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Jay Tea's Evil Thought Of The Day

Last night, I was thinking of the "STOP SNITCHIN'" T-Shirts that have Boston's Mayor, The Honorable Thomas "Mumbles" Menino, all in a lather. They are favored by gang members and wannabes, and are intended to discourage people from cooperating with the police.

Mumbles wants to send city officials in to the stores and confiscate them. But I think they could serve a valid purpose.

I am a guy. That means that I have, on occasion, impulses towards violence and destructive behavior. It's part of the whole guy deal. But I've usually tried to channel that into positive or neutral directions.

It occurs to me that it could be quite cathartic and fun to venture out of my safe haven here in Cow Hampshire and meander on down to Beantown some times. I could roam around, see the sights, enjoy the city atmosphere, and look for people wearing those "STOP SNITCHIN'" shirts.

And, once it was clear, I could give vent to my violent instincts and beat them up, hit them with a baseball bat or something, maybe even shoot them.

It would be pretty safe. I would simply have escape quickly, then stay away from Boston for a while to avoid retaliation. I wouldn't have to fear the long arm of the law, as my "victim" has already proclaimed his refusal to cooperate with police.

I would never do such a thing -- I really am not very skilled in violence, and would most likely end up getting my own ass kicked in the process, which would defeat the whole purpose. But it's a fun little thought, if those red "stop signs" on the T-Shirts started being seen as bullseyes. That might cut down their popularity a lot faster than just cracking down on the sellers.

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Ahhhh...a perfect world whe... (Below threshold)

Ahhhh...a perfect world where idiots get what they deserve. We can dream.

Regarding your later post a... (Below threshold)

Regarding your later post about the witness list, it sounds like the mayor might do better to buy the lot and make all the folks privvy to such supposedly protected information wear the shirts, and stop snitching to the perps.

Jay makes a point ( which i... (Below threshold)
just a man:

Jay makes a point ( which is quite natural for him when blogging) Yet the idea of JT, a kind human soul ( not withstanding the occasional Guy aspects he refers to ) shows us what we all want to express. A deep desire to beat the crap out of Twits. This isn't prejudical anymore then wanting to right any wrongs we see in our society.

Although I can imagine how it would look to have JT wear the shirt slogan " OK I won't" as he pummels the Twits and makes a mad dash for the subway and back to the parking lots north of Boston






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