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To Envy Iraq

heh- Over at Gateway Pundit I learned that Iraq is spanking New Orleans in the telecommunications department.


* Audited more than 1,200 km of the fiber optic backbone network and performed emergency repairs, reconnecting 20 cities and 70 percent of the population.
* Reconstituted Baghdad area phone service by installing switches with 240,000 lines at 12 sites.
* Installed and fully integrated 13 new switches with 14 existing switches.
* Worked with the Ministry of Communications to reactivate more than 215,000 subscriber lines.
* Installed a satellite gateway system at Baghdad's largest telecom exchange and restored international service.
* Trained telecom engineers and technicians in the operation and maintenance of the satellite gateway system and the new switches.

Geeze. We can only dream of that infrastructure.

240,000 phone lines on new switches and another 215,000 on legacy equipment? - We'd be happy with 100,000 on any equipment right now.

70% of the population has phones! Geeze that is AT LEAST double New Orleans.

A quarter of a year after the storm and there are still lines at the cell phone offices out the doors on some days. One day New Orleans will catch up to bombed out third world countries.

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And on top of all that they... (Below threshold)

And on top of all that they get democracy too!

See what happens when the R... (Below threshold)
Huey Long:

See what happens when the Republicans are in charge? New Orleans should give it a try...could they do any worse than what they have now?

[email protected] Paul<... (Below threshold)


@ Paul

Any idea what the problem/bottleneck is?

Is it a lack of money, workers, time?

Bush made sure the unions c... (Below threshold)

Bush made sure the unions concentrated their work in Louisiana. Clever guy. Sacrifice LA for success in Iraq.

ed- Your question just show... (Below threshold)

ed- Your question just shows how little understanding there is in the real world about what is going on down here.

A whole city... A city that was one of the top 40 cities in the nation has simply been destroyed.

I'd hazard to say that NOLA... (Below threshold)

I'd hazard to say that NOLA has was destroyed from the inside long before Katrina hit. Like a tree hollowed out by termites or carpenter ants, until it fell, nobody on the outside could be sure how bad it was.

Car bombs, suicide bombers ... (Below threshold)

Car bombs, suicide bombers less electricity than before the war, death destruction with the country about to split up, oh yes the republicans have done a billiant job i'm sure we would all love to live in a democracy like this

Hey Shak...Great post...eat... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Hey Shak...Great post...eat me!

Speaking of NOLA, it seems ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of NOLA, it seems that the levee inspections weren't quite what they were supposed to be - NOLA.com has the scoop.

Now all Iraq needs is an NF... (Below threshold)

Now all Iraq needs is an NFL franchise. Then they'd be able to beat New Orleans on the gridiron too. Everyone else does. ;)

Wow. Iraq sounds great. I'm... (Below threshold)

Wow. Iraq sounds great. I'm moving there now! See you all later when I'm on TV.

I agree with Paul. You all... (Below threshold)

I agree with Paul. You all either have no heart or just don't understand what destroyed means. The government is not working! The national news this morning was about price shock for heating your home this winter. Do you realize that over half of the city of New Orleans has NO heat? Many still have no electricity, mail is spotty at best, even drinkable water isn't available in areas. Oh yes and then there are the government levees that may not hold for a rainstorm. I am a republican and voted that way for years. How can I ever vote for them again when they turn a blind eye to all of this? The solid south is a thing of the past if the democrats have enough sense left to put up a moderate. Why stay in such an area you ask? New Orleans citizens have as much allegiance to their city as you have towards your country. Most are going to fight and die to defend it. They are dying already. But don't worry your heads over that. What is the latest news on Natallie Halloway?






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