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I'm in 19th Heaven

Prices courtesy Amazon.com:

Angel, Season 1 DVD Boxed Set: $29.97

Rise Of The Vulcans, by James Mann,Hardcover: $16.35

Arrogance, By Bernard Goldberg, hardcover: $3.49

Total: $49.81, plus shipping.

At Manchester's new bargain mecca, Building 19:

$19.95 total, cash and carry.

I'm gonna go broke there, I swear...

Comments (5)

Hey Kevin, I think I've fou... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin, I think I've found your web designer!
But the guy who does building19.com must cost a fortune =)

Better watch out, Jay. Ove... (Below threshold)

Better watch out, Jay. Over in my neck of the woods, we've nicknamed CostCo the "hundred dollar store" because that amount is the amount you end up spending pretty much every time you go in there, regardless of what you go in there for to begin with. Sounds like you've got a similar problem with Building 19, to wit: there's an overwhelming force generated by that store sucking you inside like a vortex and then there's that irresistable pull as your wallet leaves your pants pocket.

Beware! Beware!

Those places are permeated ... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Those places are permeated with the "dark side of the Force". Once you go over to the dark side there is no return. "Darth Jay" is already over there and all we can do is build a bonfire and sing songs about what he was before the fall. It is futile to try to draw him back to the light.

Having lost the souls of too many whom I love to Sam’s Club, I know of whence I speak.

Small point: if you don't m... (Below threshold)

Small point: if you don't mind the wait, Amazon does have the "shipping free" rate for orders over $25... which I used for my order from them last night.

Wow! You like Angel too? ... (Below threshold)

Wow! You like Angel too? I normally don't get into TV programs that my wife likes ('cept to check out the babes like Charmed) but for some reason, I really like Angel because of the flashbacks that show what he used to be like when he was Angelus. Like I tell my wife, it's much more believable than Buffy (which isn't saying much).






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