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The Month I Spent on the Phone

In trying to get my life back in order after spending a month evacuated from the hurricane, I'm digging thru my cell phone bills and I noticed my minutes used in the month of September.

Even using the phone in the apartment as much as possible to keep the cell phone bill down, I used 3321 peak minutes and 971 off peak minutes for a total of 4292 minutes or 71.5 hours on the cell phone. (You don't want to see that bill.)

I'd guess I used the apartment phone for another 20 hours worth of time. Not to mention various other times I used other phones.

When I look back at the time we were evacuated, I often wonder what I did for a whole month... In some ways it seemed like it never happened... Now I remember, I was on the phone.


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Dang, you'll have to take o... (Below threshold)

Dang, you'll have to take out a loan to pay that cell phone bill!

Wizbang, I thought my cell ... (Below threshold)

Wizbang, I thought my cell phone usage was bad during/after the hurricane, but then again, I did get a big discount on the following months bill after I contacted them and told them the reason for all those minutes. You might think about contacting your cell phone company and see if they can help out.

I work for a major cell com... (Below threshold)

I work for a major cell company (names shan't be mentioned, but our ads figure an annoying dude asking if you can hear him).

If you call in --- and do so IMMEDIATELY --- and explain the situation, there is a good chance you'll find somebody who might be willing to work with you.






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