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Open Source Media Pajamas Media Logo Contest


Open Source Media, which launched to mild fanfare and lots of questions in New York last week, has pulled an about face and is rebranding their previous rebranding. They're returning to a name they actually own (Pajamas Media), but didn't want.

Given the touchiness of some OSM bloggers to those gleefully taking aim at the giant targets they've painted on their own backs, I'm sure to be banished to BlogJam hell for soliciting a new Pajamas Media logo.

Here's one of my own creation to get the contest started:


E-mail or provide a link to what you envision for the new Pajamas Media logo. We'll vote on those received this weekend. The winning entry - in addition to blogoshpere wide acclaim - will get $50 via PayPal or Amazon gift certificate.


Open Sore Media
Hog On Ice's renaming contest (and more here)

Update: There's a new logo at OSM/PJM, which I couldn't help noticing had a certain South Park quality to it, hence...



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Comments (33)

Perhaps this whole imbrogli... (Below threshold)

Perhaps this whole imbroglio was actually a carefully planned, entirely intentional publicity stunt....

The obvious flaw in my theory is, of course, that it assumes advance planning and forethought, the evidence for which is slim.

I don't have photoshop on m... (Below threshold)

I don't have photoshop on my work machine so MSPaint will have to do:

Pajamas Media Logo

Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that OSM is just a Huffpo clone with more righty type bloggers?

As I noted on my blog, I ha... (Below threshold)

As I noted on my blog, I had thought about spoofing the OSM/Pajamas site but never did, for the reasons stated and that it just moved so fast.

One of the things I had in mind for a not so ambitious spoof was a fly on the wall post of what passed in a secret meeting between the people involved, where they planned the whole "any publicity is good publicity" stunt. When I suggested it to Stingflower, she pointed out that those guys aren't clever enough to have planned it.

Okay, I'm game. I'll work o... (Below threshold)

Okay, I'm game. I'll work on one tonight.

Hint: lots of cats.

So, what does Led Zeppelin ... (Below threshold)

So, what does Led Zeppelin have to do with PJM/OSM/PJM? ;)

Here's one:<a href... (Below threshold)
I'm probably in a minority ... (Below threshold)

I'm probably in a minority of one on this, but there are quite a number of people dying, or about to die in that photograph of the Hindenberg: I don't think it's funny at all to use this kind of image. I doubt Kevin would use a photo of 911 jumpers in a light-hearted context, so why is it OK to invoke the Hindenberg jumpers?

Just me I guess...

If the Hindenburg photo is ... (Below threshold)

If the Hindenburg photo is fair game, the Challenger explosion might be a better descriptor (insert disclaimer re making light of people dying here)...

Pajamas Media <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Pajamas Media Logo

Curse you kbiel for stealin... (Below threshold)

Curse you kbiel for stealing my line. : )

I think <a href="http://rig... (Below threshold)

I think this sums it up. (may not be work-safe,although it’s just a drawing and doesn’t contain any humans or explicit depictions of organs or anything)

Hmmmm.Well. Look ... (Below threshold)


Well. Look at it this way.

They've certainly started from the bottom.

midwich that is a good poin... (Below threshold)

midwich that is a good point that I had not considered and -I can't speak for him- but I doubt it crossed Kevin's mind.

Perhaps it is because it was "so long ago" we look at it more iconically than the human tragedy it was. I can't tell you how many died that day... Maybe I should. (wikipedia for me later)

The Hindenburg is often simply an icon for an ill-fated attempt which will crash and burn. You're correct that it is (was) more than that.

Thanks for the reality check.

I doubt Kevin would use ... (Below threshold)

I doubt Kevin would use a photo of 911 jumpers in a light-hearted context, so why is it OK to invoke the Hindenberg jumpers?

Comedy equals tragedy plus time.

Look at Pirates of the Caribbean, a ride that celebrates piracy, murder, theft and rape to the delight of families all over the world. In 200 years, Disney World will probably offer Nazis of the East Atlantic.

Seriously some of you reall... (Below threshold)

Seriously some of you really need to drop the hand wringing moral superiority complex and learn some internet.

What Paul, Rogers, and Gabr... (Below threshold)

What Paul, Rogers, and Gabriel said.

What Paul, Rogers, Gabriel,... (Below threshold)

What Paul, Rogers, Gabriel, and Kevin said.

Did I miss something?... (Below threshold)

Did I miss something?

Why the bad blood over the launch and name-change?

These are good folks... Why the animosity?

Just wondering,

Someone could have a good t... (Below threshold)

Someone could have a good time with the (film) "Alexander" and "pajamas" theme in general, as to the OSM/Pajama thing.

But, anyway, here's a commentary, not so much a logo as it is an intuition.

<a href="http://www.suzyric... (Below threshold)
You forgot the subtext:... (Below threshold)

You forgot the subtext:

Pajamas Media: going down in flames since 2005.

Thanks Paul and others for ... (Below threshold)

Thanks Paul and others for comments on the pic, I guess comedy = tragedy/time or somesuch as rcade said: but really I think it's more to do with a selective amnesia of the horrible reality of the thing. Paul I think said he'd simply forgotten that people were about to die in front of the cameras in the Hindenberg photo ("Oh the Humanity!" saying comes from the recording of the distraught live commentator I think, as he watched people jumping to their deaths. From catastrophe to cliche in less then a century).

Wizbang is a superb site, the kind of place I'd hope would make a point of NOT forgetting the blood and guts of an occasion. Otherwise, as was also said earlier, we'll be using pics of the Challenger disaster for fun in a few decades time too. And no, the pathology reports did NOT point to the astronauts' deaths being instantaneous either, far from it. I suspect this has already been forgotten though :(

Game over. Suzy's <a href="... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Game over. Suzy's Alien riff wins. Ain't nobody touching THAT one.


The Hindenberg logo is very... (Below threshold)

The Hindenberg logo is very poor taste.

I've opened up pajamasmedia... (Below threshold)

I've opened up pajamasmedia.isfullofcrap.com for use by both the public and pajamas media to discuss various issues with pm/osm.

Thanks, Jay, although I am ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Jay, although I am not sure what it is I won. {{{Shaking as I type this...}}}

Suzy, Kevin's judging this,... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Suzy, Kevin's judging this, not me, but the prize is fifty bucks. If I was judging it, though, the money would be winging its way towards you right now.


Even though I've already co... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Even though I've already conceded the contest to Suzy, I've whipped up my own entry, which can be seen here.


<a href="http://www.suzyric... (Below threshold)
Last one: <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Last one: road picture.

OK, if Suzy can keep doing ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

OK, if Suzy can keep doing "just one more," so can I.


The "new" PJM/OSM logo, lat... (Below threshold)

The "new" PJM/OSM logo, latest,
seems to be expressing "BATHROBE MEDIA". Or, is that a woman's dress? The lingerie references are interesting, but conflicting, to say the least.

Jay, this is my last (big s... (Below threshold)

Jay, this is my last (big sigh of relief)...

Puppet Masters.






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