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Picture Of The Day - Extreme PC Edition


Taken today by a Wizbang reader at Lowe's in Austin, TX. Evidently political correctness doesn't translate, since the sign says "Now here! Fresh cut CHRISTMAS trees" in Spanish...


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Comments (19)

First! Tag - you're it!</p... (Below threshold)

First! Tag - you're it!

It's not political correctness, though. You have no idea how hard it is to find a nice Thanksgiving bush.

Yeah, I've been confused la... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I've been confused lately. Amazon.com keeps talking about some holiday that I'm supposed to be giving gifts for, but never tells me what holliday it is! Sears is also saying that I should "Wish Big" because of the holiday, but they too won't tell me what we're celebrating. I mean, at this rate I'm going to miss it! And believe me, I'm not buying expensive gifts for a holiday on some undisclosed date. If I miss that holiday then I will have to find someplace to store it in the hope I catch it next year, assuming the holiday isn't a one year thing. Plus, I won't even know what's appropriate for the holiday. I don't want to go and buy someone a tea set only to find out we're celebrating the Boston Tea Party. That would be a major faux pas! No no, this won't do! I need to know what we're supposed to be buying all this stuff for!

May the Lord Jesus Christ b... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and save you on the day of His birth.

On the other hand, may the Church Militant re-arm itself and smite a few folks who deserve to be smitten.

Torquemada was right!!

Since I usually work holida... (Below threshold)

Since I usually work holidays, I guess I don't have to buy stuff for holidays. Actually, I kinda like that now folks aren't insisting we BUY for Christmas.

Nice to be back to thinking of it as a Religious Celebration (OK so the Church co-opted pagan ritual dates and moved Jesus's birthday around in a warped form of political correctness) rather than a business venture.

But I Damn Well will have a real fake Christmas tree and not some Chanuka Bush or Kwanza Shrubbery.


[Uh, so how do I tell them apart???]

That banner would never hap... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

That banner would never happen here (Vermont). Instead, we'd see:

Maintenant ici!

Arbres de Noël frais de coupe.

Well I'm going to celebrate... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Well I'm going to celebrate "Name of a Deity Which Must Never be Spoken in a Secular Society - Mas" and I don't care what anyone says!

It's a "Winter Festival" ac... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

It's a "Winter Festival" according to the asshats running our school district.

"Yeah, I've been confused l... (Below threshold)

"Yeah, I've been confused lately. Amazon.com keeps talking about some holiday that I'm supposed to be giving gifts for, but never tells me what holliday it is!"

Amazon had a "Christmas In July" sale in, well, July. And I knew as soon as I saw the headline at the top of their homepage, that they wouldn't be having any mention of Christmas In December.

Maybe those of us that bel... (Below threshold)

Maybe those of us that believe in Christmas should just boycot these store that seem to have forgotten what it is all about The first gift of Christmas was a child, For God so loved the world that he gave his only son. Sure gifts are great but the truth of Christmas is Christ birth and the compassion that we have on one another, If the Love of the Father is in you then the love of the world is not and you will know this by the love of the brothern American WAKE UP CALL if you don't start Praising God and Blessing him and Giving thanks for the very breath you have then America will surely fall I can see our for-fathers rolling over in their graves

To JSchuler: I immortalize... (Below threshold)

To JSchuler: I immortalized your comment on my blog...hope you don't mind. I thought you made a very good point with your tongue firmly in your cheek. :)

(and yes, I linked to Wizbang...)


David--I agree. I also che... (Below threshold)

David--I agree. I also cheerily wish "Merry Christmas" to everyone. I can't wait until someone criticizes me so that I can retort, "May you me visted by three spirits." I know the ignorant won't get my Dickens' A Christmas Carol allusion, but it will make my day.

Apparently the ad departmen... (Below threshold)

Apparently the ad department at Lowe's feels that its English speaking customer base is more concerned about this issue than its Spanish speaking base.

Big deal. This is marketing, and a reflection of what people think about this...Lowe's is pandering, just like all companies do. They just want money, and tell customers what they want to hear. It appears that they feel many of their customers are secular or something...or maybe they are being cheap and trying to appeal to everyone with one word. Thats probably it.

I personally dont care. Christmas is a Christian Holiday, although one that was clearly infused with other so-called Pagan traditions. And we all know that Jesus wasnt born on Christmas Day...

I dont see the need to eliminate Christ from Christmas, but I also dont see the need for Christians to freak out when non-Christians dont want to use the term. Use it how you like, and have some security in your faith for Gods sake. Who gives a shit what Lowe's puts on it's advertising banners? If you have such a problem with it, boycott their stores. Money talks.

It's funny to me that such "pc" things can affect people so much, especially when they claim to really believe in something. Like God cares what Lowe's calls its trees. Get a grip.

It's not an attack on Christianity, just another marketing strategy. Just because its an important aspect of your culture and identity, doesnt mean that it is for others as well. Relax Christians, and do your thing.

goddess:I also ... (Below threshold)


I also cheerily wish "Merry Christmas" to everyone.

See, I think thats nice of you, and I'm not a Christian. I understand that your intent is kind, and gracious. I think that secular folks could ease up and not get all offended about this stuff as well, and just let Christians do their thing. As always, its a two-way street. Keep being nice; I think thats good of you.

I don't buy into any of thi... (Below threshold)

I don't buy into any of this. I think that the issue has gotten muddled and muddy and that the reactions are getting rather extreme, on all sides.

Even though I'm Jewish, it ... (Below threshold)

Even though I'm Jewish, it still bothers me that people who really want to say "Christmas" are forced to say "Holidays". It cheapens EVERYONE's holiday when that happens.

I suppose since there are even fewer Hispanic Jews, they figured they didn't need to put "holiday" in their Spanish translation. (I know one Hispanic Jew; his heritage is Cuban.)

I hate that we have to have things in languages other than English or else we're considered "insensitive".

You just can't find a good ... (Below threshold)

You just can't find a good deal on anything since they cut back on the Hannukah-in-March Sale-a-brations. What a joke this has all become.

What happened at Lowe's is ... (Below threshold)

What happened at Lowe's is lunacy. They're Christmas Trees. But JSchuler's comment is off the mark. Believe it or not, J, there are a few different religious holidays going on this time of year, for which gifts are exchanged. So it does make sense for retailers to just refer to the season as the "Holiday Season."

Hey, what ever happened to ... (Below threshold)

Hey, what ever happened to XMAS?????? Did we forget that X died for our sins???? and he was born on XMAS day????? Or maybe the PC pendechos forgot how to spell?????? I think we should go back to XMAS reminds me of Fry, Lelia, and Bender!!!!

Lowe's has relented. Here'... (Below threshold)
bob jones:

Lowe's has relented. Here's their statement:

Lowe's has proudly sold Christmas trees in our stores for decades, and we continue to do so this year in all of our stores nationwide. All 49 varieties of live and artificial trees at Lowe's and on our web site, Lowes.com, are labeled as Christmas trees.

The product signs inside Lowe's stores have always said "Christmas trees," though an outside banner did not. To ensure consistency of our message and to avoid confusion among our customers, we are now referring to the trees only as "Christmas Trees." We have also removed the banner that read "holiday trees" from the front of our stores.

Lowe's apologizes for any confusion the banner created. We appreciate our customers bringing the matter to our attention and giving us the opportunity to correct the error.

For many retailers, including Lowe's, the holiday season encompasses all the holidays between October and early January. Thus we adopted an overall "Home for the Holidays" theme five years ago. In addition to spanning the season, we believe this theme is respectful of all our customers, regardless of which holidays they may celebrate.






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