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Jay Tea Bends The Space-Time Continuum

In case you were wondering....

Jay writes many of his posts at night and sets them to get posted at a given time. (we have future posting ability for you non-bloggers)

He set one to fire at 9 am but he accidently set it to "Publish" so it fired as soon as he hit save.. As usual (rib) Jay did not check the site so as I type, he still thinks his post has not been published. By the time I found it at like 3AM, it had 14 comments so "sucking it back in" was not the answer.

SInce many people stop scrolling down once they see a story they recognize, I was forced to put my late night ramblings after (above) his to keep site continuity.

So if you see a post made at 9:01AM and a comment was made at 5AM or other screwball stuff, you don't need glasses, it's just a Wizbang time warp.

Comments (6)

I was beginning to wonder i... (Below threshold)

I was beginning to wonder if Wizbang was hosted somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

Actually, Paul, this time i... (Below threshold)

Actually, Paul, this time it was DELIBERATE.

I'm fixing this piece to stay at the top of the page until Depetro's show starts -- I don't know when she'll be on, but I'll be there, with my phone at the ready.

Yeah, I've screwed up that numerous times before, but you picked one time I did it on purpose to "correct" it.

And Rodney Dangerfield thought he had it rough...


And Paul, I write nearly al... (Below threshold)

And Paul, I write nearly all of them in the morning. I usually wake up between 4 and 5, and don't have to leave for work until 8 or so.


OH If I do that, I put the... (Below threshold)

OH If I do that, I put the note on the top of the post.

I read the first graph then I moved my stuff.

But it ain't like it's never happened before. ;-)


and now that you've moved i... (Below threshold)

and now that you've moved it again, our readers will never figure it all out. ;-)

If only you could figire ou... (Below threshold)

If only you could figire out how to get this time warp thing to work backwards, you could probably sell it for big bucks to Mary Mapes.






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