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Quote of the Day- Thanksgiving in New Orleans Edition

So today I'm supposed to be thankful. I have no home and everything I own fits into the truck of a 1999 Mercury Sable. I lost my business I've owned for 20 years and had to lay off 7 employees who were not just employees, they were my friends. My insurance will not even cover my mortgage so I'm broke and unemployed.

Even if I wanted to rebuild -and I had the money too- the government won't tell me if I can or not. I'd like to get a [FEMA] trailer in my driveway but I've been waiting 2 months for electricity and they won't hook up a trailer with no electricity. And today I'm supposed to be thankful? I'm having a tough time with that one.

Very tight paraphrase of an early morning caller on a local talk radio show. Whoever he was, he was speaking for thousands after Hurricane Katrina.

Where ever you are, take a minute today to stop and be grateful for what you have.


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"Very tight paraphrase" is ... (Below threshold)

"Very tight paraphrase" is right. There is lots of stuff that is not being said here. In business for 20 years, with 7 employees? Broke? Or doesn't want to spend his own money on himself? Something just ain't right in his comment.

This is what I've been tell... (Below threshold)

This is what I've been telling to those people who are complaining that they're "in the worst mood they've ever been" after their X-box 360 didn't work. If the worst thing that's ever happened to you (or even if the worst thing happening to you) is a video game system not working and your being forced to wait a month or two to get a new one, then you've got a pretty damned spectacular life. People like this remind us of that.

Ntv, What don't ... (Below threshold)

What don't you believe this? That man's life is a very common lot of people around here. I don't think America 'gets it". People are on the ground. They are angry and frustrated and sad at the loses that are everywhere. And what hurts most of all is the abandonment. The city and its people are doing everything they can with very limited resources. The people in New Orleans are seeing hardly anything of the money allocated by the government. I think it must be going to the displaced population. They are even having trouble getting the benefits from flood insurance they purchased from the feds. No electricity? What is happening there is that our utility company Entergy is a separate company from its parent organization. It has declared bankrupcy and cannot pay outside crews to help restore the energy grid as usually happens in normal hurricanes. Without electricity and sewer hook up FEMA refuses to give you a trailer to put on your property. The result is we have no people for the businesses to run so hourly wages have gone through the roof. The SBA (small business adm) is not getting loans out to these businesses so they are all in critical condition. Welcome to the world of south Louisiana! And before you accuse me of whining I want to let you know that my business is fine. I live on the northshore of Lake Ponchatrain in the very outer ring of destruction. I am a over 50 year old dentist and I spend my week-ends volunteering picking up debris in different parts of the city. Why? Because I love the city and it hurts to see it in so much pain.

Happy T-Day, Paul. ... (Below threshold)

Happy T-Day, Paul.

NtvAmrcn's comments reflect... (Below threshold)

NtvAmrcn's comments reflect a trend I see all too oftwen on this board. People are exposed to a snippet of information, and think that qualifies them to pass judgement on how other people are living their lives. In this case, because people are sympathetic to Paul, others aren't jumping in to join the chorus. But think about how often this occurs on this board.

For myself, I have no reason to doubt the situation that caller is in. Among other things, I'm sure one of the issues that people have to deal with is just the overwhelming nature of what has happened to their lives. People can be self sufficient and of strong character, and still find it difficult to muster the energy required to face another day of trying to fix a life that has gone to shit. I hope the people of New Orleans can find something to be thankful for today, and keep trusting in a brighter future.

Happy Thanksgiving Wizbang.... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving Wizbang.

I want to thank you for the awesome Wizbang trackback thing you came up with it has meant a lot to me. Thank you for all you do!

NtvAmrcn said, There is ... (Below threshold)

NtvAmrcn said, There is lots of stuff that is not being said here.

Chris said, NtvAmrcn's comments reflect a trend I see all too oftwen on this board. People are exposed to a snippet of information, and think that qualifies them to pass judgement on how other people are living their lives.

Chris, given the juxtaposition here, do you see where you went wrong?

This is getting pretty inte... (Below threshold)

This is getting pretty interesting. I can only make judgement upon what I am, not what you are. But I'll tell you this. If I had ran a business for 20 years, with 7 employees, and was not capable of re establishing myself, I would consider myself a complete and utter failure. But many of you seem to think I should contribute much of the fruits of my labor to a failure like him. I don't think so.

