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South Korean Train Door Horror!


A video surveillance camera at a South Korean subway station caught a scary scene Thursday. A subway train pulled away from the platform with a baby in a stroller stuck in its doors.

The surveillance video shows the 30-year-old mother, Lee Chan-hee, wheeling her baby's stroller into the train when the doors close on the stroller. Unable to pull the stroller from the doors, the mother and a bystander were dragged along the subway platform as they held on to the stroller.

Fortunately, aside from some frayed nerves, there were no serious injuries. Authorities are investigating the incident.

Comments (5)

That footage is TRULY scary... (Below threshold)

That footage is TRULY scary!! :-O

We had some problems here a... (Below threshold)

We had some problems here a few years back when, IIRC, two children died in seperate incidents after getting stuck in the rear doors of busses and being dragged along because the bus driver couldn't see them and didn't realize what was happening.

I haven't heard of any similar incidents recently so hopefully that means they've solved the problem. Obviously nobody wants this sort of thing to happen and it goes to show how careful you need to be around vehicles and machinery.

I'm glad she had enough sen... (Below threshold)

I'm glad she had enough sense to get the baby out of the stroller.

The crazy twit THREW the ba... (Below threshold)

The crazy twit THREW the baby on the ground, then proceeded to fight with the stroller as the BABY was lying there...

Scary indeed.

to yugimus,The mothe... (Below threshold)

to yugimus,
The mother did not try to retrieve the stroller.
Her jacket was stuck /caught in the stroller.She drop the baby to prevent her from being dragged more by the train.GOT IT?






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