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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture (no nudity, but mildly NSFW so it's in the extended entry) :


Winners will be announced Sunday evening.

Update: Winners announced (click the link to read the winning entries). The contest is now closed.


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Comments (132)

Yes, they are indeed silico... (Below threshold)

Yes, they are indeed silicon!!!

OK, I take back what I said... (Below threshold)

OK, I take back what I said about Macs. I really, REALLY wanna click on that one-button mouse.

Forget Mickey and Minnie. I... (Below threshold)

Forget Mickey and Minnie. I like Maxie and Mammary much better.

The mice that ROARED!... (Below threshold)

The mice that ROARED!

Screw the beads, give us CH... (Below threshold)

Screw the beads, give us CHEESE!

They say if you build a bet... (Below threshold)

They say if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. Here we see that if you build a better mouse, men will beat a path to your door, then beat down your door, then beat...

Four blonde mice,Fou... (Below threshold)

Four blonde mice,
Four blonde mice,
See how they jiggle,
See how they jiggle...

We're gonna need a bigger t... (Below threshold)

We're gonna need a bigger trap...

Bill and Martha's threesome... (Below threshold)

Bill and Martha's threesome fantasy at the grand opening of "Hedonism IV-Disney" went sour when the young lady who joined them was upset that all she got for the wild night was this lousy t-shirt.

The dark side of genetic en... (Below threshold)

The dark side of genetic engineering: what happens when you splice mouse genes into sweater puppies.

As Mickey and Minnie aged t... (Below threshold)

As Mickey and Minnie aged they began to grow apart...

I've heard of a "titmouse" ... (Below threshold)

I've heard of a "titmouse" before, but I always thought it was some kind of bird. Screw the bird, this is a better definition.

Guy (father) on left: "Yea... (Below threshold)

Guy (father) on left: "Yeah, everyone thinks she's always looked more like her mother."

In all seriousness, there h... (Below threshold)

In all seriousness, there have been some wonderfully funny pictures posted on this website for the caption contest. This picture is so jaw-dropping awesome, it just doesn't need a caption.

"She definitely got those f... (Below threshold)

"She definitely got those from your side of the family!"

Somewhere, there is a bra-c... (Below threshold)

Somewhere, there is a bra-cat licking his chops.


Pinnochio: At least I don't have to worry about the cold.

M..I..C....K..E..Y..... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


Not everyone was pleased wi... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Not everyone was pleased with Disney's new marketing ploy, as in the new paradigm Donald Duck was displaced by Cock Robin.

The mutations from mold and... (Below threshold)

The mutations from mold and disease in the aftermath of Katrina took on many forms. Fortunately for Bob and Steve, no one noticed their hideous deformities during Mardi Gras.

Little do they know - that ... (Below threshold)

Little do they know - that a pussy lurks below.

I think I'm gettiing a Stea... (Below threshold)

I think I'm gettiing a Steamboat Willie.

An older, balder and beaded... (Below threshold)

An older, balder and beaded Bill Clinton, upon being named CEO of Disney, shows off the new Mickey Mouse/Mice/Meeeces!

M I C K E WHY?????... (Below threshold)

M I C K E WHY?????

M I C K E WHY?????... (Below threshold)

M I C K E WHY?????

Somebody needs a facelift!!... (Below threshold)

Somebody needs a facelift!!!

M I C K E WHY?????... (Below threshold)

M I C K E WHY?????

In an effort to build share... (Below threshold)

In an effort to build shareholder equity and to be more in touch with local traditions and customs, Save Disney campaign spokesman “Pluto” introduces mousketeers Ftritzie and Spritzie to shareholders at the new EuroDisney-Amsterdam Park.

" This Picture Leaves me ... (Below threshold)

" This Picture Leaves me Utterly speechless."

(Sing along with me...)... (Below threshold)

(Sing along with me...)

Can I See? If not, why?
I beg you to show meeeee!

I think we're going to need... (Below threshold)

I think we're going to need a bigger mousetrap...

Welcome to Euro-Disney, upt... (Below threshold)

Welcome to Euro-Disney, uptight American prudes! Now, look to your left for the Greek interp. of why Donald Duck walks funny...

MIckey and Minnie sought su... (Below threshold)

MIckey and Minnie sought support from an interested bystander.

" The utter moral decay tha... (Below threshold)

" The utter moral decay that clings to the breast of Mankind and milks it of its dignity. "

Sure, but if I walked up to... (Below threshold)

Sure, but if I walked up to one of them and said, "Nice squeakers!" I don't think she'd be very happy.

