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Democrats Lied, People Died - The Video

I'm not one to turn my posts into a house organ for the GOP. (or any other organization for that matter) But I have to give them credit, this video is extremely powerful.

Frankly, election cycle or no, if I were the GOP, I'd run this on the cable news networks ESPECIALLY when these same Dems are now up there saying Bush lied.

Can you imagine the juxtaposition? The media trying to sell the myth that Bush lied and the GOP having to PAY for time to get the truth out on the cable news networks? The credibility of the networks would take another direct hit. Larry King could blather for an hour and 1 commercial spot could put the lie to his whole show.

Take a look, it really shows the absolute hypocrisy and dishonesty of the left.

(h/t to Kate in my email)


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Comments (5)

It's about frickin' time th... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

It's about frickin' time the GOP did things like this.

Where's the beef?9... (Below threshold)

Where's the beef?

90% of that video is a bit redudant, me thinks.
The best parts are the beginning with Clinton adminstration comments and the end with Bush's comments. As everyone knows that action against Iraq had an overwhelming bi-partisan support.

It's not redundant. It's n... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

It's not redundant. It's not just giving repeated statements, it's showcasing WHO said them. That's the point. Calling out those who are trying to push some kind of blame on Bush and pretending that they weren't seeing the same kind of intellegence that supported their call to war.

Yeah, finally. Finally the... (Below threshold)

Yeah, finally. Finally the GOP indicates it's a living, creative voice. I was beginning to wonder, I don't mind sharing.

The video's wonderfully, smartly done. The repetitive nature (I noticed that, too) only emphasises to my view just how monotonously deceitful the Democrats have been and are now.

I'm writing this well after... (Below threshold)

I'm writing this well after the other comments...note that the GOP and White House saying this stuff is being called 'playing politics with the war'. What the Democrats have been saying for years now, is not. That's the counterattack...it's pretty lame, but most people are stupid, so it will probably work.






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