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Live From The Pajamas Media Launch


I'm in New York for the launch of the Pajamas Media project, which has been renamed Open Source Media. The launch event is here.

The proceedings got off to an inauspicious debut when author/journalist Elizabeth Hayt slammed blogs as narcissistic meanderings of bored rich people, boring, and useless. Since Katie Couric has the hots for Hayt, I figure it's worth discussing her views with her further. I may not change her mind, but does it really matter?

Jeff Jarvis is listening to the webcast and he's even more confused that he was before about what OSM is supposed to be. Mike Krempasky of Redstate is attending with me and he's has a theory what it's all about.

I'm here and I still don't completely get it, but keep listening...

Update: Previously, blogger Ann Althouse heard the Pajama Media/OSM pitch and wasn't impressed (more).

Update 2: As live blogging goes, this post didn't provide much insight - sorry about that... I didn't want to leave the days activities undiscussed, but frankly I'm too tired to recap all of the days events and discuss what I learned about OSM until I get some much needed sleep. Charles and Roger are friends for whom I wish nothing but the best of luck in their new venture. As with any new project their are questions to be answered along the way, but based on what I saw today they appear to have a superior group of talented people working to build their (new) Open Source Media empire


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Comments (13)

They did take care of at le... (Below threshold)

They did take care of at least one of Althouse's complaints; there is a provision for renegotiation on rate if your blog's traffic goes up by a significant percentage more than the rest of the OSM blogs.

A provision for renegotiati... (Below threshold)

A provision for renegotiation! What does that mean? Parties to a contract can always renegotiate and make a new contract setting the old one aside! What Brainster wrote reads more like a statement in advance that they won't renegotiate unless a high threshold is met! You know, if you think that "takes care" of my complaint, you are just manifesting the naivity that they seem to be hoping to take advantage of.

Katie Couric likes girls!? ... (Below threshold)
Frank H:

Katie Couric likes girls!? I thought she was married.

Much as I hate the idea of hitting a woman, can I please nominate her as the woman I'd like most to bitch-slap?

I doubt I am the only one w... (Below threshold)

I doubt I am the only one who notices the great big "O" effect...sometimes I wonder what and who pays attention to these things other than me. No way to make a big splash: "hey, here we are, big zeroes!"

They really should have rethought their visuals, no doubt about it.

If they can't sell the goal... (Below threshold)

If they can't sell the goals (translated: "product") on anything other than the 'Dan Rather' theme, they're in trouble. It's just another blogroll.

After reading the various b... (Below threshold)

After reading the various blog coverage of this event, and checking out the new site, I am more confused than ever.

I thought sure they would tell us SOMETHING today that would help make sense out of this whole effort.

And I expected all sorts of hype and blurbage out of Judy Miller’s appearance. But no, nary a peep.

Odd, very odd….

The story that ate the b-sp... (Below threshold)

The story that ate the b-sphere. I certainly haven't read every PJM/OSM story (who would really want to to?). But, I think that many can agree that DtP http://dennisthepeasant.typepad.com/dennis_the_peasant/ has shown the most culinary expertise in baking his OSM cake. What a truly fun ride it's been.

Now .... where we?

Oh yeah Bush is a liar, neocons eat babies for breakfast. And militant radical Islam is a boys club, with a newly opened chapter in France .....

All Things Beautiful Trackb... (Below threshold)

All Things Beautiful Trackback Blogging To Differ at Pajamas OSM Media

Check out the photograph Kevin.

That's a tough one, not able to push trackback through AND you've disallowed html. Oh well, I am sure you'll work it out...

Ok I got it 'Blogging To Di... (Below threshold)

Ok I got it 'Blogging To Differ at Pajamas OSM Media' http://www.allthingsbeautiful.com/all_things_beautiful/2005/11/blogging_to_dif.html

I guess I agree with Jmaste... (Below threshold)

I guess I agree with Jmaster that it is really odd that a company about blogging hasn't!

What is up with that - everyone was in meetings and tired all day - couldn't they have done the roll out a couple of days after this damn meeting?

I keep hearing about this wonderful rollout but what I have gotten is a major slow down in posts on the blogs I read daily.

VERY VERY bad form for a "new" enterprise that BLOGS (AND after I had to filter through all of these damn profiles the past many weeks)! You don't see McDonalds nearly shutting down every year when they have their convention - it is after all their business.

Oh, and what is that format... (Below threshold)

Oh, and what is that format - I don't have time to flip through all of the "next" screens (with a new add each page). No idea how many there are, I gave up after waiting for 4 pages to load. I am usually in love with new things, but I just don't like this.

Kevin, help them out with this - you can't just go to the blog either, that page takes you to a list of the OSM's.

I want one page with the news on it (ala Wizbang, Drudge, or even fox news has it all on the homepage!)

LIfeTrek: you sort of hinte... (Below threshold)

LIfeTrek: you sort of hinted at it, but I'm guessing that OSM™ wants us to have to go to multiple pages, because that increases the ad space they can sell. I'm no expert, but I've known people working for other (well-established) companies with a website or two, and they went through major redesigns for just this reason. Hey, it's less convenient for the readers, but it's all about the benjamins, baby!

Jeez, Ann, lighten up with ... (Below threshold)

Jeez, Ann, lighten up with the naivity (and it's naivety, anyway) comment.

You said that you thought the model only made sense for bloggers who'd crested and were looking to milk some money out of their blog because it locked them into a rate that was fixed for 12-18 months. I was worried about that aspect too, until I saw the final contracts, which you have not seen.






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