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Carnival of the Trackbacks XXXVII

Reader recommended stories for Saturday, November 12, 2005:

Want To Participate?

Note: While we're getting used to our new spam blocking software there might be a few trackbacks held for moderation. If that occurs I'll get them published as soon as possible.


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Comments (8)

Anyone else having problems... (Below threshold)

Anyone else having problems showing? I pinged, but no joy (first time in two months I've had a problem.)

I pinged successfully also ... (Below threshold)

I pinged successfully also but was not added.

It's the trackback spam fig... (Below threshold)

It's the trackback spam fighting module. They're published now.

Until I can get it to white... (Below threshold)

Until I can get it to whitelist pings from addresses that don't match the host name I'm probably just going to have to disable it on Saturdays...

It's all gravy, Kevin, than... (Below threshold)

It's all gravy, Kevin, thanks for the Carnival in the first place.

Sorry my blog name ran so l... (Below threshold)

Sorry my blog name ran so long. Kevin. I'll shorten it in the future. And thanks for the Stand-Alone Trackback Tool. It's a godsend for luddites like me. (Or would be if I weren't an atheist.)

What will he most be rememb... (Below threshold)

What will he most be remembered for?

The Paris Hilton video .... or the trackback tool. I say both. The tool is cool. I mean that's some serious stuff. But the video ... brilliant naked marketing.

Hey Kevin,If you d... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin,

If you do this open trackback thing weekly, you may want to put yourself on the Open Trackback Alliance blogroll on Sam's site.

Details are at:

Mr. Big
(the techie guy at Sam's site)






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