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Tawdry Teacher Debra LaFave Escapes Prison Sentence


Debra LaFave, the Tampa teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student, agreed to a plea bargain deal that will keep her out of prison. The 25-year-old LaFave will serve three years of house arrest and seven years probation for her guilty plea to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery. In addition to her probation she will be required to register as a sex offender. Prosecutor agreed to the plea deal when the mother of LaFave's victim indicated that she did not want her son to have to testify at LaFave's trial. LaFave was was facing up to 15 years in prison on each count.

In court Lafave apologized, saying that she accepts full responsibility for her actions.

Tampa Bay's 10 News has more on the plea deal, and the 900 pages of sworn testimony in case that was released (though not online).

As we reported in June of 2004, Debbie Beasley, as she was known in high school, was quite the sexual adventurer in her younger years. She was always very well dressed and beautiful. She was a switch hitter (dating a female softball player), which meant all the guys wanted her and all the girls were jealous. Old friends were surprised that she married her high school boyfriend, as neither one of them was particularly known for fidelity..

That information is confirmed in the deposition testimony...

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Comments (31)

It's astonishing how lenien... (Below threshold)

It's astonishing how leniently she's been treated. You'd think she was radioactive. The best part, though, is when Lafave's attorney said she was too pretty to go to prison.

This is a good example of a... (Below threshold)

This is a good example of a crime without a victim, unless you count the boy's parents.

C'mon guys, remember when you were 14? This woman is every 14 year old boy's wet dream. The boy probably wasn't disturbed by it until his parents found out.

While I do question the intelligence of a 25 year old woman who wants to have sex with a 14 year old boy, this is more of a social faux pas than a crime.

I just (as a photographer) ... (Below threshold)

I just (as a photographer) can't get past that second picture. Whoever took it should be shot.

The shadow across her belly makes her look pregnant. (not that there's anything wrong with pregnant blonds in panties on motorcycles mind you. ;-)

Anyway, it's a horrible picture. And that's a shame, it had considerable potential.

(OK I'm a photographer, your milage may vary)

Here is her official offend... (Below threshold)
Ya can't rape the willing.<... (Below threshold)
bob jones:

Ya can't rape the willing.

I wish I had teachers that looked like that when I was in school. Now that's what I would call College Prep!

OK, zip up, you women's lib... (Below threshold)

OK, zip up, you women's libbers, and put both hands back on the keyboard. That top picture was taken in court immediately after she was sentenced, wasn't it?

I hate to be a curmudgeon, but switch roles here and imagine a 24 year old man and a 14 year old girl (or -gasp- a boy) student, say, oh, for example, your own kid. The charge would be statutory rape, and the offender would spend 20 years in prison getting passed around among the inmates. Even in prison, sex offenders are considered the bottom of the food chain.

I don't remember an exception in the sentencing guidelines about the offender being "hot". What would have been the outcome if the woman was all hairy and ugly and weighted 250 pounds? We'd all be looking for a stout rope, some torches and some cheap whiskey.

Statutory rape takes notice of the fact that 14-year-olds are not legally capable of forming or giving consent. The fact that she was a teacher should make it aggravated statutory rape because she was in a position of trust. This predator should be given the same sentence as a male offender. Tits are not an affirmative defense.

You might have a very diffe... (Below threshold)

You might have a very different reaction if some good looking 25 year old guy had raped your 14 year old daughter...oh willingly by the way.
Would you brush it off by saying, "Hey, after all, that's every young girl's fantasy"

Suppose one day you find ou... (Below threshold)

Suppose one day you find out that your son's teacher had sex with him. You guys can all think back to this case and reflect upon your "every boy's fantasy" comment. Oh - the teacher is a guy... hmmmm ... But hey, the guy's only 25 - no harm, right ?

social faux pas ....

I ain't a young man, but al... (Below threshold)

I ain't a young man, but all I can say is, I wish I was 15 again with a teacher like her!!!!! I think I could have survived all the mental anguish she might have caused me!!!! LOL. Get real people. A young males biggest dream is to have a teacher like her!!

I cannot speak for females. Cause I am not one. But I KNOW that EVERY male I grew up with would have jumped at the chance to have sexual relations with a woman like her. And I don't think there would have been any mental damage. Maybe a little physical damage, but hey, that is what we would have been praying for!!!! Hurt me baby!!! LOL.

There is no doubt there is a double standard. But a freaken moron has known about this double standard throughout their life. It is a simple fact. I am a male. I would love to have sex with that teacher at that age!! If it "hurts" me, I say hurt me some more.

