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Carnival of the Trackbacks XL

Reader recommended stories for Saturday, December 2, 2005:

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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Carnival of the Trackbacks XL:

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» TMH's Bacon Bits linked with Lies, Lies, and War Lies

» Once More Into the Breach linked with Congress Earmarks $4 Million for La Raza

» Political Satire Fake News - The Nose On Your Face linked with Top 9 Other Saddam Prison Complaints

» A Blog For All linked with Rep. Murtha's back in the News

» The Noonz Wire linked with Reuters Links Boyd Execution to President Bush

» Mazurland Blog linked with Gimme Some Truth!

» Random Numbers linked with Murtha Gets Great Endorsements!

» 7 Deadly Sins linked with Greed: Old Time Games

» Below The Beltway linked with Dealing With Foolish Leaders

» In the Bullpen linked with Dawn: Senior Al Qaeda commander killed

» Stop The ACLU linked with ACLU to Sue the CIA

» PostWatch linked with It's A War. There Are Sides

» Don Surber linked with Prosecuting the Culture of Corruption

» Choose Life linked with Merry Christmas, ACLU Open Post

» Joust The Facts linked with Medical Emergencies And Abortion

» The Unalienable Right linked with CNN Poll: Most doubt Bush has plan for Iraq victory

» Clark Mountain Musings linked with Wanted terrorists returning to Gaza through Rafah.... DUH!

» Truth Out Loud linked with A Woman’s Prerogative as Foreign Policy

» Martin's Musings linked with Vote Buying In West Virginia: New Twist To An Old

» WunderKraut.com linked with Tarawa

» Don't Go Into The Light linked with Well, you don't see this every day...

» A Cool Change linked with "They killed Fluffy!"

» Accidental Verbosity linked with What Are Your Favorite Christmas or Seasonal Songs?

» Conservative Outpost linked with The Democrats' Bad Investment

» Mensa Barbie Welcomes You linked with Pyroclastic Avalanche

» Bookworm Room linked with More on the dishonest reporting front

» A Blog For All linked with To Everything Spin Spin Spin

» The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles linked with Strange Bedfellows

» TMH's Bacon Bits linked with Top Ten (Profound) News Headlines

» Conservative Culture linked with Whatz Up! - Dumb criminal, that’s what

» freedom folks linked with Mehlman Blasts

» Peakah's Provocations... linked with Open Bar All Weekend!

» The Right Nation linked with (Open Trackback) Weekend Round-Up

» Stuck On Stupid linked with 2005 White House Christmas Card

» Narcissistic views on News/Politics linked with Kalashnikov Jihad art show fight.

» SEIXON linked with Nancy Pelosi, Come On Down

» MacStansbury.org linked with OPEN TRACKBACKS 10

» The Steel Deal linked with HOODED SWEAT SHIRTS with MASKS from FRANCE

» T. Longren linked with H5N1: Going Human to Human?

» Anechoic Room linked with Mental illness is never pretty.

» All Things Beautiful linked with The Jihad Apocalypse

» Sophistpundit linked with The Empty Fridge

» Macmind - Conservative Commentary and Common Sense linked with US Planting Stories? Not News...

» Red Guy in a Blue State linked with Abu Propaganda

» freedom folks linked with A Jury Of Thier Peers

» Conservative Cat linked with Elijah and Mike, Epsiode 1

» Random Yak linked with Things you won't find on my front lawn

» Cardinal Martini linked with Don't know much about history: II

» Tel-Chai Nation linked with Suicide bomber attacks Netanya mall

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um, I know it's too late to... (Below threshold)

um, I know it's too late to change...but isn't it XL? or have I missed an inside joke?

for December 3.

XXXX is 33% more explicit t... (Below threshold)

XXXX is 33% more explicit than XXX.






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