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Peace Activists Kidnapped in Iraq

Two Canadians, one American, and a Briton were Four foreigners were kidnapped at gunpoint in a dangerous neighborhood in western Baghdad on Saturday. The British hostage was identified as Norman Kember, a long-time peace activist. Kember and the other three hostages a members of the Christian Peacemakers Team who were in Iraq seeking to document coalition human right abuses.

The group is reported to have been traveling with "minimal security" when they were seized in the west of the city after dark on Saturday. The Jawa Report speculates on what may have happened:

Here is the scenario as it might have happened. A group of peace activists (dubbed 'aid workers' by MSM) go to Iraq trying to prove that the U.S. are the bad guys in Iraq. They then go and talk with the 'resistance' who they believe are the good guys. They are shocked when some terrorists show up at meeting with 'resistance' and kidnap them.

Possibly outcome [sic]? a) Sgrena scenario--terrorists release infidels after they have been paid off and realize hostages are really allies b) Enzo Baldoni scenario--terrorists don't care that hostages there to help, behead the infidels c) rescued by U.S. forces

Canadian Press reports that efforts are underway to negotiate the release of the two Canadians, and presumably the American and Kember.

Update: According to CNN, the Arabic-language channel Al-Jazeera on broadcast a video Tuesday issued by an unknown group showing what it claimed were four hostages. The group, which called itself "the Swords of Justice," said the four were spies and claimed they worked under the cover of "the Christian Peace group."

The Jawa Report has video of the four Western hostages in Iraq, and their identities. The video shows American Thomas Fox of Clear Brook Virginia, Canadian Harmeet Singh Sooden, who resides in Auckland, New Zealand, British citizen Norman Kember, and some one who appears to identify himself as James Loni (last name unclear) of Canada.


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Comments (35)

Please tell me that the Can... (Below threshold)

Please tell me that the Canadian Press is mistaken and that Canada doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

Is Canada about to prostrat... (Below threshold)
Old Soldier:

Is Canada about to prostrate itself before the Islamofascists?

They found the human rights... (Below threshold)

They found the human rights abuses alright. I imagine they are very sorry they discovered that it is the Al Qaida doing the abuse in Iraq.

At least they have some "hu... (Below threshold)

At least they have some "human rights abuses" to document now.

If Dr. Rusty is right about... (Below threshold)

If Dr. Rusty is right about the situation, they'll blame the U.S. for it anyway.

The 'truth' about who are t... (Below threshold)

The 'truth' about who are the bad guys and who are the good guys doesn't matter to these people. They function in a community that consider the West and specifically the US as evil. Their personal experience will be interpretted as necessary to not disturb their world view.

At best, one of them might wake up, but I doubt it.

jpm100It is hard to ... (Below threshold)

It is hard to wake up when your head is rolling around on the floor in front of your torso!

Before anybody blame... (Below threshold)

Before anybody blames the US somebody's gotta make the obligitory Jews in Palestine statement. Because if there were Jews in the Gaza they wouldn't to have taken hostages in Irag.

Pain last but a moment, but... (Below threshold)

Pain last but a moment, but stupidity is forever.

I know all about CPT.......... (Below threshold)

I know all about CPT.......this groups is made up of radical left wing 'christians' who absolutely despise Israel and havn't met a Islamic terrorist that they won't befriend.....

I have too say honestly that they are only reaping what they have sown....I know its harsh but they do side with the enemy.....

I feel bad for the families but useful idiots are not a big concern too me...

Divine justice.... (Below threshold)

Divine justice.

Do they know how to say "we... (Below threshold)

Do they know how to say "we're on your side" in Farsi? If they get the chance?

So much for any leftist not... (Below threshold)

So much for any leftist notions that if you help the terrorists they'll treat you nice. If anything, they see it as a sign of weakness and kill you first. That goofy notion is just like every other leftist notion, based on lunacy and destined to immediate failure when put into practice, but will be defended at every opportunity, forever. You can teach an old dog new tricks, you can't teach a moonbat of any age anything.

"Ransom of Red Chief" by O.... (Below threshold)
How about the notion that i... (Below threshold)

How about the notion that it's a put up job in order to funnel money to the Islamofacists? Or am I too cynical?

Islamofascists. Does that i... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Islamofascists. Does that include Shiite death squads and paramilitary forces operating within the Iraqi police forces that the Administration is putting much of its faith in ensuring a democratic handover? It is still unclear who is behind the latest kidnappings? There are probably several suspects.

Why don't you go investigat... (Below threshold)

Why don't you go investigate it, Steve? I am sure the kidnappers would love another western leftist to add to their collection LOL

Bullwinkle--In som... (Below threshold)


In some rare cases, moonbats CAN learn new tricks. I was once so liberal I'd bleed tie-dye, and now I'm a staunch Conservative. 9/11 taught me a helluva lot of tricks I'd been resisting learning up until then--but they stuck, trust me.

Something tells me this event will become a monumental spin project by the MSM. And no matter how many Islamoterrorists brag in public about it, it'll still end up being blamed on Bush and crew.


Steve, did you even read th... (Below threshold)

Steve, did you even read the article you linked? Kidnapping westerners is clearly not the MO for the Shiites.

'Kidnapping westerners is c... (Below threshold)

'Kidnapping westerners is clearly not the MO for the Shiites.'

It doesn't matter, with facility of the terror apologists, everything is the US fault.

