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Double Trouble

Oh, what a dilemma. In New Britain, Connecticut, a young lady was due in court to face charges of using a stolen credit card. She also had a final exam that same day. What's a person to do?

One solution that wasn't such a good idea: send your twin sister to court in your place.

Both sisters ended up locked up -- but no word on whether they're being kept in separate cells.

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An excellent demonstration ... (Below threshold)

An excellent demonstration of why you should never try to fool a judge and then curse at him. A good corollary is to not do this to anyone in authority - like a cop with a baton or tazer...

I wonder what the final was in - abnormal psych or civics perhaps? Maybe in economics - since they all had trouble with the illegal credit card use?

She should have studied Mas... (Below threshold)

She should have studied Massachusetts history and done what Ted Kennedy tried: hire someone to take his Spanish Achievements test. Unfortunately, he still got busted. This stunt never had much negative effect on "Old TK". He still got to drive while visiting Chappiquidick.

Maybe this dear girl from the Constipation State will learn from her mistakes unlike the senior senator of the formerly fine state to her north.

Youze just gots ta luv dem ... (Below threshold)

Youze just gots ta luv dem stoopid kriminles!

I can top that- in a little... (Below threshold)

I can top that- in a little town near us a man had a court date, and he was afraid he was going to be sentenced. His girlfriend dropped him off at the courthouse and he walked across the road to the bar, where he was known, and used the payphone, where he could be overheard, and called in a bombthreat to the courthouse and then left.

The police station is just a few doors down. So the bar owner called the cops, told them who just phoned in the bomb threat and what he was wearing, and they picked him up.

No word on whether he was actually going to get the sentence he didn't want *before* the bomb threat. I'm pretty sure he's even less happy with the results now.






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