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Utah Legislators Propose Lobbyist "Speed Dating"

What could go wrong?

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Republicans in the Utah House of Representatives will let lobbyists "date" them for a few precious minutes - as long as they donate to their political action committee.

...House Majority Leader Jeff Alexander recently sent out an e-mail to legislators and lobbyists asking them to keep Jan. 5 open for "Speed Dating."

The notice resembled a classified ad saying: "House Republican Caucus seeks fun-loving individuals to share warm winter evening."

Kat Dayton, fundraiser for the House Republican Caucus came up with the idea while watching the 2005 movie "Hitch," starring Will Smith, which includes a speed-dating scene.

Needless to say the "humor" is lost on Utah voters. Expect mea culpas forthwith...

Comments (3)

Can you still call it datin... (Below threshold)

Can you still call it dating if you have to pay for it?

That's not what the police told me.

"Lookin' for a date, honey?... (Below threshold)

"Lookin' for a date, honey?"

Yak, I had to pull myself u... (Below threshold)

Yak, I had to pull myself up off the floor after your comment. ROFLMAO!

I was going to make a comment, but Yak's was too funny.






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