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Suffering from irony deficiency

Oliver Willis managed to find a comment over at Free Republic that has him all in a dither. Apparently a commenter (not even a poster, but a commenter) called for shooting Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Setting aside the possibility that the commenter might have been a Moby, let's see just where Ollie picked up on this outrage:

Democratic Underground.

Well, I guess if ANYONE would be experts at deranged threats, screaming insanity, paranoia, and sheer, gibbering lunacy, it'd be DU.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go shopping. My irony gauge just exploded, and I need a new one.


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Comments (10)

Darned commenters. They sho... (Below threshold)

Darned commenters. They should all be shot.

(Yes, this is satire. I don't want anyone "going Ollie" on me.)

I don't usually read Willis... (Below threshold)

I don't usually read Willis's blog. But look at his comment again. That's your idea of "all in a dither"? Geez, and you talk about the MSM's innacurate reporting.

Hurry back, Jay Tea. Your ... (Below threshold)

Hurry back, Jay Tea. Your name came up again in the comments section at OW. Is it true that the only thing consider "extremist" is a threat of assassination? According to a lovely (in a bovine excrement sort of way, you understand) commenter, torture is just fine with you and isn't to be considered "extremist." HA!

The ability to recognize sa... (Below threshold)

The ability to recognize satire seems to be at an all time low on both sides.

What's an irony guage go fo... (Below threshold)

What's an irony guage go for down at Building 19?

DU has posts encouraging vi... (Below threshold)

DU has posts encouraging violence against conservatives and "the Bush regime" every week, if not every day. Ollie would never, ever point those out. What an idiot!

Jay, grab me a couple while... (Below threshold)

Jay, grab me a couple while you're out. I've blown through six this week alone.

Strange. I was trying to r... (Below threshold)

Strange. I was trying to read through the comments section on Yahoo yesterday, affiliated with a news story at that time about the vote in Congress...and about every tenth one would write as to the destruction of the President (but by name and in far more straightforward terms than I just paraphrased here).

And those were the milder comments, given the overwhelming numbers of multiple-registered liberals frequenting the place.

About once or twice a year I click-on-through to the comments section to read, and once in a great while I find interesting information there, but routinely, it's from conservatives who take care to include facts and accuracies amidst the chaotic calls for destruction of just about all that is anything American, particularly of the Republican and/or Christian kind.

Willis complaining is probably Willis amusing himself.

Sounds like he's pulling a ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like he's pulling a Malkin.

But, another thing here as ... (Below threshold)

But, another thing here as to Willis' comments...FreeRepublic commentors are generally not conservatives, in my experience. There are some (still) remaining there but for the most part, the place is no longer peopled by a majority of conservatives. I can't say what the majority political affiliation is, but I can say that the majority of commentors there are not conservatives.






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