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Some troops in dire need of support from home

Last night, I received an e-mail notifying me of a despicable thing going on. A dedicated milblogger in Iraq, Grey Eagle, has been posting tributes to US soldiers in Iraq. I use "has been" because she has been bombarded by trolls and other vermin, posting insulting, degrading, and (dare I say it) un-American crap in her comments. It's gotten so bad that she's had to give up her tributes. As she herself says, she signed up to defend all of our Constitutional rights, with the understanding that she was giving up some of her own freedoms in the process -- that's the tradeoff all service members make -- but she never expected that those beneficiaries of her sacrifice would use that to try to take away her rights even more.

Folks, the genie is out of the bottle. We can't do a damned thing about the venom that's been spewed all over her site. It's there, it's been done, but even if was deleted, the poisoning will linger.

So while we can't extract the venom, we sure can dilute the hell out of it.

Go on over to Grey Eagle's site, read through her stuff, and leave some kind words. Express some thanks to her and her buddies. Don't let that tiny minority of scum be the dominant force there.

The military has a concept called a "force multiplier." It's a form of leveraging -- it's something that doesn't fight, but increases the efficiency of those assets that do. One example is fuel tanker aircraft -- by allowing fighters, bombers, and other planes to remain in the air longer, they reduce the total number of planes needed, effectively "multiplying" that one fighter into its own relief. Occasionally, that's how I see my job at Wizbang -- I'm one guy sitting in New Hampshire, but thanks to this amazing soapbox Kevin has shared with me, I can shout loud enough to be heard literally around the world.

Well, I'm shouting now. Go over there and do your duty. Show some support for the troops, who have enough to worry about from bombs and bullets and rockets and grenades, and really don't need to also fret about knives in the back.

(Thanks to Mr. Right of The Right Place for e-mailing me this despicable news)

Update: Grey Eagle herself spells out in detail just what the assholes in question have done, and what they are preventing her from continuing to do. Read the comments for the sickening details.


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Comments (17)

Thanks for sharing this lin... (Below threshold)

Thanks for sharing this link, Jay Tea, and this story. I hope everyone else will go lend a hand of communal support for the brave and courageous among us who serve with their lives to protect and defend. God bless this woman and all her fellow soldiers.

Blogging, unfortunately, in... (Below threshold)

Blogging, unfortunately, includes dealing with the negatives. And, unfortunately also, all too often, people with negatives in mind use the internet to harass and destroy. I can only imagine what people in the military have to contend with but anyone in service who takes on blogging is certainly among the bravest of the brave. We should all take heed of what this soldier is going through.

Ditto: But more importantl... (Below threshold)

Ditto: But more importantly, I suggest enlisting Kevin, Paul, and anyone else out there who has fought this beast already and offer their help to her and her site. Unmask the vermin. Block them. Spoof them. ID them and start legal proceedings! Smear their names everywhere!

That would be supporting our troops!

I went to her site and read... (Below threshold)

I went to her site and read that some hackers succeeded in preventing her from making some postings and taking away her rights.

But I can't for the life of me figure out what she's talking about.

Don't get me wrong, I fully support Bush, the War in Iraq and our men and women who server over there.

I'm just confused as to what happened. It wasn't very clear.

She seems to still have the ability to post, we all have the ability to leave comments, am I missing something?

I first wish to thank Mr. "... (Below threshold)

I first wish to thank Mr. "Wizbang" for his comments and the very nice email he sent me. There are many people who have been wonderful and very supportive. Not always of the war, but I never asked anyone to support or oppose the war, only that you support the troops, who do not make policy, but dedicate their lives to the beliefs of freedom, whether they are yours or the Iraqi people.

In response to my website and the question of confusion. I started the website out as a simple blog on blogspot while I was trainning for my deployment. As it grew, it became a website, and I have had to learn html and how to install simple php programs on the fly, as I had no real experience previously. In regards to the tribute, there are three little programs called "cute news php" that comprise my website. One of them is in a folder titled "tribute" and that makes up the various tributes using catagories to seperate the Female soldiers from the 101st soldiers. It is in this program that when I type in the information and click "save changes" that no matter what I type, I get the message printed out on my website "you have been hacked....bush lied", It does not seem to have affected the previous tributes I had done, only anything new I try to add. Since I am a basic learner at best that is all I can tell you. There were a couple of guys from the 160th Special Op's IT group that were going to build a new website with something called post nuke content management system, but they have been tasked out to special training for an upcoming deployment and as such the project is sort of on hold. I do not know enough to continue the project without them.

I hope this clears up any confusion on the website. My post was to address the fact that my freedoms to post my tributes were "taken away" while deployed to protect freedom. That is why I didn't address the specific's of the situation.

I am deployed at FOB Warrior, which is located just outside the city of Kirkuk where I am a combat medic the 101st Airborne Division. Whether I am working out of the treatment facility, on a convoy, or providing medical response for the patrols I can tell you that what I see is so much different than what I saw on the news or read about before my deployment. I simply wanted others to see what I see and make up their minds based on that and not be influenced by what someone else reports to them, whether it is the left or the right. But for you as Americans to take the freedom that I am here defending as use it to make decisions and opinions for yourself based on truth and not on political spin.

Adain Mr. Wizbang, thank you for your kind words and the opportunity to post my comments on your website.

