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Bullet points, Boston-style

The city of Boston, Massachusetts is looking at yet another record year for murders and shootings. This is despite the city and state having some of the toughest gun control regulations this side of DC or parts of California. And Duh Mayor is on the warpath.

It turns out that ever since it got difficult to buy guns legally in Boston, would-be gun owners have ventured out of the city limits to get their hands on firearms. Some have even discovered that it's a hell of a lot easier to buy guns here in New Hampshire, as well as in Maine and Vermont. So they come up here, buy a couple and bring them back.

Naturally, Mayor Thomas "Mumbles" Menino is unhappy about this. A while ago, he announced he wanted to set aside such things as borders, jurisdictions, and Constitutional rights and start stopping and searching cars entering Massachusetts from New Hampshire to look for guns.

Someone finally talked some sense into Mumbles, though, and now he wants to "discuss" the problems with mayors, governors, and other leaders of the region to address his problem.

But that's the key point -- it's HIS problem.

Part of the reason there's so much gun crime in Boston is precisely because the city has such strict gun-control laws. Criminals know that the odds of confronting an armed would-be victim are greatly decreased, so they're emboldened. And someone who's already doing things like breaking and entering, mugging, carjacking, and the like aren't likely to be intimidated by a gun-control law. Especially when the state has the Bartley-Fox Law, which mandates extra penalties for gun possession -- that hasn't been enforced in years.

Mayor Menino, I agree you got a real problem with gun violence in Boston (Which you almost managed to keep quiet until your recent election to a fourth 4-year term). But they're largely of your own making, sir, and do not expect those of us in less "enlightened" states to sacrifice our rights and our freedoms because you can't or won't clean up your messes.


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Comments (10)

Forget it Jay. You're gonn... (Below threshold)

Forget it Jay. You're gonna have to face the fact that folks like Menino are not programmed to process this type of logic.

Feh, they elected him *4* t... (Below threshold)

Feh, they elected him *4* times...
It's shadenfreude to say it but I will anyway:

They deserve the goverment they support and ALL it's incumbent problems with respect, or extreme lack thereof, to the rights of its citizenry.

At least a few of them have the common sense and ability to seek protection with firearms purchases in another state.

I lived in Mass for 30 year... (Below threshold)
Michael Joseph O'Neill Jr:

I lived in Mass for 30 years and had a CCW for "All Lawful Purposes" for ten of those years.
It required Fingerprinting, Photos, Dr.s Notes of mental stability and a firearms training course. And that was before they started banning every thing in site.
I left when the attorney general was given the power to BAN any firearms in the state that he personally thought were a danger to the public of Mass.
So I 100% agree that the Boston Mayor should look at his own state for the current problems in crime. He should try punishing crimminals instead of giving the crimminals sheep to feed on.

a. The Mayor's entire premi... (Below threshold)

a. The Mayor's entire premise is that Boston's outrageous crime rate stems from "easy availability of guns" in nearby states, and that those states need Massachusetts style gun control permits and restrictions. You can easily compare the violent crime rates of the "easy access" states with the crime rates of Boston, or Massachusetts as a whole. If violent crime is lower in the other states, that should be convincing evidence that the Boston/Massachusetts approach is fundamentally flawed and ineffective. The problem is not the availability of guns, but the prevalence of criminals on the streets, needing different approaches than more gun control laws.
b. A Globe report clearly states "No official statistics are available on how many guns are coming from northern New England." Why not ask the obvious question- On what basis did the mayor suddenly pinpoint his city's outrageous crime problem as being caused by convenient whipping boys (the "easy access states")? Since they are outside his jurisdiction or control, and there is no data, isn't this just evading responsibility for failure to deal with criminals in his city for the last 12 years?
c. It is already a serious federal felony to make a "straw purchase". Also, any sale of more than one handgun is reported by the dealer to the BATFE, so they can investigate possible gun runners. How many convictions or prosecutions have been made in federal court for these crimes, and if none, why not?

And people from Mass need t... (Below threshold)

And people from Mass need to stop infusing our Southern NH towns with their liberal politics. Thankfully, I can still get a concealed weapons permit here within 7 days and buy (almost) any gun I want with a quick background check.
NH went for Kerry in 2004. Enough is enough. Time to seal the borders.
"Live Free Or Die"

I'm not sure that I'd agree... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure that I'd agree that Boston's crime rate is 'outrageous' - How does it compare to that of other US cities of its size? My guess is that the gun crime is mostly gang-related and probably involving illegal weapons - that won't be addressed by gun control measures. Also, while I've never tried to get a concealed carry permit it's very easy to obtain a firearm on the north shore, and many (if not most) towns have gun clubs and ranges.

The author is inaccurate, o... (Below threshold)
Ricky D.:

The author is inaccurate, of course. Homicides peaked in 1990 - 1991 in Boston, during the first Bush Administration, at about twice the rate of today (which is still less than in most major cities). Of course, homicides hit a low during the Clinton days when there was support for the police and more jobs available.

Anyway, keep your guns out of our cities and out where all the really weird homicide stuff takes place.

Hmmmm....... (Below threshold)


... during the Clinton days when there was support for the police and more jobs available.

Yeah and when scrambled eggs were fluffier dammit! Not like it is now where the eggs are all overcooked and rubbery.

Get the ChimpHitler out of my eggs!


Especially when the stat... (Below threshold)

Especially when the state has the Bartley-Fox Law, which mandates extra penalties for gun possession -- that hasn't been enforced in years.

Lawyers here say its enforced all the time, though it sometimes get traded off in a deal.
Just recently was enforced against Jerone Jones and Gwen Doyle after they chased and shot that
woman from Concord on I93 in Stoneham:


Anyone who would use a gun ... (Below threshold)

Anyone who would use a gun to commit murder is clearly a dangerous person. Even if you could keep them from getting guns, it wouldn't make such people safe to be around -- they must be locked up or executed. What needs to be asked is why Boston allows so many such people to walk the streets?






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