In fact I think this guy probably has more money than I do in his bank. He just thinks because of the politics involved that he is entitled to not have to spend it upon himself, when he thinks our government will bail him out. If you want to fall into this trap, you have my sympathies, cause you will forever be a failure or, at best, a chain around the neck of your neighbor and upon society.

Happy Thanksgiving to Wizba... (Below threshold)

Happy Thanksgiving to Wizbang, Paul and the City of New Orleans.

About the suffering remaining in New Orleans, maybe it might be wise to consider going somewhere else. I think I would, if all that I owned fit into a Mercury Sable and the Mercury Sable was reliable, drivable, and there were dismal options for permanent (or even temporary) housing where I was. It's a thought...

Once settled somewhere else, you/anyone could always go about planning to return to an area after it was again secured. Or, not.

Just saying, there are other options to living in deprived conditions if you keep your options open.

He should consider himself ... (Below threshold)
A Veteran:

He should consider himself blessed. He could be dead or maimed. Every morning I wake up and see the morning sky I feel blessed. It is all a matter of perspective, I understand his pain, but he lives in a country where he has the potential to recover and prosper once again.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Even if I wanted to rebu... (Below threshold)

Even if I wanted to rebuild -and I had the money too- the government won't tell me if I can or not. I'd like to get a [FEMA] trailer in my driveway but I've been waiting 2 months for electricity and they won't hook up a trailer with no electricity. And today I'm supposed to be thankful? I'm having a tough time with that one

This guy alive? He has family that's alive? Maybe he should be thankful for that. Days like today, I feel the absence of every departed loved one.

His business and his house and his truck are meaningless compared to all that

NtvAmrcn you are a complete... (Below threshold)

NtvAmrcn you are a complete freaking moron.

You CLEARLY have never owned a small business. Let's me burst your little bubble. MANY small businessed OFTEN only employ 7 poeple... and yes many small business owners live paycheck to paycheck too.

How many people do you employ? Less than 7? You're a complete and utter failure.

What you absolutly fail to understand -and frankly you are probably not smart enough to understand if i expalin it- is that many business who were not flooded went out of business because their customers did.

I know one guy whose business was high and dry. his TOP 10 customers are all still closed.

How the HELL is he supposed to reestablish his business EVEN WITHOUT the flood water? Are you smart enough to figure that out?

You're a complete and total jackass and you have EXACTLY one more comment left on this thread. Have your say and make it as stupid as possible. After than you're done with this thread.

Paul, Like I sai... (Below threshold)

Like I said, America just doesn't get it. Thanks for fighting the good fight though. I hope you and your family had a wonderful loving Thanksgiving gathering. To tell you the truth, I think this was the best Thanksgiving I have ever had because of the gift of really appreciating how fagile life is. That is the gift New Orleans is giving the nation. Your time here is limited. Enjoy what you can.

Hmmm.1. Is this du... (Below threshold)


1. Is this due to a breakdown by the federal government or a continuing breakdown by state and local government?

2. The issue with the power company seems crazy. Are there are online sources that cover this situation? Is there anything being done about this?

3. I think most of FEMA's money is going to pay for housing expenses for displaced people. I think most of FEMA's attention is taken up by this so New Orleans is either being given short shrift, or perhaps the feds are back to relying on the city government of New Orleans to manage stuff.

4. Most small businesses have fewer than 7 employees.

McGeheeI don't und... (Below threshold)


I don't understand your comment at all. Based on Paul's paraphrase of the guy's comments, NtvAmrcn said "Broke? Or doesn't want to spend his own money on himself? Something just ain't right in his comment." Based on the original post, what exactly justifies NtvAmrcn speculating that the guy just doesn't want to spend his own money? If he said "I'd like to learn more about the situation because it's not clear exactly how things went so wrong for him" or soemthing of that nature, it would be one thing. But he immediately speculated that the guy actually wasn't broke, he was just cheap. And I think his subsequent post reinforced my point. Now do you see where you went wrong?

And I stand by my further comments. Someone will post a news item, and immediately all the know it alls start declaring that the subject of the news item is a bad parent, or a traitor, or stupid, or deserving of whatever bad things happen to them, as if they knew the entire backstory to the news item. It's a pretty judgmental crowd here.

ed- You have no idea....</... (Below threshold)

ed- You have no idea....

