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Lieberman Praises U.S. Strategy, Urges Bush To Tout Successes

Today Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) speaks for those who support the mission in Iraq, a stance a majority of his party once backed and has since deserted.

WASHINGTON (Hartford Courant) -- Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, just back from Iraq, wants President Bush to give the American people details about the progress being made in that country - from military triumphs to the proliferation of cellphones and satellite dishes.

Bush is scheduled to give the nation a progress report on Iraq Wednesday, his first such address since Congress erupted two weeks ago in bitter debate over the war.

Supporters and critics alike have been urging the president to outline his strategy for some time.

...Lieberman, D-Conn., who spent Wednesday and Thursday in Iraq, saw strong evidence that a workable American plan is in place.

"We do have a strategy," he said. "We do have a plan. I saw a strategy that's being implemented."

Lieberman, who is one of Bush's strongest war supporters in the Senate, cited the remarks of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who last month told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the strategy in Iraq was to "clear, hold and build: to clear areas from insurgent control, to hold them securely and to build durable, national Iraqi institutions."

Predictably the left are pillorying Lieberman for daring to suggest something good happening in Iraq.

Democratic Underground Sends A Message To Joe Lieberman

Expect it to go from DU's mouths to Howard Dean's DNC Chairman's ear in nanoseconds...


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Comments (15)

You sure that it wasn't ol'... (Below threshold)

You sure that it wasn't ol' Deano himself who wrote that?

Lieberman was the first Dem... (Below threshold)

Lieberman was the first Democrat to recognize that the only people stupid enough to not realize that the Dem's claims that Bush mislead them into war aren't fooling anyone but the DU and Kos moonbats. The rest of the Dems will be catching on in a few more days, the moonbats will never figure it out. I even heard on the radio this morning someone explaining that Murtha's comments weren't a sign that he actually wanted to pull out the troops, he only wanted to "open a dialogue" about what needs to be done. LMAO The left sure has a way with lies. Or words, same thing for them...

Trade, 3 RINOs for 1 Leiber... (Below threshold)

Trade, 3 RINOs for 1 Leiberman!

What the hell is "pilloryin... (Below threshold)

What the hell is "pillorying"?

I hope it's not like "Hillo... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:

I hope it's not like "Hillorying".

We are not redeployi... (Below threshold)

We are not redeploying, or withdrawing, so Joe Loserman needs to stop saying that. That would be cutting and running, which we will never do. It only gives comfort to the enemy.

This is the type of eloquen... (Below threshold)

This is the type of eloquence that I have come to expect from the New Left. When they're not commenting at DU, they're smoking dope and playing Doom on their IBoxes. How intimidating.

...and Joe Lieberman is the... (Below threshold)

...and Joe Lieberman is the only Dem in the Senate who demonstrates any degree of intellectual honesty.

The Democrats need more Joe... (Below threshold)

The Democrats need more Joe Liebermans. While I don't agree with all his views, he is at least reasonable. By that I mean he doesn't ignore reality in order to cater to the far left.

Plebe,It means to ... (Below threshold)


It means to be put into stocks and thus exposed to public ridicule and thrown rotten veggies. It's only used in the figurative sense nowadays, more's the pity. I can think of a few folks (Moore & Rall for starters) that it'd do wonders for.

I admire Lieberman, whose s... (Below threshold)

I admire Lieberman, whose stance on Iraq is not only correct, but it has scuttled any presidential ambitions he might have had. He must know that there is no way the moveon.org moonbat wing of the Democratic party will ever let him get near the nomination.

I keep excpecting Joe to ge... (Below threshold)

I keep excpecting Joe to get Millered, any day now. While I don't expect him to challenge any reporters to a duel, it seems to be only a matter of time before Lieberman get pushed out the door.
Hmmm here's a scary (to some) idea... McCain-Lieberman, 2008.

More bad news for Lieberman... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

More bad news for Lieberman: The Nation's editors won't endorse any presidential run by Joe:

"The Nation therefore takes the following stand: We will not support any candidate for national office who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq a major issue of his or her campaign."

Sorry, Joe. You deserve better any way.

Bravo to Lieberman and yeaa... (Below threshold)

Bravo to Lieberman and yeaargghhh to Kerry -- who I am sure by now is not sane -- but as a measure of who the Democrats are, I know from what I read as to the general malaise among them that they all revile Lieberman. In fact, they really revile Lieberman.

Kerry, well, I just think he's generally reviled but is too insane to notice.

Mcain-Lieberman? I think t... (Below threshold)

Mcain-Lieberman? I think the Republicans could use a little Joe-mentum right now!






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