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Mr. Foreman, you HAVE to choose a side...

Earlier this week, a lawsuit against the city of Boston was resolved. A couple injured in a car crash were suing the city for pain and suffering. They wanted $7,000, and despite the jury faulting the city, the panel declined to award them any money.

This wouldn't be news, except for one odd little fact: the foreman of the jury was John Forbes Kerry, the junior senator from Massachusetts and the 2004 Democratic nominee for president.

In retrospect, the verdict was obvious. I can just hear Kerry telling the judge: "I actually voted for the plaintiffs, before I voted against them."


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Comments (8)

Why the surprise? He may b... (Below threshold)

Why the surprise? He may be a liberal idiot, but nobody's THAT stupid!

Kerry was named foreman... (Below threshold)

Kerry was named foreman of the jury, which found the city negligent for the 1999 crash but didn’t award John Duarte and Taneika Smith any money for their injuries.

Amazing! He really DID vote for the plantifs before voting against them!

I love how the judge saw no... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I love how the judge saw no conflict of interest with Kerry's current employment within the government. WTF? LOL

Peter,True, but Kerr... (Below threshold)

True, but Kerry never shows up for the committee meetings, so the conflict of interest is somewhat limited. ;)

Hung jury, guaranteed.... (Below threshold)

Hung jury, guaranteed.

None of you are serious, ri... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

None of you are serious, right?

And he spared big governmen... (Below threshold)

And he spared big government--against the "little guy," no less.

Where the Hell is Edwards to explain things to this chump?

Harrumph. He's not even sma... (Below threshold)

Harrumph. He's not even smart enough to get out of jury duty, and he wanted to be President?






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