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Quote Of The Day - Phi Slama Pajama Edition

Funniest notion: That my clients would either (a) read my blog, or (b) care about my blog. Christ, I've managed to get exactly one of my friends interested in my blog. The moment I mention it to the rest, their eyes glaze over and they display a polite but wan smile.
Formerly anonymous blogger Dennis The Peasant, on revealing his identify as a mild mannered, if slightly deranged CPA, and potential harm it may cause him professionally. The whole thing comes about in the regards to the Open Source Media controversy, which is rounded up quite nicely in an Ann Althouse Blogjam.


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Comments (2)

Oi. Me head, she is a spin... (Below threshold)

Oi. Me head, she is a spinnin'.


Mebbe it's just me, but Den... (Below threshold)

Mebbe it's just me, but Dennis the Peasant sure impresses me as a far better writer than...well...than, um (fill in blank here).






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