"... and a thong would look... (Below threshold)

"... and a thong would look Goofy on either one of them."

" I'm sorry about posting M... (Below threshold)

" I'm sorry about posting M I C K E Why??? on your website three times, but I had a utter stutter."

The ladies began to rethink... (Below threshold)

The ladies began to rethink their decision to have their breast implants done at the Walt Disney Breast Augmentation Clinic.

Norm's is the greatest! I ... (Below threshold)

Norm's is the greatest! I had to share with the office b/c I laughed too loud.

physics geak, runner up.

1) Cropped out of the photo... (Below threshold)

1) Cropped out of the photo, Pinocchio (far left) was really pissed.

2) The Mouseketits

3) Now's the time to say hello to all our mammaries...

Are those silicone, saline,... (Below threshold)

Are those silicone, saline, or Stilton?

Re pair on right: Why the ... (Below threshold)

Re pair on right: Why the long face, Minnie?

Fred: Wouldn't that have b... (Below threshold)

Fred: Wouldn't that have been an "udder stutter"?

Mousketeer Reunion 2030... (Below threshold)

Mousketeer Reunion 2030

Justin, Britney, and Christina

While many have applauded t... (Below threshold)

While many have applauded the democrats coming up with new ideas, such as linking national health care to corporate sponsorship to defray costs, others are questioning the unintended consequences.

As a youth, Bill Clinton's ... (Below threshold)

As a youth, Bill Clinton's obsession about sex frequently took ridiculous and even bizarre turns.

Victoria's Secret ta... (Below threshold)

Victoria's Secret takes over the souvenir shops at the Disney resorts.

Meeeeooooowwwww....!... (Below threshold)


Trying out the new Mammary ... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

Trying out the new Mammary Presidential Candidate Body Ads. Just wait til you see the Penile one for Hillary!"

Eventually the trend Jum... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

Eventually the trend Jumped the Shark when Dolly Parton was signed on to do Dumbo as twins.

In the end, the Mice not... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

In the end, the Mice not Missiles campaign was considered more discreet, and less hairy, than the more ubiquitous Boobs not Bombs protests

"Hey, Bubba, what's the tem... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

"Hey, Bubba, what's the temperature like outside?"

"Jim-Bob, looks like it's a titty bit nipply this morning!"

"We're just trying to re-an... (Below threshold)

"We're just trying to re-animate Walt. If this doesn't do it, we've got Puss N' Boots costumes waiting back at the hotel!"

Mickey and Minnie show the ... (Below threshold)

Mickey and Minnie show the world they have reconciled after the regrettable, and much publicized, "F*cking Goofy" accusations.

The fashion world was rocke... (Below threshold)

The fashion world was rocked today as the latest Spring line from Mel Eisner made its debut at the annual father-son day. “They’ve been looking for an appeal that spans generations”, Mel said: “and this takes animation to a new level.”

The reaction of Walt Disney’s family to this, and the “mini thong”, was not immediately available. “You will hear from our lawyers”, said Roy Disney, Walt’s nephew.

Though Disney tried to keep... (Below threshold)

Though Disney tried to keep the story under wraps for years, the truth was undeniably exposed in this telling photo: Mickey and Minnie gradually drifted apart, each ultimately going their own separate direction.

Yes folks, life in New Orle... (Below threshold)

Yes folks, life in New Orleans has returned to normal.

Yes, but do they squeak?</p... (Below threshold)

Yes, but do they squeak?

Strangest mesh I've ever se... (Below threshold)

Strangest mesh I've ever seen in a T-shirt!

Who ever heard of mice with... (Below threshold)

Who ever heard of mice without mouths?

Do they bite?... (Below threshold)

Do they bite?

Sales for Disney products s... (Below threshold)

Sales for Disney products should "perk up " after this stunt!

With less and less offers f... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

With less and less offers for movies, Minnie's and Mickey's acting careers were in Jeopardy. A good boob job was hard to find.

During his visit to New Orl... (Below threshold)

During his visit to New Orleans, Dr.Prichow took time to do a thorough study of the local tit mouse.

Unconventional <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Unconventional Titmouse Convention?

Minnie, Mickey, Saggy and D... (Below threshold)

Minnie, Mickey, Saggy and Droopy.

It's good to see Mini & Mic... (Below threshold)
bob jones:

It's good to see Mini & Mickey survived Katrina.

What a bunch of boobs... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of boobs

Minn-A (right) and Minn-C (... (Below threshold)

Minn-A (right) and Minn-C (center) go for a walk with Goofy.

