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New Orleans Burning

I've been giving this prediction to a few friends quietly for weeks but I have not posted it because you never want to give people ideas, but the gig is beginning to be up.

The next chapter of the Katrina story will be when thousands of buildings mysteriously burn down. The houses will be owned by rich people and by poor people, in all parts of town... but they'll have a few things in common.

All will have been damaged by flood and all will have had home owners but no flood insurance.

Desperation is overtaking New Orleans. Rapidly.

And right or wrong, desperate people do desperate things. Many homeowners are literally homeless and pennyless. It is not uncommon for people to owe $100,000 mortgage on a building worth nothing. Meanwhile, everything they've worked for their whole life is gone and they have no job.

The media had a fixation showing the "Human Suffering" of people with no sanitation and little food and water for a few days. That pales in comparison to the suffering happening now.

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