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Bigger Needles Needed For Fatter Asses

According to Irish researchers standard size needles used to inject drugs in the 'ol gluteus maximus just aren't hitting the mark. They say super-sized buttocks need super-sized needles to reach the muscles below the layers of ass fat.

Standard-sized needles failed to reach the buttock muscle in 23 out of 25 women whose rears were examined after what was supposed to be an intramuscular injection of a drug.

Two-thirds of the 50 patients in the study did not receive the full dosage of the drug, which instead lodged in the fat tissue of their buttocks, researchers from The Adelaide and Meath Hospital in Dublin said in a presentation to the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

Via The New Editor

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And they're getting a shot ... (Below threshold)

And they're getting a shot in the ass because...?

Look, we women already have serious issues with our weight. Please don't tell us we are too fat for the needle.

I blame Sir Mix-a-Lot for t... (Below threshold)

I blame Sir Mix-a-Lot for this sad state of affairs, just when women were really getting into herion chic he came alomg and blew it.

Have you seen the needle th... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the needle they're building for Michael Moore?


SilverBubble, The ... (Below threshold)


The short answer to "why there?" is that that's the proper place for bigger doses of medicine, medicine that is inflammatory to the tissue, or medicine that's particularly viscous.

At the same time, though, the proper injection site is at the top of the gluteus maximus, not too far below the waistline, a place where not a whole lot of fat is deposited.

The study doesn't make much sense in that light. I don't know of anyone with proper medical training who would put an injection into the fatty part of the buttocks.

That is absolutely horrible... (Below threshold)

That is absolutely horrible...on many levels. The visuals are ... ::: shudder :::

Kevin,This is an i... (Below threshold)


This is an ideal candidate for what could be the blogospheres first “reverse caption” contest.

Just challenge Wizbang’s readers to find an appropriate photo to illustrate this blog post……

Just challenge Wizbang’s... (Below threshold)

Just challenge Wizbang’s readers to find an appropriate photo to illustrate this blog post……


Please, dear God, NO!

Come on McGehee, where's yo... (Below threshold)

Come on McGehee, where's your sense of adventure?

Do you not trust the Wizbang crowd for entertaining and occasionally insightful blathering?

Vive la libertarian!!!!

That's what you want to hea... (Below threshold)

That's what you want to hear:

Doctor: Bend over, this will hurt a little.
Patient: [bends over]
Doctor: ...
Patient: ...
Doctor: Nurse, get me the big needle.

One of my neighbors had a h... (Below threshold)

One of my neighbors had a heart attack and died, because he was exceptionally overweight and the EMTs didn't have a need long enough to reach his heart to inject it with adreneline.

I watched a show where the ... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I watched a show where the docs had to do some kind of gastric bypass on a large large gal (not sure what her GVW was) and they had to cut through 6 or 8 inches of goo to get to the goo they needed to bypass (looked to me the attatched her throat to her anii). Um...I don't know the length of the needles used.

It's not just needles, all ... (Below threshold)

It's not just needles, all of the equipment in health care has to be supersized. Have you seen the new wheelchairs that are "bariatric", which means oversized load in medical jargon.
The operating room tables have to have a max load weight of minimum 500 pounds; CT scanners min 350 pounds & that's the old models.
It's sad.

Kin,EMTs don't inj... (Below threshold)


EMTs don't inject adrenaline directly into the heart. Somebody's been watchin' too many movies.

Come on McGehee, where's... (Below threshold)

Come on McGehee, where's your sense of adventure?

If I want to look at pictures of supersized glutei, I can use my digital camera and a couple of mirrors and make my own, thank you very much.

Vive la libertarian!!!!<... (Below threshold)

Vive la libertarian!!!!

Is that French for, "Does this political philosophy make my ass look fat?"

"...whose rears were examin... (Below threshold)

"...whose rears were examined after ..."

There's a good job.






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