And you are not to be faulted for that, the national media has done a horrid job with Katrina since before it made landfall. But lemme try as best I can to paint a picture with words.

>1. Is this due to a breakdown by the federal government or a continuing breakdown by state and local government?

All of the the above. There is no good guy or bad guy here... Well, let me say there are no good guys here. If you read the site you know I'm pretty right wing but... --Bush is screwing this up big time.-- And he has PLENTY of company. -- PLENTY.

To explain which politicians are screwing up what would take more time and space than I have. Suffice it to say there is no leadership and the local, state for even Federal level. Nada. (Save Richard Baker- more on him later)

>2. The issue with the power company seems crazy. Are there are online sources that cover this situation? Is there anything being done about this?

ed- and I'm not trying to be insulting- You have no idea. Entire electrical substations were underwater for 4 weeks. I've never read the instruction book that comes with an electrical substation, but I'm betting "Do Not Let Substation Sit 4 Weeks In Saltwater" is in there somewhere.

If you count from the far west side of the metro area to the far eastern side, I'd guess bit more than half of the area (geographically) has power. As far as how many building are without power, I have no clue but it is measured in the tens of thousands. (60,000 is my wild guess but I'm probably being very conservative)

>Are there are online sources that cover this situation?

Are you looking for a link? If so, start here right from the power company report itself. Notice that in many areas the work will not begin for 4-6 weeks and in some areas, 3-6 MONTHS. I have a cousin who works for Entergy and she told me that they ABSOLUTELY will not let the 1 year anniversary pass without reconnecting everyone. - Boy that's comforting.

Did you not realize it was that bad?

>3. I think most of FEMA's money is going to pay for housing expenses for displaced people.


>I think most of FEMA's attention is taken up by this so New Orleans is either being given short shrift, or perhaps the feds are back to relying on the city government of New Orleans to manage stuff.

Yeah sorta some truth there. More to it, but we don't have that much time.

>4. Most small businesses have fewer than 7 employees.


I can easily vouch for Paul... (Below threshold)

I can easily vouch for Paul's and others incredulity that certain posters can not believe the dire straits that the small business person finds themselves in, even without a disaster to contend with.

Some small businesses become franchises or hit a gusher and the owner becomes independantly wealthy, however most struggle along in the fight against government taxation and regulation, lethal competition from big business and burn out of family ties versus the hours needed to keep the business afloat.

However, the sad news is if you can not be flexible and resilient, not be beholden to the old business plan or family values, and can not be ready to sell out if the whole venture is failing, you will fail when the next disaster, be it natural or man-made, occurs.

An excellent demonstration of Darwinism and arguement against intelligent design.

One surprising thing in the... (Below threshold)

One surprising thing in the details is this guy was in business for 20 years. His business could afford to employ 7 people. Yet, he could not afford to insure his house for the full amount of the loss? And he didn't have any savings or investments? That leads me to one of two possible conclusions:

1. His business was not making much money. After 20 years, if you're not making much with your small business, it's time to look for a different line of work.
2. He was blowing a lot of money on frivolous things. Although based on the fact he had a '99 Sable, it's hard to believe he was being frivolous (although it is still possible he might have been frivolous in other ways).

I tend to think it's number one, in which case this may be God's way of telling him to do something else with his life.

That's the view from the individual side. From the government side, at least Alaska is still getting their $200+ million that they would have gotten for the "bridge to nowhere". I'm sure Ted Stevens and Don Young are proud that the money is going to Alaska instead of New Orleans, where it's needed.

No offense to Alaskans, but your politicians are EVIL!

Heck with it. I hope I do offend a few Alaskans, because you are the EVIL people who voted for those EVIL politicians!

I had a rant prepared for the Alaskans, but I deleted it. The fact they have to live in Alaska is punishment enough for them.

Well, I'll simply say. I ha... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll simply say. I have ran a small business for the past 30 years. I am not wealthy. But I live in a hurricane prone area, NC. I have lived through more than a dozen hurricanes. I know that I may lose everything someday. Yet I still choose to live here. Because I love it. But, I also know I may have to re establish myself if worse comes to worse. I am not waiting for the government or FEMA to bail me out. I am not going to complain, I will just do.

