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Quote Of The Day - Complete BS Edition

"After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A's," he said.
Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico and former Clinton administration who just now figured out he was never drafted by a pro baseball team. -- 40 years after he first started putting it on his resume.


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Comments (17)

Hey, wow... I was never dra... (Below threshold)

Hey, wow... I was never drafted by a Major League baseball team, either.

Can I be a Governor, too?

Can we call this the Paul H... (Below threshold)

Can we call this the Paul H. Dunn award for honesty?

I still say Al Gore inventi... (Below threshold)

I still say Al Gore inventing the internet was more interesting. If Richardson ever wants to be VP, he's going to have to come up with more fascinating lies.

No wonder he gets along so ... (Below threshold)

No wonder he gets along so well with the Clintons.

Has Joe Biden realized yet ... (Below threshold)

Has Joe Biden realized yet that his speech was pilfered from Neil Kinnock? ;-)


Richardson has been caught ... (Below threshold)

Richardson has been caught doing what a pletora of politicians have been caught doing -- making up these meaningless little lies that inflate one's profile, and coming to believe them after many years of repetition. See, e.g., Kerry, John Forbes (swift boat hero).

After extensive research, I... (Below threshold)

After extensive research, I'm sorry to say that the woman with whom I had mad, insane, passionate sex with several years ago was *not* Angelia Jolie.
Please ignore all those stories I've been telling for years.

Angelina Jolie, that is.<br... (Below threshold)

Angelina Jolie, that is.

Rove made him do it!... (Below threshold)

Rove made him do it!

I forgot - maybe Hillary is... (Below threshold)

I forgot - maybe Hillary is clearing the field!

I don't see this as being a... (Below threshold)

I don't see this as being as big a deal as some do. While I'm concerned about Richardson or Warner being tough to beat in 2008, I think this could be completely innocent. Lets of people get drafted in the baseball draft that never get offered a contract. There was no internet in 1966 and even today the baseball draft is conducted in almost complete secrecy. He may have been told by a coach (before his arm was injured) that the A's scout said he was going to draft him. How would he know any better? No list is put out of the later rounds.

You would think Richardson ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

You would think Richardson would have shown a little more curiosity to check out his own personal CV records. But I suppose sustaining the myth was better material. Incidently, the Athletics must have had no regets about their first choice in the 1966 draft..an obscure player from Arizona State named Reggie Jackson

Largebill, I agree with you... (Below threshold)

Largebill, I agree with you that this is no bog deal -- but I doubt seriously that it was an innocent misunderstanding. It's the retelling of the little lie syndrome -- harmless at its infancy, it takes on the mantle of truth until years later it is discovered by some fact-checking drone.

What wavemaker wrote (^^)..... (Below threshold)

What wavemaker wrote (^^)...because, if it was a recent realization by Richardson ("hey, you know, they never DID draft me, it was just all my misunderstanding!"), he'd have indicated at least a TAD of excitedness, like discovering he was, "hey, adopted all those years ago but the folks are still the folks but STILL, you know, I'm ADOPTED," something like that.

Richardson was just proven to have been lying all these years and coasting along in the vain glory that was that egotistical lie and probably thought, as with accuracy of a Social Security card, that no one would ever, really check it out.

He's a Governor of a state, for heaven's sake. A former BILL CLINTON CABINET member. And I bet no one ever checked this out before about him, either. Pretty discouraging as to his security clearances, background checks, as to the guy's character. No surprise that he was just fine and dandy to Clinton.

So, now we can add Bill Ric... (Below threshold)

So, now we can add Bill Richardson to the list of confidence men among the Democrats. They lie well, smile and seem like you'd just love to take them home for dinner to meet the family...and then you find out they have these significant disparaties as to who they are.

How many people know Bill Clinton was discharged from the college he attended while a Rhodes Scholar in England? You know why? Because he assualted a woman there. Because of his academic "prestige," and the school's profile, they compromised and asked him to depart and he did.

Teddy Kennedy cheated in school and was dismissed (Harvard U., wasn't it?).

Kerry can't get a story straight about his "military" past if it bit him on the toe.

I don't think this Richardson detail is a minor thing.

After being notified of the... (Below threshold)

After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I did not graduate high school. Oops.

Uh, check this out. Lost pr... (Below threshold)

Uh, check this out. Lost pro-scout said that Bill was indeed offered a draft with a $25,000 signing bonus by the Houston A's.







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