Grey Eagle
Combat Medic
Charlie Company
426th BSB
1st Brigade
101st Airborne Division
FOB Warrior - Iraq
"Air Assault"

GreyEagle: they were going... (Below threshold)

GreyEagle: they were going to create for you a website using PHP, a database, to employ, probably, MovableType (which relies on MySQL, a database, to do so). I'd suggest you try or ask someone here, publicly, to assist in doing so.

KingOfFools (see link, left column, here) and Kevin (here, Wizbang) can explain that to you, maybe create a fast set of templates for you if you have a hosting plan that provides a database or more (look into that). If you don't have MySQL provided in your current hosting plan, then buy another plan and transfer your domain to that.

You can buy a hosting plan that offers an install for you of MovableType (SixApart is MovableType's author) (go see: http://www.sixapart.com and look for Movable Type link, then scroll down for their "Hosting Partners" that offer MovableType installations as part of their plans they sell).

You'd then have to redirect your NameServers of your domain to that new hosting plan and it should all take only a day or two to complete.

After you have a domain hosted on a server that has installed MovableType for you, you can import your site contents and if you have a really nice host, you can explain before that as to your hacking problem and ask them to assist you before import.

You'll then have to design some site templates for MovableType but even those you can download without customizatons and use from the very start, and then design over time after it makes sense to you. Or get some nice person through Wizbang (there are many) who can create your templates for you with your customizations -- ask publicly but then check them out a bit before you give them access to your hosting plan just to be secure) (again, Ed with king-of-fools.com is very knowledgeable, very trustworthy and a very nice guy who would probably do this for you for a small fee, or several other conservative bloggers who would be willing to help).

If you want to ask me to clarify anything here, just contact me email or write it out here...

Here is the link for the ho... (Below threshold)

Here is the link for the hosts that offer MovableType program installed for you along with a hosting plan (the installation is difficult for many):


I can vouch for LivingDot, but the whole list is already acceptable to install the program technically as per SixApart.

(1.) find a host (that list, is my suggestion, just to get you going with some technical assurity and ease)

(2.) after your purchase, redirect your name servers for your domain to the new host's (they'll tell you when and to what in an email)

(3.) wait a day or two depending upon your domain registrar's speed, for your domain to populate to the new name servers (the registrar will let you know, another email, when it's completed, and/or your new host will)

(4.) they'll install MovableType for you, whoever your new host is (if it's from that list, link)

(5.) THEN you can either download predesigned MovableType templates from several sources -- but MovableType offers a link for that, too, and/or your new host can lead you to how you can do that if you ask -- or many other sources

(6.) get help at that point in customizing your site templates to accommodate your desired site appearances AND in importing your old site contents to your new templates...but GET HELP here because you'll need some technical expertise as to prevent importing your hacker problem to your new site.

Feel free to contact me in an email if I can help with anything along the way. I don't have the technical expertise to help you with the last but most important item, which is the hacker problem, but I do know many who use/read Wizbang could.

GreyEagle: If you can hold ... (Below threshold)
Madfish Willie:

GreyEagle: If you can hold out for a few days, let me see if I can get you set up at MuNuviana... it's a group of bloggers hosted by a guy named Pixy Misa out of Australia... he hosts and handles all the anti-spamming comment and trackback thingys for the entire group... Anyway, let me see what I can do for you on that line. E-mail me if you have any questions.

Wizbang,First, thank... (Below threshold)

First, thanks for passing along the information to even more readers.
Secondly, if you don't mind, I would like to copy Grey Eagle's comment to The Right Place so that the readers of the original post will know what is going on.
Thanks again!

Here's another letter from ... (Below threshold)

Here's another letter from the front that 2Slick posted Friday. It seems that the 101st is working hard to win on both fronts: home and abroad. Read and help spread the word.


I'd be delighted to host Gr... (Below threshold)

I'd be delighted to host Grey Eagle. Though I'd note that mu.nu is entirely free and run by volunteers; you may prefer to go with a paid service with full-time staff.

Is this the same Pixy Misa ... (Below threshold)

Is this the same Pixy Misa with whom ive been arguing Darwinism and Intelligent Design at Roger L. Simon's site?

What a small world.

I linked this story at <a h... (Below threshold)
Hi Baggi. Yeah, the one an... (Below threshold)

Hi Baggi. Yeah, the one and almost only. :)

I have veteran plates on my... (Below threshold)

I have veteran plates on my truck. Some moonbat felt obliged to draw a peace symbol on the window. What is wROng with these f-ing idiots?

O.k. I just checked out Gre... (Below threshold)

O.k. I just checked out Grey Eagle's site... It's Monday morning and I haven't yet had enough coffee, but...
I'm all for free speech and everything but to disrespect soldiers while they're serving in harm's way, to dishonor the memory of those who have fallen, has gone way too far.
Can any techie out there find these poster's location, so we can hunt them down and show them the true meaning of torture? (Joking of course, but not really)

The existence of Grey Eagle... (Below threshold)

The existence of Grey Eagles' blog has killed every single argument the Left made against the War in "behalf" of the the troops. The same way the Iraqi elections became a virtual F-sign to their faces. The Left's lacks intellectual honesty to see where they went wrong - or how wrong they are in the first place. Maybe someday we can round all this people up and throw them to Pluto. (Poor Pluto.)






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