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Don't Mess With Texas

Especially Texas Grannys with large caliber weapons.


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Comments (14)

He's lucky it wasn't my gra... (Below threshold)

He's lucky it wasn't my grandmother, she'd empty the pistol and flip a coin to decide between reloading or just getting out the gasoline and turning him into a human bonfire. Whichever it was he'd be dead before she called for help.

Shoot, it wouldn't play on ... (Below threshold)

Shoot, it wouldn't play on my mac...

Played on my mac.D... (Below threshold)
Josh Davenport:

Played on my mac.

Did she shoot him a second time?

Saw it on Fox. There wasn'... (Below threshold)

Saw it on Fox. There wasn't a single CSI on and I was flipping. ;-) I do have to say that she didn't look like any of *my* grandmothers.

What's the story? Someone was hiding in her house? So the police were *already* after him? That part was pretty unclear. What I thought was interesting was that she said she shot him in the leg when he lunged at her (instead of staying put like she told him to do). And she said that the only reason she *could* make the choice to shoot him in the leg was because she was close enough to make the shot. If he was farther away from her she couldn't have done it and would have had to shoot for center of mass.

I'm glad that she made a point of explaining that because shooting to wound is usually a *very* bad idea.

And why did she have the gun? Because she was letting the puppy out to piddle and she takes the gun along so coyotes don't take her dog.

Don't forget the part where... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the part where she hunted through the house looking for him. I heard that he was running from the cops, and hid in the house. She noticed the mud on the porch and surmised that someone had gone into the house, then she went room by room looking for him.

>Shoot, it wouldn't play on... (Below threshold)

>Shoot, it wouldn't play on my mac...

Dude, played fine in Safari?????

"She needs to stop shooting... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"She needs to stop shooting him!"

Um, no, she doesn't.

I GOTTA see the full story...


Granny's retort after the s... (Below threshold)

Granny's retort after the second shot was impressive.

I'd like to read the full story, too, but it looks like Granny and a lot of the rest of us are fed up with people runnin' through the jungle.

She was interviewed on Hann... (Below threshold)

She was interviewed on Hannity last week.

She did an excellent job, b... (Below threshold)

She did an excellent job, but in the future I would recommend more shooting and less talking.

Good on her!(Altho... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Good on her!

(Although I still think "center of mass" is the appropriate target area!)

In Texas we shoot first the... (Below threshold)

In Texas we shoot first then call 911 for "garbage removal".

It is one of the great things about this state, that it is legal to defend yourself and your property. And that the fact that you are allowed to scares the bejabbers out of LLL's and pantywaist Bleu staters that are bailing out of their expensive and overtaxed shiteholes like California.

It is a law that truly contributes to keeping Texas beautiful.

Her name was Susan Buxton. ... (Below threshold)

Her name was Susan Buxton. Here's the story which also contains priceless picture.

We were on the floor laughing at the 911 operator.

As a Texan (who coincidenta... (Below threshold)
Ken O'Banion:

As a Texan (who coincidentally lives within three miles of no fewer than three state prison units), I can assure you that in these parts, "Granny's" actions are entirely consistent with the recommendations of the local prison officials: Keep shooting till he stops moving. (I live a couple of miles from the former 'Death Row' unit; local residents are routinely notified by phone of prison breaks, and the locals' attitude is almost universal: "If I find him on my property, don't bother sending a squad-car, send the meat-wagon.")






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