogging, I might be smarter than some of you, but I'm not smarter than all of you -- especially all of you together. So give me your question to Mary Mapes. If I'll get through, I'll ask it to her -- and report her answer.

I'm fixing this piece to stay at the top of the page until Depetro's show starts -- I don't know when she'll be on, but I'll be there, with my phone at the ready.

If you're around New England, the station is WRKO, AM-680, and DePetro's show airs between 9 and noon Eastern Time. If you still want to listen, the show is streamed live here, and the call-in numbers are 1-617-266-6868 or 1-877-469-4322.

(Updated and re-time-stamped to un-fix Paul's "correction," and calculated to take into account the 9:00 news break and put it closer to the actual start of DePetro's show)

Update II: The Wrath of Khan: I was the first caller. Here is my question:

You went on the air with a very specific allegation against President Bush. A year later, there is not a single solid piece of evidence to back it up. At what point did the burden of proof shift from the accuser to the accused?

Actually, I muffed the question, and she blew me off. Said she had "considerable proof" to back it up, I ought to buy her book and read it, and blew off the "burden of proof" part. But it was fun...

Update III: John DePetro came back and said very, VERY kind things about Wizbang in general, and me in particular (although Kevin and Paul did all the heavy lifting on the Memogate story). He's now my favorite talk-show host.

Comments (35)

My question for her would o... (Below threshold)

My question for her would only be woth asking by the first caller.

"Would you have been willing to run the same story if you had the same documents in your posession but John Kerry was the subject?".

That way it could be established from the very start for even the most idiotic of tin-foil hatters that she's a lying scumbag. Not even some of the leftist commenters on this blog would believe her if she answered yes. of course, there are a few exceptions...

"Have you ever used a manua... (Below threshold)

"Have you ever used a manual typewriter?"

Doesn't matter what you ask... (Below threshold)

Doesn't matter what you ask. For her, it is a matter of faith that she was right. Inconvenient facts are ignored.

And, what I've been finding... (Below threshold)

And, what I've been finding the most peculiar recently is that, given our higher gas prices for consumers, instead of questioning supply and usage, the Congress actually grilled the very notion of personal profit from the industry.

Like it made any difference to the industry but it sure did get them off the hook for lack of action. Like the grilling was effective action at all.

Sorry, wrong thread...(^^).... (Below threshold)

Sorry, wrong thread...(^^).

I can't believe Dan Rather ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe Dan Rather is back on the air at CBS, at 60 Minutes no less.


Oh wait, I can. :(

Well, jpm100, Dan Rather is... (Below threshold)
Harold S.:

Well, jpm100, Dan Rather is *still* one of the most respected talking heads in America, despite the right-wing's attempt to smear him.

That fake document was a cute trick on Rove's part, eh? I hear he's good at that sort of thing.

I guess Rove used his mind ... (Below threshold)

I guess Rove used his mind powers on Rather to ignore the advice of CBS's own experts.


Harold,That tin fo... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


That tin foil hat you are wearing may not be as effective as you think it is.


I would ask her if she woul... (Below threshold)

I would ask her if she would compare and contrast, in her opinion, the differences between a journalist and a blogger.

I like bullwinkle's questio... (Below threshold)

I like bullwinkle's question.

I have a question - not for you to ask her, but just something I've been wondering. Is it the job of the person with the documents to prove they are real, or is it the job of the person refuting the documents to prove they are fake?

Remeber the exceptions I me... (Below threshold)

Remeber the exceptions I mentioned? We have a winner! Harold S. wins the coveted Moonbat Tard of the Week Award!

At what point in your journ... (Below threshold)
Michael Kazmac:

At what point in your journalist career did you decide that that the verfication of your own source lies not with you, as a distinguished journalist, but with everyone else?
Of course, a one or two sentence intro is required- like using her own words when she was interviewed by that ABC guy.
I would refrain from a questions like Bullwinkles that only require a yes or no response.

Michael, we know the answer... (Below threshold)

Michael, we know the answer to that one.

She went _into_ journalism with the goal of 'making a difference'. She worked here in Seattle at a local TV station, and had several incidents of 'fake but great TV'.

How about:
"Do you regret thinking Bill Burkett was a reliable source?"

(She's never said who the source is, but she might bite by accident.)

Or perhaps:
"You realize that it is impossible to prove authenticity of a copy - but that it is possible to disprove authenticity from a copy?"

Well, blaaaahhhh, if this i... (Below threshold)

Well, blaaaahhhh, if this interview is anything like the that was broadcast earlier this eve. on O'Reilly, then, blaaaahh. Mapes was mindlessly tart. Not even smart about it, either, just obstinately stuck in some emotional affirmation of her own realities, whatever they were.

No ability to explain her perspectives, to discuss them, just an iron wall of inflexible early onset something or other.

It's said that that type of inflexibility is indicative of a few age-onset conditions and where Mapes is concerned, I cannot for anything understand how she has ever managed to land any job in any capacity other than one where she's told, "be quiet and do what I say." She surely has deficiences. What's sad to me at this point about Mapes is that someone of her deficiencies could be held in such esteem, prior to (and even afterward, according to some).

She just presents a very scrambled, nonsensical, inflexibly brittle personality with little to no academic worth. I was -- honestly -- I was even surprised, being somewhat willing, prior to her O'Reilly appearance of this evening, to let her compensate for the bad deeds. Nope, not now.

Don't ask her a question at... (Below threshold)

Don't ask her a question at all. Do like most reporters do and make a statement formed as a question. For example:

Why did you lie in your book when you indicated that bloggers were anonymous, like Powerline, when any non-journalist could simply go to the website, click on the About icon, and find all the names available?