Fond memories of riding <br... (Below threshold)

Fond memories of riding
Epcot's Body Wars.

Martha (right) and her husb... (Below threshold)

Martha (right) and her husband, Ned (left), thought Martha's Halloween costume was a no-brainer given Ned's nicknames for Martha's assets. Hilarity ensued when they ran into their daughter, Beth wearing an identical costume, the result of similar naming by Beth's boyfriend (not pictured) who, "weirded out to the max" and "illin'" in his words, headed for the nearest bar.

Finally some female breasts... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Finally some female breasts Michael Jackson would like to suck.

Mammateers.... (Below threshold)


"Titmouse" Redefined... (Below threshold)

"Titmouse" Redefined

$20 says that the dude in t... (Below threshold)

$20 says that the dude in the background looking over their shoulders has his hand in his pocket.

Nothing makes a father more... (Below threshold)

Nothing makes a father more proud than to show off his wife and daughters tits in a way that mocks the innocence of youth.

If a family can't get toget... (Below threshold)

If a family can't get together, cut holes in the front of their shirts, poke their boobs through those holes, and decorate them like cartoon characters, then the terrorists have already won.

UN peacekeeper charged in a... (Below threshold)

UN peacekeeper charged in alleged "Mice-for Beads" scandal.

Following hurricane Katrina... (Below threshold)

Following hurricane Katrina Epcot Center takes on the responsibility for Mardi Gras.

After hurricane Katrina The... (Below threshold)

After hurricane Katrina The Disney Channel was forced to scrap its new reality show, Mousketeers: New Orleans.

If they're all willing to d... (Below threshold)

If they're all willing to do this, what the hell do they do behind closed doors?!

Guccione, Disney join force... (Below threshold)

Guccione, Disney join forces and announce new "adults only" theme park to help New Orleans' economic recovery.

Tourists anxiously await th... (Below threshold)

Tourists anxiously await their turn to board the Minnie Ta Ta.

Proponents of intelligent d... (Below threshold)

Proponents of intelligent design meet at DisneyWorld.

I've got the sudden urge to... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

I've got the sudden urge to give Minnie Mouse an Eskimo kiss.

(Sung to Mickey Mouse song)... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

(Sung to Mickey Mouse song)

Who's the leader of the pack
That makes me very happy?
Hey there, Hi there, Ho there
They're as perky as can be

Nipple Mouse

Nipple Mouse

Forever let us hold our titties high, high, high, high.

Come along and sing our song and join our Boobaree


Sigh.... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:


Mickey to Minnie: "Keep an... (Below threshold)

Mickey to Minnie: "Keep an eye out, there could be a booby trap!"

The mouse that whored.... (Below threshold)

The mouse that whored.

I spy, with my little eye, ... (Below threshold)

I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with a B. Or maybe an M... you can never really tell these days.

It's Ninny Mouse!... (Below threshold)

It's Ninny Mouse!

Truely the "Happiest Place ... (Below threshold)

Truely the "Happiest Place On Earth":
"The Land Of Enhancement"

"JaJa, in der vinter ve cha... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

"JaJa, in der vinter ve change to Pinochio, Ja."

Girl in the middle: “Mom ar... (Below threshold)

Girl in the middle: “Mom are you sure Clinton is still President, and we are auditing for Intern positions?”

Girl in middle: "Well, dadd... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Girl in middle: "Well, daddy said he wanted to go to Fantasyland. Then we are going to see the Matterhorn."

Correction:Girl in m... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Girl in middle: "Well, daddy said he wanted to go to Fantasyland. Then we are going to ride the Matterhorn."

Getting ready for the press... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Getting ready for the press conference to announce the opening of Hooters at Downtown Disney.

Woman on right: "It that Pi... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Woman on right: "It that Pinocchio behind me?"

Milky Mouse... (Below threshold)

Milky Mouse

Can't be mother/daughter...... (Below threshold)

Can't be mother/daughter....The mice on the right are about the right size....the ones in the middle are the size of alley rats

Can you get the one in the ... (Below threshold)

Can you get the one in the middle to turn around?......I'd like to check out the tail.........

Do those mice noses ummm...... (Below threshold)

Do those mice noses ummm....look a little ...ummmm erect to anybody else?

By the way is that Jerry Springer....without his wig?

When I say I rode all the r... (Below threshold)

When I say I rode all the rides...I rode ALL the rides.

It was then that Ralph real... (Below threshold)

It was then that Ralph realized that he had, indeed, found the Happiest Places on Earth.

Y.....Because we like it!!!... (Below threshold)

Y.....Because we like it!!!!!

