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More on the two-bit racket

While filling in the latest quarter in my State Quarter Album, something odd struck me about the designs of a few of them. So, it's time for a pop quiz!

1) One state quarter can be considered a "double-headed coin." Which?

2) Which state quarter features two different presidents?

3) Which state quarter features something heretofore only associated with nickels?

4) The Texas quarter can be considered subdued, restrained, and tasteful. Discuss why this is so unusual.

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Kansas has a buffalo, which... (Below threshold)

Kansas has a buffalo, which has heretofore only been on the nickle. Illinois for two different presidents (Washington on front, Lincoln on back.)

I'm thinking New Hampshire'... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking New Hampshire's quarter could be considered two-headed with the (late) old man in the mountain on the back.

Bobbert and Joel nailed my ... (Below threshold)

Bobbert and Joel nailed my two guesses for the first three questions. My explanation for the fourth is because anyone familiar with stereotyped Texans (especially where female hairstyles are concerned)...quite frankly, "Texas" doesn't belong in a sentance that contains the words, "subdued, restrained, and tasteful."

I would think Delaware's qu... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I would think Delaware's quarter which has Caesar Rodney on horseback on the reverse could be considered to be two headed

Rodney, couldn't Delaware b... (Below threshold)

Rodney, couldn't Delaware be considered to be three headed, counting the horse?

removing tongue from cheek now

Doesn't Wisconsin's have a ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't Wisconsin's have a big ol' cow head on it?

I heard that that WASN'T the winning design, but the governor overrode the committee that chose the design and did a cow head and some cheese. Apparently, the tourist board was pissed, because they're sick of the cheesehead stereotype.

You've left off the best co... (Below threshold)

You've left off the best coin trivia question that is answered by one of the state quarters. What US coin has four, count 'em FOUR, different years stamped on it?

Regarding the Texas quarter... (Below threshold)

Regarding the Texas quarter: The star is sunken, giving it a 3d effect.

Oh, and Victor is right. It's not customary to use tasteful and Texas in the same sentence.

Greg,Virginia?... (Below threshold)



1. Alabama has Helen Keller... (Below threshold)

1. Alabama has Helen Keller. (New Hampshire's Old Man shouldn't count, since it was a natural rock formation.)

2. Illinois

3. The Kansas quarter depicts a buffalo, which has been largely -- but not only associated with the nickel. (Don't you remember the 1999 buffalo dollar coin?)

4. Being subdued, restrained, and tasteful is not just unusual for Texas; it is doubly unusual for the "50 state quarters" program, since most of the obverse designs look like crappy souvenir-stand refrigerator magnets. If they weren't worth a quarter, they wouldn't be worth anything.

4. It was only subdued beca... (Below threshold)

4. It was only subdued because we couldn't figure out a way to make the star bigger than the coin itself.

Joe,Virginia is corr... (Below threshold)

Virginia is correct, but not what I was looking for. I didn't realize that VA also had four different years on it. There is one other. And like VA, the fourth year is a year that was in the future when the coin was issued.

Missouri has 4 dates: 1821,... (Below threshold)

Missouri has 4 dates: 1821, 1804,2003,2004

Opinion: NY has the nicest ... (Below threshold)

Opinion: NY has the nicest one so far, FL is absolutely hideous

The Texas design was actual... (Below threshold)

The Texas design was actually the second one approved. The first one, designed by a student at Texas A&M, had to be dropped because it kept jamming in vending machines.

The duct tape kept coming off the two dimes and the nickel.

Yeah, the Texas quarter is ... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:

Yeah, the Texas quarter is subdued, restrained, and tasteful.

Some of us are pissed as Hell at that.

Ric (in Texas)

So what are the correct ans... (Below threshold)

So what are the correct answers, Jay?






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