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"The good of the people is the highest law"

When a company does something despicable, there are a lot of ways to address it. If one happens to be, say, mayor of a major city, one's options are even greater. One can denounce the business, call for a boycott, even send in officials to search out any violations.

One thing you just can't do, however, is send in people to just confiscate offensive -- but not illegal -- merchandise.

I've spoken out before against the "STOP SNITCHIN" T-shirts. I think they're vile, contemptible, and borderline evil. They might even merit being banned -- I think it's a debatable point.

But the seizures Boston's Mayor Menino is calling for -- that's just too far.

But entirely in character for Mumbles -- he's a control freak. But as an elected Democrat in Massachusetts, I repeat myself.

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How can that possibly be le... (Below threshold)

How can that possibly be legal? Even in Boston.

Great! Now these shirts wil... (Below threshold)

Great! Now these shirts will be even more popular with the wipper snappers!

The man must be an idiot. ... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

The man must be an idiot. Good luck, Boston.

As offensive and stupid as ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

As offensive and stupid as these shirts are, there are better ways to pressure stores to remove them. Boycotts, protests, hell, even up-roar on talk radio would likely get them pulled. But for the government to remove them? That really does harken back to the early days of the Third Reich.

Welcome to Meningrad.... (Below threshold)

Welcome to Meningrad.

Pfft,Menino is a b... (Below threshold)


Menino is a buffoon. Probably doesn't even realize this is illegal until one of his aides tells him later.

Meanwhile, the Menino Parade of Death marches through Dorchester unabated.

Denny: An idiot? Ah, but t... (Below threshold)

Denny: An idiot? Ah, but that is why he is so clever...by speaking so unintelligbly you never really quite know if he said what you think he said, which of course lets him say all sorts of wacko things.

If I was a store owner sell... (Below threshold)

If I was a store owner selling those shirts, my response would be "Cya in court comrade!"

Only in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Massachusetts!

"The Herald reported the sh... (Below threshold)

"The Herald reported the shirts were worn by the mother of a reputed gang member earlier this year during his trial for a shooting that killed 10-ye"ar-old Trina Persad."

What kind of spineless judge allowed that? Spectators in a court room have no first amendment rights to covertly threaten witnesses.

It appears to me that a large part of the problem was the judge failing to manage the courtroom and the case.

Weenie judges are who these people should be targeting.

Jay, your libertarian strea... (Below threshold)

Jay, your libertarian streak is showing.

And I like it…

If Menino is going to start... (Below threshold)

If Menino is going to start confiscating offensive T-shirts, can he start with those A-Rod Yankees shirts I see some people wearing?

Well, that should cut down ... (Below threshold)

Well, that should cut down on crime! Don't ever accuse Mumbles the Clown of not taking a stand and cleaning up the mean streets!

Well, those who live in Boston could show their support for the American Spirit, while showing their contempt for The Lord of The Mumbles, by getting a few of the "Stop Menino" buttons which are available at the STOP MENINO SHOP.






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