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MilBlog Of The Week

The new MilBlog Of The Week is Thunder6, an Army company deputy commander currently serving in Baghdad. T6's latest post is about capturing a terrorist cell that had planted an IED recently. He's going back to find it, once it's lighter out.

T6, a Californian from just outside LA, has a new wife and seven brothers and sisters, also has some amazing galleries of pictures he's taken in and around Baghdad.

So go over and give his page a looksee, and leave a few kind words. It's people like him that keep people like us free.

As always, send any nominations for MilBlog Of The Week to Jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com. My thanks this week to Wonder Woman for introducing me to T6, who recommends this posting of his as his finest work -- a tribute to four of his fallen comrades.


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Comments (3)

OT: I see where the liberal... (Below threshold)

OT: I see where the liberal media is "observing" the impending 1000th execution in the US (in the last 30 years), almost like one of their phony remembrances of Iraq dead that are really meant to bash Bush.

If they have such bleeding hearts, why don't they add up the number of casualties caused by the 1000 wrongdoers, and honor the memory of the real victims instead?

Hey can people confirm that... (Below threshold)

Hey can people confirm that Murtha is going around saying that our troops are "broken" and "worn out" in Iraq and that's why we should cut and run? Does that sync with what people are reading in milblogs and hearing from people they know over there or have come back? That they're "broken" and need to leave?

Rep Murtha did say that, I... (Below threshold)

Rep Murtha did say that, I found the article and posted it on my milblog, otherwise I can try and get the link again.






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