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Giving thanks to those who can't be told so enough

I've written well over a thousand pieces here at Wizbang, and I'm proud of most of them. But I don't think I got as much satisfaction as the one I wrote last Sunday, when I got word that Grey Eagle, a medic with the 101st Airborne currently serving in Iraq, was having her blog hacked by some anti-war maggots. I couldn't do anything besides putting out the word here about the problem, but apparently that (and the attention focused on it by countless others) did the trick -- Grey Eagle got herself flooded with offers of support, assistance, or just plain kind words. It was amazing.

With that in mind, I'm going to start a new feature here at Wizbang -- Milblog Of The Week. Every week, I'm going to feature one blog written by a service member, preferably currently, recently, or soon to be stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else on the front lines of the War on Terror. I'll be sending them words of support, and would appreciate any of the rest of you who do the same.

For the first, I'm putting forward Major K. The good major (who must have been promoted since he started blogging, is currently stationed in the Sunni Triangle, far from his wife and son in southern California. He's one of those soldiers that we don't hear enough about -- he doesn't speak of his accomplishments, but instead talks about the deeds being done by those around him. He knows an Iraqi service member who thwarted a kidnaping in Baghdad, saving a young boy. He talks about a major general new to his command, an officer whose greatest aspiration is to put himself and our military out of a job. And he discusses the casual blasphemy and insidious nature of Christmas carols.

In most areas, people like Major K. would be considered outstanding, heroic, exceptional leaders and people of great renown. But in the modern US military, we find out more and more that those types are instead merely average, typical, run-of-the-mill folks.

And how fortunate we are that it is so.

On this day, this day of giving thanks, I want to thank most off Major K. and all the heroic (yes, it's an overused word these days, but it's the most appropriate word I can think of here) men and women who serve, who place their lives on the line to defend our lives, our rights, and our freedom.

Please join me in thanking the Major, and any other service member you might know or encounter on this day.

(Milblog of the Week will be an ongoing feature here at Wizbang. Please e-mail your nominations to jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com.)

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Excellent notion!I... (Below threshold)

Excellent notion!

I'm so happy that Grey Eagle go the help she merits, and, my gratitude, too, to Major K. and every person in service to our country.

I know in details what my father experienced throughout most of his life as an Army officer -- the most intense of it in active duty in combat -- and all I can say is that any.one who can serve with honor is a fine, fine human being. And has my thanks and appreciation and always will.

What an EXCELLENT idea! I ... (Below threshold)

What an EXCELLENT idea! I think this is great, and hope that other blogs across the sprectrum take up this cause with you. Spreading the word about the many outstanding milbloggers out there can at minimum allow those of us unfamiliar with them to offer praise and kind words. Perhaps, too, some who are on the fence, (or on the wrong side of the fence) will have the opportunity to re-think their perspective after reading of the many achievements our milbloggers talk about routinely.

Outstanding, Jay! and a Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Jay, thx for taking the lea... (Below threshold)

Jay, thx for taking the lead on posting military blogs. We have so many great Americans doing our Nation's business and their story is never told by the biased media.

I heartily agree; this is a... (Below threshold)

I heartily agree; this is a great idea!

Jay Tea, my name is JP and... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, my name is JP and I recently returned from Afghanistan and I started milblogging.com which was recently featured in Newsweek, NPR, and Army Times (all 3 this past week). I've got over 700 milblogs catalogued and I've also started the MILBLOGGIES which recognizes the best milbogs of 2005. Please check out my site at Milblogging.com. Would you be interested in sponsoring the 2005 MILBLOGGIES (http://milbloggies.com).. All you do is help spread the word of milblogs by sponsoring the awards and help us break ties in the voting. I look forward to hearing from you!!






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