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Local boy wants to make good

I've gotten a couple of letters from people who like what I do around here, but one recent one stands out. It turns out that American Soldier is a reader, a blogger, a soldier, AND a fellow New Englander (and NOT a Masshole). We've swapped a few e-mails, and he seems like a good egg.

That being said, he's currently in the running for Aaron's Deck O' Bloggers. As a milblogger, Soldier's in the running for a slot in the Clubs, and might even score a face card if he does well enough in the polls.

So, on this Veteran's Day, at the Eleventh Minute Past the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month, I'm casting eleven votes (one directly, ten by this link) for Soldier. And if a few elevens of you happen to do so as well, I think that would be entirely appropriate.

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Voting ended last night, Ja... (Below threshold)

Voting ended last night, Jay Tea.

Hearts will start in about an hour or so.

Please encourage your readers to participate in voting for the Hearts that inspired those Clubs then and now.

So you're stacking the deck... (Below threshold)

So you're stacking the deck?

[Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'll be going into hiding now.]

I think I'm going to counte... (Below threshold)

I think I'm going to counter Aaron's meme with a Deal A Meal or a Tarot Deck of Bloggers.

The beauty of the Tarot is that I can make a reverse deck as well.

Masshole? ... (Below threshold)


You can have Deal a Meal, L... (Below threshold)

You can have Deal a Meal, Lair. I've already claimed Tarot and even put a sample up last week.






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