Give me a god dam break, this is simple human nature. Males want to get laid. Pure and simple. I don't know about females at that age. I don't care. I will only say if there had been a teacher who looked like this woman when I was in school, I woud have been happy to have been "abused" by her. And dam the consequenses.

You gotta remember those ra... (Below threshold)

You gotta remember those raging hormones back then. LOL

NtvAmrcn, I repeat: Put bot... (Below threshold)

NtvAmrcn, I repeat: Put both hands back on your keyboard.

Hey! Got any kids? I mean really hot kids? I like kids. I reeeely like young kids. Can I borrow one of them for a while? Well, after you're done, I mean.

Sorry, that's pretty offensive, but, on a more adult level, I think it makes a (pretty repugnant) point. Kids are all we really leave behind and they need to be protected from predators, whether they're male or female.

I don't mean to sound like the Church Lady, but my point is that some things are just irretrievably wrong. Sexual predation is near the top of the list, in my book. I continue to think you'd be taking a way different tack if it was your daughter (or son) being hit on by a horny male teacher, or a priest. You'd want the teacher nailed to a stump and pushed over backward. I don't think this woman should get a pass because she's hot.

/soapbox mode off

This was a Pamela Smart in ... (Below threshold)
David Campbell:

This was a Pamela Smart in the making.

I'll bet anything had this not ended when it did, she would have been goading this kid to kill her husband in another 6 months.

The kid probably saw a bad ending to all this as much as he enjoyed this fling.

It's a good thing he saw "To Die For".

I read in the local fishwra... (Below threshold)

I read in the local fishwrap this morning of another case down in Florida where a 15-year old boy was busted for cutting school -- he was on his way to marry a 37-year-old woman who is pregnant with his child.

Another case I read about on Instapundit's wife's blog is the one where a 20-something woman was busted trying to seduce a teenaged boy by posing as a 16-year-old girl in an online chat room.

What is wrong with these women?

There ain't no justice! Whe... (Below threshold)
Dirty Dick:

There ain't no justice! When I was this kid's age I had to masturbate.

He'll undoubtedly be the beneficiary of a huge "rape" lawsuit against the local school board.

She is so deliciously trash... (Below threshold)

She is so deliciously trashy. She is also going to be a total triple-chin, lardy fat ass in about 10 years.

Can we all observe the reso... (Below threshold)
Gassy Jack:

Can we all observe the resounding silence from the feminazis who would shriek if any man received preferential treatment for abusing a female child?

Home detention is punishment for statutory rape? If you talk during class, detention after school is more severe. Detain Lefave at my house. One whiff of my beer fart potpourri and she’ll know the meaning of cruel and unusual punishment.

There is no "switching role... (Below threshold)

There is no "switching roles" here. A 14 year old boy could easily resist the advances of a 25 year old woman. A 14 year old girl (or a 14 year old boy) would have a difficult time trying to say no to a 25 year old man.

The sexual equality arguments go out the window in this situation. This boy got EXACTLY what he wanted. And I'm supposed to look at him as a victim?

If it were my son? I'd tell him there are some women, no matter how good they look, that you don't want to mess with. I'd also remind him that she won't look nearly this good in 15-20 years. Just because you can have sex with them is no basis for a relationship.

Then I would contact the school principal and explain why I want my son out of that woman's class.

If it were my daughter? That could get ugly.

She was looking fine in cou... (Below threshold)

She was looking fine in court. She can do the house arrest at my place.

This is out of control. I a... (Below threshold)
Disturbed Dad:

This is out of control. I asked my 12-year-old son what he wanted for Christmas and he answered that he wanted play with Debbie Lafave's XXX-Box!

' asked my 12-year-old son ... (Below threshold)

' asked my 12-year-old son what he wanted for Christmas and he answered that he wanted play with Debbie Lafave's XXX-Box!"

Hee hee heee

Me too!

I read a lot of posts on he... (Below threshold)

I read a lot of posts on here saying Come on this is ever guys dreams to have a teacher like that, I totally agree that guys would love to have a "Hot" teacher but lets not forget she broke the law and she whether hot or not should pay. I mean come on she is a teacher that teaching 14 year olds and she should of known better. She should pay her time for the crime she did. Sorry if you disagree and it should be the same for male or female teacher

As with all sexual taboos (... (Below threshold)

As with all sexual taboos (with the exception of non-consensual rape)the "victim" is only that because of society's reaction to the activity. If we, as a society, realized that consensual sex was actually a good thing and stopped being horrified by it, the only "victims" would be those subjected to rape. This boy's experience with a beautiful young woman is only tragic because we are all so F...ed up about our own sexuality!
Let it go!

