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Always look on the bright side of life...

A couple days ago, I started getting dozens of e-mails every day from both the FBI and the CIA, saying that my computer had been caught visiting dozens of illegal sites. As a consequence, I was to download, fill out, and return an attached file, or I could expect to be arrested.

A lot of people were complaining about this as the latest virus/worm going around, but I preferred to look at it more positively. The idea that the FBI and CIA were cooperating to this extent could very well mean that former Clinton Administration official and 9/11 Commssioner Jamie Gorelick's infamously stupid and virtually suicidal "wall of separation" between domestic and foreign intelligence agencies is no more.

Some people look at computer viruses and feel threatened. I choose to look at them and feel safer.

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This is so blatantly a viru... (Below threshold)

This is so blatantly a virus or worm. Sorry Jay, but the FBI and CIA are not interested in the porn sites you visit. ;)

Query: Are the transmitters... (Below threshold)

Query: Are the transmitters of these emails committing the crime of impersonating law enforcement officials?

I thought you were a Mac dr... (Below threshold)

I thought you were a Mac driver???
Worms, Trojans and viruses that aren't designed for your OS will not affect it, although you can get a good laugh at the messages exhorting you to try.

Gmac, Paul's the Mac-head. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Gmac, Paul's the Mac-head. I'm a PC guy. One of those freaks who built his own.

Regardless, the viri haven't gotten through.

I hope.


Is each email from both the... (Below threshold)

Is each email from both the FBI and the CIA?
...or do you get emails from the FBI and similar
ones from the CIA?

The former supports your point; the latter doesn't.

It's a worm, Jay Tea. I ho... (Below threshold)

It's a worm, Jay Tea. I hope you have uptodate antiviral definitions....go use Trend Micro's housecall online scan and also Kapersky's online scan (both are free).

An old and acquired-used p.c. I had (and used all of about two, three months) would flash an "FBI" warning screen when I tried to surf tourist locations in places like Fiji and Australia and it was later discovered to be infected with a very offensive, virulent worm. I threw out the harddrive and donated the remainder to whoever wanted the parts, with a warning as to what was the reason for the recycling.

But, this emailing, feigning "FBI" and us.gov and justice and related, it's a worm. The DOJ doesn't send unsolicited emails to people. Nor popup with warning screens when someone randomly surfs the internet.

<a href="http://www.washing... (Below threshold)

WAPO article, among many others available.






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