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Some things you blog just to keep the story fresh...

It's been over a week since I sent an e-mail to my congressman, Representative Jeb Bradley (R-NH), regarding his vote against the Online Freedom Of Speech Act. I followed up my e-mail with a phone call to his Manchester office ((603) 641-9536), where I was assured my e-mail had been received and was scheduled for a response within a week.

It has not arrived.

I may make a followup call tomorrow.

Regardless of what Congressman Bradley says (if anything), I will NOT give up my right to speak freely on politics -- or anything else that I chose to, for that matter. I am torn between taking "Patterico's Pledge" and willfully violating what I see as an unconstitutional action, or simply taking up two of my online friends who blog from other countries up on their offers to give me "guest posting" privileges. Regardless, I will not be silenced.

And again, I will post any response I receive from Congressman Bradley explaining why he decided to vote against the rights of Americans to speak freely.

(Kevin, if you're around, it's your turn...)


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Comments (3)

Don't wimp out on us now, J... (Below threshold)

Don't wimp out on us now, Jay Tea. Take the Pledge. The worst that'll happen is that you'll end sharing a very small room in Leavenworth, Kansas with some guy named Bubba.

T, take the pledge.<p... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

T, take the pledge.

Many of us outside the USA still look to it as the shining beacon of Freedom in the world. Do not let your own politicians dim that light.

Oh dear God,if you go, who remains?

If it makes you feel any be... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

If it makes you feel any better, I haven't heard from Charlie Bass either (although he has always responded in the past). Maybe he is busy responding to lots of letters like mine, and hasn't gotten to me yet.






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