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Buried Lede Of The Day - American Idol Edition

Even the most devoted fans will learn new tidbits. For example, [Carrie] Underwood was flirty and animated at her audition, much more so than during the rest of the season. Who knew she had a personality? Or for that matter, who knew she once had a third nipple a la Mark Wahlberg or the fictional Chandler Bing?
From a Washington Post review of the new American Idol DVD's featuring past winners such as last seasons Idol, Carrie Underwood. I'm not sure, but what's left of Underwood's third nipple might be shown in that picture - right below her necklace. On the other hand it could just be a zit...

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It could just be a zit. Wh... (Below threshold)

It could just be a zit. When I lived in Arizona I woke up one morning with a hangover and looked in the mirror and I had a third nipple. Then I popped it and it turned out to be a zit.

Tip: if this ever happens to you try popping the one in the middle first.

"a la Mark Wahlberg or the ... (Below threshold)

"a la Mark Wahlberg or the fictional Chandler Bing"

Wow . . . another sign of advancing middle age. I (age 42) thought the definitive "third nipple" pop culture icon was still Francisco Scaramanga, James Bond's "Man With the Golden Gun" (played in the film of that name by Christopher Lee).

Chandler Bing? Pass the Geritol.

Hmmm.Is anyone els... (Below threshold)


Is anyone else *extremely* turned on by this?

Anyone? Hello? Heeellllloooo?


I must be younger than Bene... (Below threshold)

I must be younger than Benedict, the only character I could think of with a third nipple was Crusty the Clown.

Washington Post staf... (Below threshold)

Washington Post staff writer Curt Fields wrote, "Who knew she [Carrie Underwood] had a personality?"

Who knew that the Washington Post employed such a rude staff writer?

There was a girl with three... (Below threshold)

There was a girl with three nipples in the Governator movie, Total Recall. Of course, the reason she had three nipples was that she had three breasts.

And no ed, you're not alone.






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