What has happened to the American spirit? I don't get it. I know you are just as smart as me. Why in hell can't you porvide for yourself. Not saying I am opposed to helping people who are devastated. But for someone who has been in business for 20 years, with 7 employees, to complain that he is lost, is beyond my comprehension. He is either a dumb ass or a moocher.

I don't have a lot of sympathy. I still maintian that there is a lot more to that story than was provided!!!!

I posted this when Katrina ... (Below threshold)

I posted this when Katrina hit. "Brownie is going to get rich rich rich off of Katrina." Here we see the middle-class, small businesses, etc suffer while neo-cons consolidate power/money.

1. Give no bid contracts to rich firms
2. Create consulting company/himself
3. Get consulting company/himself hired by firms that received big contracts.

Ah the lootocracy of the cronies. Yes I wrote about stage 1 before. Now you can see stage 2 here http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051125/ap_on_re_us/brown_disasters;_ylt=A9G_RwXmM4dDsAwAlAys0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY-

Let me give you an individu... (Below threshold)

Let me give you an individual example. Maybe this will give you a better picture. My 62 year old brother-in-law owns a successful luxury car repair shop on Tulane Avenue. It was flooded (I think it was 6-10 feet of water) for a month. All of his equipment, supplies, etc. was destroyed. A thick layer of mud covered everything. He has insurance and will reopen but THERE ARE NO WORKERS (remember, no housing, no electricity). And don't forget the big one, his customer base is gone. Slowly people are trickling back but with no schools open (Many catholic schools have opened but few private and no public ones) most are waiting. (Also most need a commitment that the levees with make the city safe.) How long can any business hold out without loans when looking at the long term re-building of a broken city? So move you say. Start over elsewhere. Many will have to do that. Many are planning to move for a few years and come back when things are better. I totally understand this but to me this is not the American spirit you talk about. They are taking the easy way out and leaving the heavy lifting to the people who are staying and fighting for the life of the city.
How is my brother-in-law and my sister surviving? What my brother-in-law is doing right now is forming a construction company. He hooked up with some people from Michigan. He has them living in his guest house on the northshore. He is connecting with more workers in Michigan to come down and help. My sister works for New Orleans Entergy. They have relocated to Jackson, MS. She lives in a hotel room there during the week and drives home for the weekend. She gave the family Thanksgiving gathering this year. Both houses have blue tarp roofs from trees falling on them. My sister lived there a month before they had any water (not just drinking water) If you don't know, that means you don't have toilets either. My 80 year old mother, who lives in Pass Christian, Ms., STILL has no drinkable water. And, yes, we all had a great Thanksgiving. P.S. Paul, a few weeks ago I heard the statistic that 50% of NO had no electricity and 60% had no gas (that mean NO heat). I am also mad at President Bush and I voted for him twice. The Republicans better be careful because they are losing a lot of suppport in the South.

"But, I also know I may hav... (Below threshold)

"But, I also know I may have to re establish myself if worse comes to worse. I am not waiting for the government or FEMA to bail me out. I am not going to complain, I will just do."

Well, good for you, NtvAmrcn. Just one question: how the hell do you know how you'd react? We all like to think that we'd be strong and heroic under any circumstances. But it's more than a little unfair to look at the situation of someone who has lost everything, and hold him to the standard of how you're sure you'd react in the same situation. I think you're a bit of a blowhard.

If I was ever captured by terrorists, I wouldn't give up any information no matter how much they tortured me. I think people that break under torture are pussies, because I know how I'd react.

Who might have guessed that... (Below threshold)

Who might have guessed that post-Katrina aid might not be well administered and effective? We saw the superb performance of the LA authorities during and just after the storm. (I think the performance of FEMA is less unclear because there were so many issues about who had what authority, and when -LA, NO, or federal officals.)

So the same LA gang isn't getting much done? That is big news.

The caller doesn't seem like the best small businessman ever hatched. But he may have legitimate gripes. And a business man trying to get started again is actually impeded by a promise of aid that is not received - it causes him to focus on other problems and expend resources elsewhere under the false impression that aid will handle certain woes.

Good luck to him. I assume he was in NO, the story didn't say so.

Based on the original po... (Below threshold)

Based on the original post, what exactly justifies NtvAmrcn speculating that the guy just doesn't want to spend his own money?

