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People With Guns Allowed To Break Curfew in New Orleans

Now here's an odd one:

Hunters won't be held to curfew

Duck hunters who feared they wouldn't be able to reach the marshes of St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes because of dusk-to-dawn curfews in those areas can rest easy.

Spokespersons for each parish said duck hunters will be allowed through police checkpoints to reach their blinds Saturday, the opening day of the season. Checkpoints were put into place shortly after Hurricane Katrina ravaged southeast Louisiana on Aug. 29. ...

Plaquemines Parish spokesman Major John Marie said hunters will be asked to show a valid Louisiana ID, a hunting license and a federal duck stamp to cross a checkpoint near Point a la Hache. Hunters also should have appropriate hunting gear with them, Marie said.

I can imagine the conversation at the checkpoint....

Sheriff's Deputy: I'm sorry sir, this area is under curfew, I can't allow you in.

Driver: But I have a gun?

Sheriff's Deputy: Well, why didn't you say so? Come on in!

Did I mention life down here was surreal?

Comments (6)

Better than it was earlier,... (Below threshold)

Better than it was earlier, when they were taking them away from citizens who had them.

Oh I'm a big 2nd amendment ... (Below threshold)

Oh I'm a big 2nd amendment guy... But ya gotta see the humor in only letting people WITH guns into the restricted area. .

Yeah, O.K., but what about ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, O.K., but what about guns with BULLETS?!?

Shot shells...no bullets. S... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Shot shells...no bullets. Sure is funny but I don't have a problem with it.

We had the same situation i... (Below threshold)

We had the same situation in Arkansas during deer season (November) 2001. The only civilians allowed on military bases were people carrying guns.

When I came back home throu... (Below threshold)

When I came back home through Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, after having had to take my shoes off and go through a metal detector in Houston 3 times [ brcause my can of Altoids kept setting it off], I saw at lest 500 illegals and wetbacks running around the airport cleaning up debris with their shoes on, no metal detectors, not even any ids, just all over the place, planes, tatmac, even cleaning and mopping the security rooms. Talk about surreal.






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