LJD, Yes I did..No, it is ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

LJD, Yes I did..No, it is not normally the mo of these paramilitaries to kidnap Westerners, but the article does say that "International human rights organizations have charged that the commando units often arrest and detain civilians without good cause" so they may have been targeted, and then there is the still unresolved case (as far as I know) of the kidnapped and murdered articulate conservative National Review journalist Steven Vincent killed in Basra, in August, for as many believe, reporting these same unpalatable realities the LA Times article mentions. Who knows?

That's quite a stretch. Fi... (Below threshold)

That's quite a stretch. First, the reference to civilians being detained is a reference to IRaqi civilians, not westerners. Second, the group with the long history of kidnapping are the Sunnis, under Saddam, and with foreign terrorists after the fall of his regime.
But who knows? anything is possible, right? Maybe space aliens did it...

I think as soon as hostages... (Below threshold)

I think as soon as hostages are taken their deaths should be immediately be announced and obits written. Don't negotiate just act as if they are already dead. Stop the incentive.

While there's the obvious g... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

While there's the obvious gloating and "I-told-you-so" one could do over these kidnappings, I believe that's a pretty repugnant stance to take. This, frankly, is a situation that most of us wouldn't "wish upon our worst enemy". And I definitely would would include those "enemies" as being liberals, peaceniks, Lefties, moonbats and whatever you wish to call them; it's simply wrong and morally bankrupt to wish ill upon them or to view this as "poetic justice". Yeah, their stupid, wrong most of the time and just plain nasty other times, but to face possible beheading? Well, they don't deserve that; no one does.

I'm sure most people here don't wish that their heads roll, but I'm picking up a small vibe here along those lines and it's kind of disappointing to see. We're better and smarter than that.

Perhaps the best thing to happen to these folks is to have them rescued by the military and come back home and talk about how "glad they were to see them (our military)". And if they don't crow about our military to the likes of Katie Couric & Co, well, then they're the ones that'll have to live with themselves the rest of their lives. They'll be the real losers.

I'm sure someone will tell me to stick it in my ear and blah, blah and they're free to do so. All I'm saying is: Take the higher ground you know where it leads.

I hope like hell none of ou... (Below threshold)

I hope like hell none of our guys get hurt trying to rescue these idiots.

in Iraq seeking to document coalition human right abuses

Let's make sure that we don't give them anything more to document by killing their captors.

And, to Canada -- if you want to negotiate with the bad guys, make sure you let them know that we don't want our "activists" back. They are all yours.

Peter F.,To quote ... (Below threshold)

Peter F.,

To quote someone who while being fictional (his fictional mom, really) has more sense than these idiots: "stupid is as stupid does".

Once rescued, these idiots will find some way to blame the US for their capture. No doubt about it.

If you work for the other s... (Below threshold)

If you work for the other side, then you are the enemy. So, the terrorists have captured prisoners of war from their own side! Where is the International Community demanding that they are given Bibles, that the captors wear white gloves, and that only American style food is served. Bring in electricity and air conditioning and hold them to the standards of Club Gitmo. Fricken liberals disgust me to no end...so I say....as Peter would not....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

mesa: I completely... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I completely agree, and it's a sad probability, too. I just think, in general, they'll look like idiots in the eyes of the world for doing so and any shred of credibility they have will be utterly lost on any rational and thinking human being.

As the liberals say; that w... (Below threshold)

As the liberals say; that was just me being tongue in cheek. You know, sort like a Senator who was disoriented after driving off the bridge and killing a young woman.

I hope our great military does save their asses. If they continue their errant ways they will look exceedingly foolish. But after all the listening to the shrillness of the left, i'm with Rush Limbaugh about having just a little hidden place to enjoy the glee of unintended results. As the left calls it...schadenfreude! From the old high German for 'pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others'.

The thing to remember about... (Below threshold)

The thing to remember about True Believers is that when faced with evidence that they were wrong, they just believe *harder*.


I hope for their sakes that... (Below threshold)

I hope for their sakes that those who have them will decide that they really aren't spies and that killing them will play poorly abroad.

I hope for the sakes of future travelers to the region that no one pays for their release. Paying for hostages is only trading one life for the lives of others. If it had to be done directly no one would have the stomach for it.

I agree with Peter F that t... (Below threshold)

I agree with Peter F that the vitriol in this thread is repugnant to say the least.

I've done a little reading up on this group and, while one may not agree with their methods or even their underlying objectives, it's a fallacy to paint them as supporters of the rebel groups in Iraq. If anything, they come down quite harshly against violence committed by both sides of this conflict. They're radicals, all right, but I'd at least give them the benefit of calling them radical centrists.

For everyone's sake, I hope the four hostages come out of this alive and are able to continue their work in Iraq. With extremists to both sides, someone needs to look after majority of Iraqis who are caught, like them in the middle of this conflict rather than at either extreme.

Edgar,You wish the... (Below threshold)


You wish them the ability to "continue their work in Iraq". That work is (declared by them) to discover U.S. abuses upon Iraqi civilians. They have gone so far as to blame the U.S. and Britain for the kidnappings (on their website).
If you find it repugnant that some of us can't muster sympathy for enemies of America, that's your problem.


SOTG:I despise the... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


I despise their superficial motives and false pretenses for being in Iraq equally; I agree with them not one iota. BUT, no one, not even these backstabbers of our troops deserve to be beheaded.


I hope that when and if these SOBs are saved that they are sent straight home and not allowed to re-enter Iraq ever again.

Peter,I am certain... (Below threshold)


I am certainly not hoping for their beheading (I think they are extremely stupid, dangerous people, not evil), but I don't want American troops put at even greater risk having to rescue the simpletons. No way.







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