None of this is really abou... (Below threshold)

None of this is really about breaking the rules.....its about everyones reaction to the unpredictable nature of female sexuality and the fascination with it of our male dominated society.
If Debra were male no one would give 2 shits and the case would be unknown.
But she's a gorgeous blond who chose a 14 year old fuck buddy and everyone is freaked out as to why. No one really knows when, why or where female sexuality will strike, and when it involves a hot blond demonstrating sexual initiative beyond what we are all used to....everyone wants a peice of the story.
The idea that she sexualy traumatized a young man with a sex drive so intense you could split atoms with it is totaly absurd. Hell she did him a favor by releasing some of his sexual impulses and tensions, not to mention satisfying his curiousity. Trauma?....oh please....I have three words of advice concerning the whole Lefave case....GET OVER IT

now people should try and m... (Below threshold)

now people should try and move on with their lives and 4get debra lafave story. she's not the first and I can surely promise you she wouldn't be the last.

I am one who loves to read ... (Below threshold)

I am one who loves to read or hear about how people 'get on with their lives' after any sort of episode in life. For instance Debra has promised us a book that will clarify bipolar disorders. I want to read that book when it is finished. She also has called herself a Christian. As a Christian I'm looking forward to a book by Debra that tells about how Christianity helped her establish a whole new life, both career and personal. If I still am alive, I want to read that book. And her future love life that fulfills her most most desired dreams. Now, to be sure she cannot write about the crime she committed, but she will be able to write about her recovery. I look forward to reading that book. And with whom will she share that love? With Andy? With the young man? Or someone still in her future? So anxious I am to discover that. And now I feel a warm desire to learn about Brian, Jean, Misty and Helen. How about you folks telling us about your life? Maybe all four of you may write novels. That would really make me happy. Come on, let everyone get into this and give people like me something really good to read.

Homer want some sexual tram... (Below threshold)
Homer Simpson:

Homer want some sexual trama too. Homer as smart as 14 yr old. (Raising homers hand) "Pick me, Pick Me!"

this is simply an absurd di... (Below threshold)

this is simply an absurd discussion. this absolutely cannot be considered rape if it was consentual. of course this was consensual. males at the age of this "victim" think about sex 16,469 times a day. this is what any and every boy dreams of, unless they have already determined that they are gay. i think the crux of this entire ridiculous argument is due to religion. religion being the sacapegoat saving grace for the "offender". religion the reason for the unacceptablity of this concept of a boy wanting to nail his incredibly hot teacher. every straight boy has yanked it thinking about his hot-as-balls teacher at one point or another. this would be any boy's dream come true. and she knew it, and gave it to him good. that lucky-a$$ ba$tard...

Snaps to Matt Lauer, he gav... (Below threshold)

Snaps to Matt Lauer, he gave her an inch and she took the mile and hung herself all on her own. I'm shocked and very alarmed at the high number of people who believe this was a right of passage for this young man. True all adolescents mature at their own pace and certainly it is a huge fantasy for both genders to be attracted to a teacher at some point. Fantasies can be harmless until someone with experience and authority guides them into reality. These experiences will influence all his future relationships with women. I'm not a prude and cetainly enjoy different aspects of intimacy but this kid has only learned the reckless side, who will teach him to be a considerate and kind lover and would you trust your daughter with him? He has suffered from this period of his life, he just doesnt know it yet. By minimizing this true crime you are also putting other children at risk by validating the idea that most teens would love to be with a hot teacher. Some very dangerous predators will believe they too can say they are manic depressive and their daddies didn't love them enough and worst case scenario they spend a few years on house arrest, hope they take thier computers away... think about it folkes, protect your children.

you know it was roung for h... (Below threshold)
big A:

you know it was roung for her to do that
but come on every one has a different side the boy got sex from a 25 year old he wanted it then he got it hell it does not count any more for ages i know alot of peaple that are geting some from a over age person so drop it but dam girl theres got to be some one out there for you not a kid you need a man and by the way peaple have said this already but this is not the first and it will not be the last...

So does anyone know why she... (Below threshold)
Deb fan:

So does anyone know why she did it? Can anyone tell us why? Nobody sems to know!

She did it because she was ... (Below threshold)

She did it because she was sexualy curious and cumpulsive....she was alone all the time with this gorgeous, 6 foot tall, athletic, hung like a little horse, energetic 14 year old and temptation and desire got the best of her and him. Its really that basic, that simple.
And since it involved the unpredictable, little understood, mysterious sexual initiative and desire of a female, everyone wants to know, and is going fucking crazy over, the age old question....why?
All red blooded american men are wondering why she desired him enough to act on her compulsion, and women are wondering where she got the guts to do so.






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