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Ronald MacDonald Charged With Robbing Wendy's


Looks like Ronald MacDonald is a hamburgler...

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) - You'd think that just working at a Wendy's restaurant would be difficult for Ronald MacDonald.

Now, the 22-year-old MacDonald - no relation to Ronald McDonald, the clown - has been charged with stealing money from a safe at the Wendy's.

Police said the restaurant manager called police early Monday, saying he found MacDonald and another employee taking money from the safe at about 1:30 a.m.

MacDonald and Steve Lemay, 20, both of Manchester, were detained at the store until police arrived.


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Comments (24)

OK, your parents name you R... (Below threshold)

OK, your parents name you Ronald Freakn' MacDonald, how you do you not turn to a life of crime?!?

OK, your parents name yo... (Below threshold)

OK, your parents name you Ronald Freakn' MacDonald, how you do you not turn to a life of crime?!?

But shouldn't it have involved multiple semi-automatic weapons, and an hours-long police standoff?

I saw the title, I saw the ... (Below threshold)

I saw the title, I saw the residence, I was expecting JT's signature, I admit it, I have gown accustomed to NE and JT remarks, yet it is the KEVIN who caught this..


Naming your kid Ronald MacD... (Below threshold)

Naming your kid Ronald MacDonald is child abuse

I DID catch this, but I was... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I DID catch this, but I was away from my computer and couldn't post it. I called in the tip to Kevin, who found the amazing photo to go with it...


The only thing that would h... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

The only thing that would have made this story better would have been if a certain high-ranking Manchester police officer had been involved. A statement from Captain Dick Tracy would have been the cherry on top...


The Hamburgerler has been a... (Below threshold)

The Hamburgerler has been a bad influence on Ronald.

It would be quibbling to po... (Below threshold)

It would be quibbling to point out that the restaurant is McDonald's and not MacDonald's, wouldn't it?

OK, I won't then.


That clown may deny his evi... (Below threshold)

That clown may deny his evil intentions, but I always say; "If the big shoe fits, wear it".

This great photo should hav... (Below threshold)

This great photo should have been saved for a weekend caption contest.

Manchester, NH sounds like a fun town.

I used to work with a guy n... (Below threshold)

I used to work with a guy named Roland MacDonald, which is just as bad as being named Ronald MacDonald.

This moron has epileptic se... (Below threshold)

This moron has epileptic seizures so he's called McShakes. No lie.

Seeing Ronald McDonald frog... (Below threshold)

Seeing Ronald McDonald frog marched like the Hamburgler just makes me Grimace.

Seeing Ronald McDonald f... (Below threshold)

Seeing Ronald McDonald frog marched like the Hamburgler just makes me Grimace.

And the prize for most groanworthy pun of the thread goes to...


Nice, guys. I'm just sorry... (Below threshold)

Nice, guys. I'm just sorry I got here after all the (Mayor Mc)cheesy puns were taken.

you just can't trust them g... (Below threshold)

you just can't trust them guys named Mac

i know steve lemay and i c... (Below threshold)

i know steve lemay and i can say im not surprised he did this at all

Jay,So Manchester ha... (Below threshold)
Mike D in SC:

So Manchester has Captain Dick Tracy? Well, Aiken County, SC has Sheriff Mike Hunt chasing down sex offenders.

If have a photo of his campaign billboard. I can email it if you want.

I was just in Valley Street... (Below threshold)

I was just in Valley Street Jail with Ronald MacDonald, and he is pissed! Say's he's gonna sue Jay Leno. Yeah right!

Please tell me he is suffer... (Below threshold)

Please tell me he is suffering.

I can't think of anyone who deserves to suffer more than Feeble Dumb

Yeah, I was just in there f... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I was just in there for something really stupid, got it all worked out now...so. Anyway, I was in there with Ronald MacDonald, in, Valley Street Jail. By the way, this jail really sucks! Jail sucks anyway, but this one is hardcore sucky! He is suffering, because he is still in there. He just went to court last Tues, and he asked them to revoke his bail! So they did! What a dumb ass! His cell was right next to mine, and we talked from time to time, during lockdown, door to door. It is true that he has a seisure disorder. And, it should not surprise anyone who knows anything about the history of this Manchester New Hampshire Jail, that they abuse inmates. The C0's pretty much all suck, and I can't wait to run into one of these pricks on the street, so that I can give them a piece of my mind, and see how they like the treatment, face to face! What will they do then? So, it's not funny that they denied to give Ronald MacDonald his seisure medication! No joke! They were not giving it to him at all! All they did was move him to another cell! How is that treatment? How is that protecting an inmates health? Well-being? It's just plain WRONG! For everyone's information, Ronald MacDonald is somewhat remorseful for his crime...however, he is still in a state of denial that he did anything wrong. He admits to be really drunk on Vodka before the money grab. He is getting sick and tired of the jokes....it never ends. The C0's handed out mail the other night, and Ronald got some mail, and they said, "Ronald MacDonald, there aren't any double cheesburgers in there, are there?" Everyone around, said, "ohhhhhh!" and laughed. This guy may never hear the end of this. I'm worried about his mental state. Peace!

Couldn't help stumbling upo... (Below threshold)

Couldn't help stumbling upon this on the net - good point Andy made about MacDonald being different from McDonald. It's really the only way I'm able to stop people from taking the piss. Unless I tell them I don't make burgers sufficiently big to ram down their throats.

aaaaaah the joy - let me tell you though, the best thing about it is - no one ever forgets your name if you're Ronald MacDonald!


ronal mcdonals has to do TV... (Below threshold)
yo daddy:

ronal mcdonals has to do TV commercials for community service

wait, is this real?... (Below threshold)

wait, is this real?






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