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Great moments in celebrity marketing

Yesterday, Laurence Simon wrote about the new Elvis Coffee. Coming on the heels of the McDonald's ads touting how they're now carrying Newman's Own Organics Blend Coffee, I immediately thought of another celebrity coffee brand that, as a non-coffee-drinker, I just KNOW would be a smash hit.

"Michael Jackson Coffee. Forget the cream -- this blend starts out black, but gradually lightens itself. Wait long enough, and it'll eventually turn into pure milk. You'll save a fortune on cream!

Keep out of reach of small children."


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Comments (9)

I knew you'd post this one.... (Below threshold)

I knew you'd post this one.

Don't you feel better now that you're posting cheap one-liners on your own site instead of hiding behind me to post them for you? ;)

Nah. More fun to call you o... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Nah. More fun to call you out on it, or to express my horror and outrage at your behavior.

Besides, if you think I'll EVER owning up to giving you the seed for this Ask Mohammed, I'm a dead man.


HAHAHAHAHA!Nice on... (Below threshold)


Nice one.

Non-coffee drinkers UNITE! ... (Below threshold)

Non-coffee drinkers UNITE!

That was priceless, in a seedy creppy kinda way...

How about Paris Hilton capp... (Below threshold)

How about Paris Hilton cappucino? It's all froth. :)

Dan Rather Decaf -- it tast... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather Decaf -- it tastes just like the real thing.

If you are a lib you even get a caffeine buzz.

That was Ace-of-Spade worth... (Below threshold)
Madfish Willie:

That was Ace-of-Spade worthy... Nice job!

I am linking this to my own... (Below threshold)

I am linking this to my own midly amusing coffee-related post of the week (mercifully NOT about Michael Jackson):

Hey Kids! Your Frosted Flakes and Coffee Are Ready!

Jay Tea: I'd include at th... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea: I'd include at the conclusion of the description that the milk is sour. "...turns into pure, sour milk."






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