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Inside Joke For New Orleans Locals

I know there are a fair number of you are reading the blog... Probably more than before the storm.

For those of you who missed it, the zoo opened this weekend. It will be opened weekends only until "Spring 2006." But this weekend was the first weekend people returned to the zoo. Check out what visitors found at the swamp exhibit.


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For those of you who don't get it.... Sorry, you had to be there.

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Oh my! That 8 gators fed i... (Below threshold)

Oh my! That 8 gators fed is wicked! LOL! Do you think they got that refrigerator off of the street?

Is this Looterman's house?<... (Below threshold)

Is this Looterman's house?

Funny but in a sick sort of... (Below threshold)

Funny but in a sick sort of way.

Heh.... (Below threshold)


Anyone care to explain this... (Below threshold)

Anyone care to explain this joke to a guy who grew up outside of Milwaukee?

I was at the zoo today and ... (Below threshold)

I was at the zoo today and thought that was in poor taste.

For Quintapalus, the symbol is similar to those left on houses that were searched post Katrina. The number in the bottom quadrant was the number of bodies found. So the number 8 would indicate that 8 bodies were found. This floating house is in the alligator pond at the zoo, explaining the Gators Fed line at the bottom.

Quintapalus, he might be re... (Below threshold)

Quintapalus, he might be referring to this post of mine. It was mildly funny at the time but it wasn't funny at all a few days later.

The Blue roof can be seen o... (Below threshold)

The Blue roof can be seen on any -and every- street in New Orleans. (dial 1-888-roof-blu to get your own, yes we down here have the number memorized)

As far as gators fed, After the people searching for bodies went thru town, the animal rescue people when thru and spray-painted information about animals found on site.

(ie: found 2 cats, could not catch, left food, water 9-16)

I don't know that these markings are on EVERY house in New Orleans. But I've driven the streets for hours and never seen a house they missed. Basically, every house in town (200,000 ish) got spray-painted with an orange X in the weeks following the storm.

With (effectively) 100% of the houses in town having an Orange X and (guessing) 25% having a blue roof, it just made sense.

I thought it was priceless.

oh and on the fridge...... (Below threshold)

oh and on the fridge...

Some people are estimating that 1 million (yes 1 million) refrigerators were disposed of after Katrina. After 4 or more weeks with no power, you don't want what's left (growing) inside.

People wrapped them in duct tape by the thousands and hauled them in front of their houses. I'd estimate 4 in 10 houses had a fridge on the street. (In the non-flooded areas, in the fooled area it is 100%)

They all stank.

-Maybe ya had to be there.

Oh I forgot one more. To th... (Below threshold)

Oh I forgot one more. To the bottom right of the door is a case of MRE's.

Some New Orleanians are still eating them 3 meals a day.

I had one customer who had MRE's 29 straight days. On day 30 his wife found real food but they figured they'd come this far... So they ate MRE's one more day. He lived 30 days off nothing but MRE's and water from the National Guard.

Life in New Orleans.

For those not familiar with... (Below threshold)
Mallard T. Drake:

For those not familiar with the FEMA markings, this is what they paint on a building after inspecting the structure. The area left of the X is the initials of the inspector. The upper area is the date of the inspection. The right side lists hazardous materials found, in this case "the zoo" is considered a hazmat. Lastly, the bottom area is the number of bodies found on site. After the bodies are removed, they are supposed to cross off the number. Since the number is not crossed off, maybe they did feed the gators ;-)

Love it! Glad to see the s... (Below threshold)

Love it! Glad to see the storm hasn't washed away that wicked-funny sense of humor in New Orleans!

Love it! There really is n... (Below threshold)

Love it! There really is no place like New Orleans.






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