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Naked NFL Lesbian Cheerleaders

It's not everyday that we get posts about NFL cheerleaders having lesbian sex in a bathroom. But I'm starting to think that making a blog just about cheerleaders -you know, the ones who do have lesbian sex- is not such a bad idea.


Jay can write 7 posts a day, MKH can do yeoman's work covering politics. I can really annoy a bunch of people who don't recognize satire but then Kevin strolls into the room, drops a post about Lesbian NFL cheerleaders having sex and ya see what happens

I actually never look at the stats so I just found this. I was looking at sitemeter to see if it met a customers needs when found it. I'm so clueless I had to dig thru the archives to figure out what caused it. So from now on, Wizbang will be your officials headquarters for all stories pertaining to naked NFL cheerleaders having sex.

That's why when Kev was looking for a site slogan I entered, "Wizbang, come for the titties, stay for the politics."


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Comments (20)

So, MKH covers the quality,... (Below threshold)

So, MKH covers the quality, I do the quantity, and Kevin gets the babes? Who the hell came up with THIS division of labor? I think I'm gonna over to The Volokh Conspiracy and see if any of them wanna take my case when I sue you guys...


You missed one small additi... (Below threshold)

You missed one small additional piece to the story. The Catfight. It was an Lesbian NFL Cheerleader Sex and Ass Whuppin' Extravaganza so you were able to attract fans from the Lesbian NFL Cheerleader sex fan club and the 2 Hot Babes Involved In a Catfight fan base.

It was almost The Perfect Story.

At least for pig-like, horny, guys (yes, redundant I know) who have fantisized about Lesbian NFL Cheerleaders since they were about 9.

...and guys who like watching hot chicks fight.

...and well, probably some lesbians too.

...and NFL fans.

...and cheerleader fans.

If there is another Lesbian NFL Cheerleader and Ass Whuppin' Extravaganza and you guys don't lead the pack on the story you are blowing your shot at the brass ring.

I'm thinking it would make a good Pat Per View show as well.

Two words: Sex sells. 'Nuff... (Below threshold)

Two words: Sex sells. 'Nuff said.

Same thing happened to me. ... (Below threshold)

Same thing happened to me. I think I drew on the "sex in a bathroom" fans, though.

I watched some Dallas Cowbo... (Below threshold)

I watched some Dallas Cowboys cheerleader crap last night and it was great. I loved the part where the cheerleader coach in the halter top is telling the girls 'You're kind of a slow learner'.

Welcome to the real world, ... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the real world, Clinton will be happy to be your tour guide.

We Republicans and Conservatives really do not understand the whole other half of our country.

Paul wrote:"Wizbang,... (Below threshold)

Paul wrote:
"Wizbang, come for the titties, stay for the politics."

I read:

"Wizbang, come on the..."

Nevermind. Naked lesbian cheerleaders having sex in the bathroom. I'm to be forgiven, obviously. :)

So I'm stealth reading blog... (Below threshold)

So I'm stealth reading blogs at work, and then completely blow my cover by LMAO. Thanks a lot, Paul! ;-)

That lesbian cheerleader st... (Below threshold)

That lesbian cheerleader story did that to me too.

What? Traffic? Who's talking about traffic?

So I'm stealth reading b... (Below threshold)

So I'm stealth reading blogs at work, and then completely blow my cover by LMAO

Apparently you and everyone else - check out the hit count on the weekends!

OK, now I know where the "b... (Below threshold)

OK, now I know where the "bang" part comes from. What about the "Wiz"?

I watched some Dallas Co... (Below threshold)

I watched some Dallas Cowboys cheerleader crap last night and it was great

Agreed - now that's good T.V. - especially when you mute it.

"Wizbang, come for the titt... (Below threshold)
Will Pickering:

"Wizbang, come for the titties, stay for the politics" is a tacky slogan, but not altogether untrue. One of the things I like about Wizbang is the occasional cheesecake photo you all throw in.

Don't fall for the hype. T... (Below threshold)

Don't fall for the hype. Thusfar there is no evidence that the cheerleaders were naked. Sure, they could've had their little cheerleader skirts up, and their cheerleader sweaters pulled up, but nothing I've seen confirms total bathroom nudity.

Further, we can't be certain they're lesbians, and could've just lost their hetero composure under the influence of excessive alcohol. You shouldn't hype the story for ratings.

A more accurate headline would be:

"Drunk NFL cheerleaders arrested for engaging in lesbian sex acts in bar's restroom."

I think the police acted appropriately, putting them in the back of a squad car where the police camera had a chance to catch it on film, preserving it for posterity.

I've been doing pretty good... (Below threshold)

I've been doing pretty good with "New Paris Hilton Porn Video."

Of course .... I learned from the master :-)

I take it you all didn't ge... (Below threshold)
Jason S.:

I take it you all didn't get your copy of December's Playboy yet with the former Colts cheerleader Lisa Perry saying she got fired because one of the high profile players was in her shower wrapped only in a towel and now this girl is a reporter for a gambling related news site.

I'm no statistician, but is... (Below threshold)

I'm no statistician, but is that chart pitching a tent? Figuratively speaking of course...

You should see the hits I g... (Below threshold)

You should see the hits I got when I posted a 2 line blurb about the "Vikings Sex Party"....I had about the same type of spike in traffic for about 2 weeks. I still get a bunch of rogue hits on it now too.

'I watched some Dallas Cowb... (Below threshold)

'I watched some Dallas Cowboys cheerleader crap last night and it was great

Agreed - now that's good T.V. - especially when you mute it.'

But the stories are so compelling and comical AT THE SAME TIME.

I watched some Dallas Co... (Below threshold)

I watched some Dallas Cowboys cheerleader crap last night and it was great







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