Based on NtvAmrcn's original comment, I see a question, not a speculation. And again I ask you, how does his asking questions mean that he's judging based on so little information?

What he did say was, if I may slightly rephrase, "There's too little information."

Paul, I take ba... (Below threshold)

I take back what I said. Your posters make clear they get it: they just don't give a sh*t. It saddens me that this is what America has become - a bunch of selfish children with no compassion towards others in need. I personally don't think asking the government to work, esp. after paying through the wazzoo in taxes (every small business person knows what I mean), is a bad thing. I don't look at SBA loans as a handout. I give up. Paul, keep up the good fight. If there is any help I can provide you or your family, you have my e-mail.

doctorj (or anyone, really)... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

doctorj (or anyone, really)

The entire area was devastated. And it's not just like it was devastated and rebuilding started the next day; it was devastated and then large areas were underwater for weeks afterward, preventing rebuilding. I know I am not telling those who live there anything new here. How fast did you expect everything to be fixed? What is being done wrong? What would you do differently?

As to your brother-in-laws 'luxury car repair shop',...um, well yeah, I don't expect there will be much business for luxury cars in a disaster area. Is that surprising? Should it concern the Gov't to rebuild a luxury anything shop in a disaster area?

More broadly, if a year from now I ask the people in the devastated area 'What, EXACTLY, is your local gov't plan for a disaster like this?', 75% of them won't have a clue, or the gov't won't have a plan. Do you think that is an accurate statement?

I tend to think of these disasters as mostly a local and state issue. If they are really big, then the Feds, too. What exactly is expected of the American people here? Are we expected to turn back time? Are we expected to fix everything exactly the same way it was, instantly?

What do you think America should be doing that it is not?

Les, Thanks for... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the reasonable post. Of course there is no business for luxury cars, but the point is you can stick in any business you can think of in its place. We have a hopeless state and local government due to a large underclass (which is no longer here) and a populist history. I always thought the federal government worked though. I hate to tell you this. It doesn't. It is just as bad as the state and local. I can give you millions of examples that would make your hair curl. I hope you never have to find out. I hope you never have to defend the right of the very existence of your home. I am grieving and sick of trying to. Here is a post from the nola.com forums that explains the mental state of the people that remain.
"Well, turkey day is over, and I for one have recognized that I've been grieving. Grieving for the loss of my city, for my friends and displaced family...for things that may never be the same as we knew it. A community blown apart. I spoke to someone today and they said, there are five stages of grief...and I'm not sure what stage I'm in now...and/or my city, but I thought it was "acceptance." But, when I watched the 60 minutes piece and the city inspector was choking back the tears showing those waterlogged photos of his son and touring the destruction in his home...it touched a nerve..., I cried. When I watched the NOVA piece, I choked back the tears...it was a pit deep in my stomach, and trying to hold back the sadness and grief at reliving all that destruction again...well, words can't even begin to describe it, and I had a good sob. And, I keep thinking of last Christmas with my sister and my family opening presents Christmas morning in Lakeview and how we had gone to pray at the Cathedral the nite before and how cold and beautiful it was and how we prayed for snow...and the next day, we awoke to snow...and we ran and played like kids in the snow...and now that home is gone and sludge city and the neighborhood is simply gone. And, maybe we'll have a Charlie Brown Christmas, you know...with a little tiny Christmas tree perhaps... And, I realize that the entire city must be grieving now...*sigh* - perhaps we could all use a really good grief counselor. And, no, I'm not gonna go asking George Bush and pals in Congress for a grief counseler relief package program *LOL* Just a little recognition that New Orleans has a soul and the soul is truly hurting and yes, grieving...*Angelle.

Maybe this will answer your... (Below threshold)
The more I hear from the Ne... (Below threshold)
Greg Griffith:

The more I hear from the New Orleans contingent of Katrina victims, the more I wonder if there's something in the water down there that turns them all into foul, ungrateful s.o.b.'s. I'm on the Mississippi Gulf Coast every other week coordinating and delivering relief supplies. I spent Thanksgiving day feeding over 200 residents and volunteer workers. Every single one of them - from the privileged white kids from colleges in Colorado, to the locals who had lost everything, to the old Vietnamese guy who had the clothes on his back and his old battered bicycle - were thankful beyond what words could express for their good fortune... to have what they had; to be in the presence of others who were sacrificng so much to help those with nothing; to be, simply, alive on such a glorious day. If the guy from New Orleans thinks he has it bad, let him drive through Bay St. Louis, Waveland, and Pass Christian and see what real devastation and loss looks like.