Why did you run with a stor... (Below threshold)

Why did you run with a story that had been thoroughly discredited before, yet ingnore the Swift Boat Vets accusations against Kerry? Extreme political bias, perhaps?

'I might be smarter than so... (Below threshold)

'I might be smarter than some of you'

What gives you that impression?

Ask her if you should publish a report from a credible first hand witness, the actual victim, that she was raped by the former POTUS and whether she'd be willing to work as your producer?

Identify the typewriter bra... (Below threshold)

Identify the typewriter brand and model that TANG had that made the memos.

Identify the typewriter bra... (Below threshold)

Identify the typewriter brand and model that TANG had that made the memos.

Judging from her performanc... (Below threshold)

Judging from her performance on Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox last night... You will not likely get her into a corner. She is quite stubborn. She really believes the story was accurate even if the documents were fake and she had zero evidence whatsoever! Her buddy Gunga Dan thinks the same.

I was waiting for Bill to focus on the evidence and even whip it out in front of her. But he just kept talking and telling her how can you run this story right before an election with zero hard evidence? Not that I like Bill O'Reilly all that much. I think he is too polite to the wacko left but I suppose that's so he can get them on the air! One can't show the American public just how crazy these people are if they won't appear in front of a camera now can you?

Mapes just doesn't 'Get It'... She's clueless and arrogant about it as well. You can feel the hatred simmering behind her eyeballs for Bush. She's kinda like the guy at the end of 'The Body Snatchers' running around trying to convince everyone there's an alien invasion. Except there is no alien invasion and she's just plain crazy! Complete and total denial! She keeps repeating the story even though it's completely proven false. She writes a book with the word 'Truth' in the title and the entire book is one fat lie! Benjamin Franklin stated that the definition of insanity was repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I suppose Savage may be right, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Confront her with this: <br... (Below threshold)

Confront her with this:

Apparently, one of the CBS document examiners has
disagreements with her book.

I heard you Jay Tea! Nice ... (Below threshold)

I heard you Jay Tea! Nice try, but she's nuts. There's no reasoning with that.

Mary Mapes espouses quite t... (Below threshold)

Mary Mapes espouses quite the aggrandized view of the presses role. She actually believes that the press's role is to save us. Save us from whom? Well of course the vast right wing conspiracy. Talk about your inflated egos. And of course does it surprise anyome that as a twenty five year veteran of the press she loathes conservative bloggers? Same ole BS from the old media. They do not like their work being questioned by the peeps. We should just trust them as their intentions are so noble. Yea right.

Has she found Lucy Ramirez?... (Below threshold)

Has she found Lucy Ramirez?

A few rational questions?<b... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

A few rational questions?
Does anyone really believe that Dubya's entrence into his branch of the military WAS NOT the result of political connections?
Does anyone really believe that Dubya wanted to fight for his country and face the enemy in Viet Nam?
Does anyone believe that he did not miss medical examinations?
Does anyone beleve that he fullfilled his military obligation before he went to grad school? (His acceptence based his own ability and not his family name?)
Does anyone not find him a little hpypocritical when he tells our kids to join and Fight the enemy?

Am leaving now to go downto... (Below threshold)
Drew Edmondson:

Am leaving now to go downtown where I will stand on a corner with a cardboard sign reading "Disabled Vet-Will Work for Peace"

"Considerable proof," huh? ... (Below threshold)

"Considerable proof," huh?

If she had that, then why in the hell did she pivot her story around faxes of copies of third-hand documents sent to her by a guy who makes Larry Nichols look sane by comparison?

If nohting else, Drew provi... (Below threshold)

If nohting else, Drew provides a bit of humor. Every time I see that he has posted something, it always seems to be followed by me shaking my head, amazed that otherwise rational people can be so consumed by their hatred of all things Bush.

I'd have asked her if she s... (Below threshold)

I'd have asked her if she saw the jaw-dropping "overlay" image of the Killian document and a MS Word (on default settings) reproduction on LittleGreenFootballs. That, in my mind, was the end of the debate.

Nice job, Jay. Would have b... (Below threshold)
Mary Katharine:

Nice job, Jay. Would have been fun to actually hear her try to answer the question, but I guess she thinks the burden's on you, not her.

I saw Larry King's intervie... (Below threshold)

I saw Larry King's interview of Judith Miller last night. Among other things, she said that the remedy for faulty journalism is more journalism and that if you get facts wrong in one piece, you go back and do another story and another one if necessary until you get it right. I could not agree more. In his second inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson, speaking of the vital role of a free press in a democracy, said: "No experiment can be more interesting than that we are now trying, and which we trust will end in establishing the fact, that man may be governed by reason and truth. Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all avenues of the truth. The most effectual hitherto found, is the freedom of the press. It is, therefore, the first shut up by those who fear the investigation of their actions."

LoL Drew, I have agree with... (Below threshold)

LoL Drew, I have agree with JD.

I have such a time getting folks to come in for their physicals and dental exams even in this day and age. You think folks really cared alot about that pre-computer database - and that aviators wouldn't give their eye teeth to try to skip their physicals? Its such a non-issue.

I certainly believe in working for peace, using superior firepower...

You guys are pretty damn fu... (Below threshold)
Harold S.:

You guys are pretty damn funny.

Karl Rove has a long record of dirty tricks. You're a bunch of fools.

You guys are pretty damn... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

You guys are pretty damn funny. Karl Rove has a long record of dirty tricks. You're a bunch of fools.

Posted by: Harold S.

Poor Harold, confused again. Everybody knows Karl doesn't do the dirty tricky. He uses his mind probes to insert dirty trick thoughts into the weak-minded. Then they do what comes naturally -- tilt and slant the news.

I understand tin-foil provides some protection. Better stock up.






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