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Everything you ever wanted to know about Saddam's WMDs, but the MSM was too afraid to tell you

I can't vouch for this guy's credibility, but he certainly seems to know his stuff. Lots of details -- the kind that seem pretty plausible to me -- on Saddam's WMDs and what happened to them. Go and give him a read.

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One of these days perhaps t... (Below threshold)

One of these days perhaps these reports will see the light of day in the MSM. The MSM is too focused on Iraq to see the big picture.

See this comment I just sent to my distribution list


HT Wizbang

WMD - The Game of Hide and Seek - Dah Syria!

Remember Zarqawi's henchmen's intercepted attempt to strike Amman, Jordan before with a large chemical gas cloud attack? This stuff came by way of Syria. Zaqawi's crew recently completed the job anyway, the "old fashion way."

I've "spammed" this meme before. Check this anthology of links:


and this related thread:



The MSM doesn't want to rep... (Below threshold)

The MSM doesn't want to report this stuff. I've seen a couple of interviews with scientists who have defected that said Saddam had WMD's and they were working in the program. Many are still buried in the desert. They may suddenly surface when Bush is out of office.

Over a year ago, circa 14 S... (Below threshold)

Over a year ago, circa 14 September 2004, Stephen Green of Vodkapundit posted a link to Rantburg.com, and an excerpt translated from the German periodical Die Welt, on Syrian military assistance with Chemical Weapons to the Islamic Sudanese Central Government in their slaughter of black African animists and Christians in Darfur.

Quote from the excerpted translation:
"at least five airplanes of the Syrian civil airline Syrian Arab Airlines were flown from Damascus to Khartoum [i.e., the Sudanese Capital]. Aboard were specialists of the Syrian University for Chemical Warfare including engineering equipment."

I wrote a comment on my own little-read blog (apsnyblog.blogspot.com), and tried to further research the information, but couldn’t find anything (with just a couple of hours of thrashing the internet...) other than links to the original article in Die Welt.

As I wrote at the time:

Whether or not this explains the disposition of Saddam Hussein's WMDstocks, it is a very disturbing development. Maybe people are too preoccupied with local politics to devote much attention, but there are plenty of people alive who remember that Hitler loaned his military to the service of General Franco (i.e., the fascist republicans) during the Spanish civil war that started in the early 1930's. The NAZI military used that war to test tactics and weapons. They put the lessons to use in earnest just a few years later, after making adjustments and refinements indicated from assessments and after-action reports from the Spanish civil war.

Does the idea of Syrian special forces killing south Sudanese make any sense EXCEPT as a test exercise for their weapons and tactics? Has Syria ever made any contribution to the Sudanese Muslim government before, other than statements of solidarity? The fanaticism of the militant Islamic zealots may seem to be beyond our reckoning, but it's pretty darn unlikely that the government of Syria views the black africans or the Sudan People's Liberation Army as a threat. Simply, they are training to use their chemical weapons on targets closer to hand, say just across their own extended border with Iraq.

Probably it is just as well... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Probably it is just as well that the US did not find WMD's..their provenance may have beeen embarassing..I have always thought the issue of WMD was a bit of a red herring, where the military invasion forces had to waste a lot of money, and over a 1000 specialists to justify the prima facie reason for the invasion, had to search all over Iraq for weapons that may or may not have existed; instead of concentrating on fully securing large munition Saddam dumps that certainly existed, many of whose conventional weapons are now scattered all over hell's half acre, Iraq, and our now used by rather primitive suicide bombers against our troops and the Iraqi authorities and civilians.

MacFiddlerYou got ... (Below threshold)


You got that right. You'd think the MSM would be on the issue of the Syrians using chem weapons in the Sudan like stink on poop.

Also there is a thread out there that in the massive RR explosion in North Korea a while back, that there were Syrian technicians on the train that were killed.

Now why were they in North Korea and just what was on those RR cars that blew up causing that amount of damage. No one seems to have taken that lead and run with it.

I guess everyone is too busy bashing President Bush and trying to lose the war in Iraq for whatever purpose that would serve.

These are issues/questions that the newly evolving citizen media (or whatever you want to call it) can explore and report on. Gee think of all us folks sitting at computers with access to the Net to search out this info.

Envision this collective can do massive parallel processing in a collaborative distributive network on the order of SETI.






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