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Explaining "News" to the AP

Dear AP:

When you have more photogs coving an event than you have people attending it:



Geeze they are so anxious to find something to make Bush look bad, they just make news up. Get over it!

BTW I moved the cap under the pic to make it fit our template. The original is here.

So I couldn't decide what to file it under... So shoot me. - Damn, now I have to add humor.


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Comments (10)

Did you see the pic Reuters... (Below threshold)

Did you see the pic Reuters ran? The emptiness was obscured by the America flag. Nice.

I kinda think that when its... (Below threshold)

I kinda think that when its the poster child of the far left, and nobody shows up, then it actually IS news.

And good news at that.

actually, that photograph m... (Below threshold)

actually, that photograph makes bush look pretty good, IMO. things are looking pretty abysmal for the sheehan camp. that photo is quite telling, and devastating, for her whole schtick.

but then that all depends o... (Below threshold)

but then that all depends on when the photo was taken, and how many people really did show up (if any at all). you get the point.

Hey, I like your blog. Mayb... (Below threshold)

Hey, I like your blog. Maybe we can exchange blog links. Mine is a humor blog at www.billsbitterpills.blogspot.com.

Let me know.

Looks like a caption contes... (Below threshold)

Looks like a caption contest waiting to happen, doesn't it?

But the number of protester... (Below threshold)

But the number of protesters still outnumbered the number of supporters.

Jim, can you link the Reute... (Below threshold)

Jim, can you link the Reuters photo????

>But the number of protesters still outnumbered the number of supporters.

Ahem- Can you count higher than zero?

(Sounds of crickets chirpin... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

(Sounds of crickets chirping)

That picture reminds me of ... (Below threshold)

That picture reminds me of the pic taken of Al Sharpton, early in the 2004 presidential campaign circus, showing him speaking to a nearly empty room.

But at least Al had somebody to talk to other than the media.






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