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When work and blogging collide, it can be a bumpy ride

One of my bosses took me on an emotional roller-coaster the other day.

"You know, Jay, I've been reading that blog you write for."

"Um... great. What do you think?" (Slight feeling of dread)

"I like it. Some of the pieces are really good."

"Really?" (Big internal sigh of relief and hope, mixed with delight.)

"Yeah, I got a real kick out of that one about the librarian and the airplane. That was great."

(big internal sigh of disappointment) "Sure, I'll be glad to pass that along to the guy who wrote it."

So, Kevin, my boss likes your stuff. Apparently mine ranks up there with chopped liver.

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Hey, but I LIKE chopped liv... (Below threshold)

Hey, but I LIKE chopped liver!

I liked Kevin better when h... (Below threshold)

I liked Kevin better when he used to feed us eye candy

Geez, JayTea, sounds like y... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Geez, JayTea, sounds like your moral and ethical compass is calibrated a bit too well. Next time, screw Kevin and take the credit. Why should Kevin get to bask in the warming glow of your boss's admiration? I mean, Kevin's not the one who has to put up with the boss's crap all day long.

Of course there is that little matter of he being your friend and all and of your conscious, but that's neither here nor there.


Yes, I definitely like eye ... (Below threshold)

Yes, I definitely like eye candy better than liver.

Your boss has exceedingly g... (Below threshold)

Your boss has exceedingly good taste.

well as one of the few who ... (Below threshold)

well as one of the few who have seen both Kevin and JT at the same time ( killing those rummors that they are the same individual) I can honestly say that two intelligent human beings who share a passion for open communication and pizza have a blogging personality. I tend to favor the JT ( and Kevin would understand why) but then why compare the different parts of a synphony when the music played creates a harmony all it's own

I love liver and the cats a... (Below threshold)

I love liver and the cats adore chopped liver. Keep writing. Kevin doesn't share the kind of eyecandy that women like.

Kevin who?And why ... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Kevin who?

And why is he allowed to write on Jay Tea's blog anyway?

Look up one entry and see i... (Below threshold)

Look up one entry and see if you remember me...






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