If you think this is in poo... (Below threshold)

If you think this is in poor taste, just be happy they're not showcasing the man's Goofy pants.

Just gives the term, "Milki... (Below threshold)

Just gives the term, "Milking a mouse." a whole new twist.

Oh no, look's like it's tim... (Below threshold)

Oh no, look's like it's time for a face-lift for Mickey and Minnie!

I can not beleive after 107... (Below threshold)

I can not beleive after 107 posts this has not come up. You're all too young.

"Now that's an "E" ticket ride!!!!

"And tonight's top story, B... (Below threshold)

"And tonight's top story, Blanco and Nagin no longer the two biggest boobs in New Orleans."

Turning tradition on its he... (Below threshold)
Charles Versteege:

Turning tradition on its head, Cindy Mammary and Helen Gland expose their breasts for free while Curt Milelong collects beads for dropping his pants at the renewed Queen of Sirens Mardi Gras Ball and Parade in New Orleans.

Mickey and Minnie had been ... (Below threshold)

Mickey and Minnie had been close for years, but later that night, Donald would cum between them.

M I C K E WHY?... (Below threshold)


There is this bird at my fe... (Below threshold)

There is this bird at my feeder that the reference book says is a titmouse, but damned if they look anything like these!

An ousted Carolina Panther ... (Below threshold)

An ousted Carolina Panther cheerleader and her mother attempt to motivate the Minnesota Vikings by reminding them that the Super Bowl champions get to go to Disney World.

Once Geppetto had figured o... (Below threshold)

Once Geppetto had figured out how to make a real boy, he made a little something for himself.

The lawyer escorts exhibits... (Below threshold)

The lawyer escorts exhibits A and D to court to challenge the assertion that bouncing is what Tiggers do best.

See our breasts, see our br... (Below threshold)

See our breasts, see our breasts,
We put good taste to the test.
As we're bouncing and cavorting
Take a gander at our chests.

Mine are young, hers are old,
(But you must admit we're bold!)
As our assets we are flashing,
Are you hoping it gets cold?

Watch them jiggle as we dance
In New Orleans - looks like France!
We can go all night without a rest.
So let that camera roll,
As we put on a show,
And see our breasts.
(Mine are best.)
See our breasts!

Of Mice and Man. ... (Below threshold)

Of Mice and Man.

Always the creative genius,... (Below threshold)

Always the creative genius, Walt Disney opens Mickey's Ranch somewhere in the Nevada desert.

That rumble you felt was Wa... (Below threshold)

That rumble you felt was Walt Disney turning over in his cryonic chamber.

..."And finally in the news... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

..."And finally in the news today,it seems that the Bourbon Street Craft Club came up with an idea on what to do with all the leftover FEMA T-shirts...
Films at eleven!"

"Leave it to New Orleans to... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Leave it to New Orleans to take 'Go-Cups' to new levels! And just when you think you've seen it all, the next pic shows the guy in the background with a Kleenex in his hand...I think he wants to blow Mickey's nose!"

"Ummn, don't look now, but ... (Below threshold)

"Ummn, don't look now, but I think someone slipped you a mickey."

Although panned by the crit... (Below threshold)

Although panned by the critics, Disney's Broadway review of "The Best Little Whoremouse In Texas" did manage to garner a small but loyal following.

Finally...The GOP responds ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Finally...The GOP responds to pulling out!!!
It's about time...sheesh!

Disney Hurricane relief eff... (Below threshold)

Disney Hurricane relief efforts underway...

Determined to make the most... (Below threshold)

Determined to make the most of their Monday Night Game against the Green Bay Packers (2-7), Minnesota (4-5) will be smuggling in cheerleaders from Disney to drive the cheeseheads nuts.

In other news....Jer... (Below threshold)

In other news....
Jerry Springer was caught on camera right before he tried to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation on Milky Mouse saying "Ummm...I thought the little buggers looked a little pale...."
Denouncing the act a PETA representative said they will file charges in the morning citing cruelty.......

hopefully this one's not al... (Below threshold)

hopefully this one's not already taken...

The Good (middle), The Bald (left), and the Ugly (right).

So that's how they are goin... (Below threshold)

So that's how they are going to bring the tourists back to New Orleans...

Fortunately, the picture was cropped to spare us the indignity of the man's Goofy pants.

Eenie, Mickey, Minnie, Moe;... (Below threshold)

Eenie, Mickey, Minnie, Moe;
Catch a nipple by the nose;
If she hollers make her pay,
by the whiskers on her, er, ah,

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced (click the link to read the winning entries). The contest is now closed.






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