Greg, My mothe... (Below threshold)

My mother lives on the gulf coast two blocks off the beach on 2nd street in Pass Christian. I HAVE seen the destruction. I have LIVED in the destruction. Most of those old people you see grew up in New Orleans and retired to the coast. They are being polite and are grateful for the help, like the New Orleans people are. But they are equally mad at the U.S. government and the press. You came to visit and help (and I thank you) but don't you begin to believe you understand the people. A southerner is not about to gripe to a person that has come to help. It would be impolite. (And by the way I am a woman.)

doctorjI appreciate... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I appreciate your comments and followed your link. I hear a lot of understandable emotion but not much in the way of clear ideas or concrete plans. I still don't have any answers for the questions I posed above.

The link you provided said "..the government dithers, refusing to offer an unequivocal commitment to provide protection against Category 5 hurricanes." That pretty sums up his thoughts. Now, I've heard that building a Cat5-proof levee system would cost tens of billions, or more. Is it up to the Feds (aka, all of us) to pay for that? I've also heard that a cat5 levee would take decades to build. Is that the best solution here? Should we rebuild communities there EXACTLY the way they were, when the natural cycle of the area is to have yearly floods, not to mention possible hurricanes? What percentage will be paid by local, state and the feds?

You said "We have a hopeless state and local government due to a large underclass (which is no longer here) and a populist history."

Well, if the underclass is no longer there, can you now have a decent local and state gov't? Will you now make some intelligent disaster plans that take into account your unique physical location?
If we make plans to rebuild and don't include that large underclass and don't welcome them back in, will there be howls of protest and charges of racism?

What will you do differently with your local gov't now that you've gone thru this? What will your state do differently now?

Les, I will try ... (Below threshold)

I will try to answer you the best I can. If there is only one thing the federal government could do, it would be to make sure the levees are safe. That is a must! Even if they just made the COMMITMENT to do it, it would be enough to jump start the recovery of the city. It will cost billions, but will cost less than dealing with another disaster in the city. One option I have heard to pay for it (Congressman Bobby Jindal's plan) is to give Louisiana exactly what Texas and Alaska get in revenue from their off shore oil production. (50% production) That would be enough to construct the catergory 5 flood production and take care of their maintenance and restore coastal erosion. Right now the state receives only 1%. This happened because of a feud in the 1920's between the president and a racist politician in Plaquemines Parish named Leander Perez. We have tried for years to get this done but the feds like their money. (http://www.wwl.com/Article.asp?id=113214 Click on Jindal) The city and state do not have the money to do it. In fact Loisiana just got its first bill from the feds - 3.7 billion. It will never be able to pay it. About getting new politicians. There is no worry there. They are all goners. Elections are due in February but will probably be delayed indefinitely because the voting machines and records were destroyed in the flood. There will be efforts to allow the evacuees to vote, but I think that is wrong. I think only residents should be allowed to vote. What is going on in the state? They just finished the first of 2 special sessions where they have slashed the budget, took control over NO schools and released a large number of state employees. They failed to get rid of the Levee Boards, but that will be attacked again in the 2nd session. The ULI (Urban Land Institute) has come up with some plans to help the city. One I liked was to have an Authoritative Board control the city's expendatures. ULI also recognizes what New Orleans needs more than anything is a forceful leader to make the case to the country and the government. Our mayor is in Jamaca right now for a vacation! Ugh! As for the poor returning, they are just as much a part of the city as everyone else. I want anybody there that loves the city and will fight for her. And believe me when I say those that are in the city now are there for love. It is a harsh, sad, depressing situation. P.S. Here is a link to the present situation on the Mississippi gulf coast:

docjIt sounds like t... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

It sounds like there are some good ideas being attempted in LA. I wish you luck, especially with the 'getting rid of the old politicians' part. You guys have a chance that few of us have: a chance to start over with a clean slate at the local and state level. Totally wipe out the old ways of doing things.
I know it was a terrible way to happen but you can totally change LA politics and civic life for the better. LA may end up stronger than ever before...if the voters clean house in the next few elections.

Don't ever give up. You will get it done.






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