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Weblog Awards Support Thread

Much as I despise having to conduct Weblog Award business here, the commenting system at The Weblog Awards site is crushing the server. The quick and easy fix was to turn off comments. It's working great, but occasionally people do need a spot to ask a question.

This post will serve as that spot...

Update (Dec. 5, 10:00AM): Not every poll is active yet. There is a big linked VOTE! at the top of posts that have polls active. Click it...

Some of the international and ecosytem categories are still having polls added, but updating has been slowed by server issues. The site will be down for a few minutes to get additional RAM which should help all around.

In some cases the polls are delayed in showing the choices for voting. Again this is a database memory issue which should be resolved with more server RAM.

Imagine getting hit with links from every top blog at the same time... It taxes the box a bit...

Update (Dec. 5, 3:30PM): Good news, bad news. Good news is memory was upgraded. Did I mention this is an excellent time to hit the donate button? Anyway, bad news is that I got this from the NOC, "There may or may not be complications in regards to the RAM upgrade. Engineers are looking into it now." I guess I may or may not be pissed...

In the meantime I'll share a secret I just learned with you. Earlier I mentioned that when loads are maxed out sometimes the poll screen takes a while to display the finalists. Even when the site is dog slow it eventually will show the list... It turns out that if you do get a poll screen with nothing but a Vote button, and you don't wait for the text to appear, it will stay that way (for that particular poll) until you close your browser session. I'm assuming it has something to do with client caching of Flash.

Anyway, if you can vote (or view totals once you've voted) in most or all of the polls, but there's one that you just can't see, closing your browser then reloading the poll should fix the problem.

All of that assumes you can reach the page... That's what the NOC is working on...

Update (Dec. 5, 4:30PM): When it rains it pours... Received this from the NOC - "We are replacing all hardware on the server. There appeared to be problems with multiple parts." Hopefully that won't take too long...

Update (Dec. 7, 1:30AM): I'm aware of the comments about a few people being locked out of polls. Long story short, it's a side effect of the server crash. Good news: It will resolve itself naturally. Better news: Were working on a quicker fix. I've got no idea which will occur first, but it's a momentary blip.


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Comments (110)

Hi, I just wanted to say th... (Below threshold)

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for being selected a finalist. I'm really very honored, especially since Im blogging about Yemen for almost a year. Its not quite your normal subject matter, but a lot of people in Yemen like it. And I'm trying very hard to bring a spotlight onto the lack of civil rights there, and to be included (when this is what I'm doing) is really a boost for me, who gets a lot of moral support from my fellow bloggers. Also it *will* annoy the Yemeni government. So Thanks.

theYNC.com should have been... (Below threshold)

theYNC.com should have been recognized for best humor blog and hands down best video blog.

With over 200,000 visitors monthly they are a powerhouse. Great site Please don't overlook them next year.

There was no section for pe... (Below threshold)

There was no section for pet blogging? Or did I miss it?

Didnt check my mail so dont... (Below threshold)

Didnt check my mail so dont know but is it already December 5th in the US and voting started? BEcause I can only see the finalists list LOL :D Flash is installed so it should work

Hey there. Are you aware th... (Below threshold)

Hey there. Are you aware there is no way to vote for the best conservative blog? Hmm...I wonder...lol. Please check this out for me. Thanks.

Polls will be rolling out o... (Below threshold)

Polls will be rolling out over the next 12 hours. I've got to sleep sometime...

Why don't you change the na... (Below threshold)

Why don't you change the name of the awards to the Political Blog Awards, after all this is what they really are.

Thank you, Kevin. I'll be b... (Below threshold)

Thank you, Kevin. I'll be back then to continue. Good night. :)

Sleep? Come on Kevin you sl... (Below threshold)

Sleep? Come on Kevin you slept yesterday! LOL!

Anyway, just popped in to say thank you for the honor, and the fab logo. All the best, and ... get some sleep will you?

There was a comment left on... (Below threshold)

There was a comment left on the weblog awards site regarding the best blogger finalists. That comment is gone, and I was curious to see the answer. That commenter had listed maybe 5 or 6 blogs that were finalists, but had not been nominated, and wanted to know if there were also private nominations. I checked one of those blogs, and indeed it was not on the nominations page.

I wanted to vote in the bes... (Below threshold)

I wanted to vote in the best latino, caribbean, southamerican blog section but the voter link does not appear anywhere.

where is it?

I do have flash!

I am a finalist in the Best... (Below threshold)

I am a finalist in the Best of the Top 6751 - 8750 Blogs and the name of my blog is long enough you can't see the vote totals for it. Is there an alternate way to see the vote totals or some other way of seeing the vote totals? Thanks.

One problem is that on the ... (Below threshold)

One problem is that on the vote pages, certain blog names that are too long end up running over and you can't see the totals. I noticed this on Best New Blog and it exists on a few other categories, too.

Some of the categories don'... (Below threshold)

Some of the categories don't have a "VOTE" button... maybe the link is messed up???

I've experienced the same p... (Below threshold)

I've experienced the same problem as AFSister - I've been able to vote in one or two categories, but not in others.

All the polls are not yet a... (Below threshold)

All the polls are not yet active. It's a very manual process, which will get done as soon as possible.

Thanks for the heads up on the display names. I will fix those after all the polls are open.

I was trying to vote for Wi... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

I was trying to vote for Willisms.com BUT I can't see a voting box to vote. Can you help me? Thanks!

There appears to be a probl... (Below threshold)

There appears to be a problem in voting from Firefox. The names in the category don't appear in the (Flash) box. This isn't a problem from IE.

Perhaps I have to update my Flash?

It works fine in Firefox 1.... (Below threshold)

It works fine in Firefox 1.5 on XP. What version are you using?

I didn't realise the diffic... (Below threshold)

I didn't realise the difficulties involved in opening the polls; I apologise for bothering you.

Thanks, by the way, for doing this. I can't imagine the work involved, but I suspect it's tremendous.

I was the one that posted r... (Below threshold)

I was the one that posted regarding the selection of Best Blog Finalists. My question was as follows:

Why were the following blogs listed as Finalists for Best Blog when none of them received any nominations that I was able to find in the nomination thread:

Andrew Sullivan
Boing Boing
The Corner
The Huffington Post
Mudville Gazette

Was there both a public and private set of nominations? With 197 total nominations, I'm surprised that 6 of 15 finalists were none that were even publically nominated.

The Garet Garret blog is li... (Below threshold)

The Garet Garret blog is listed as a "finalist" in the 8500+ category, but there is no button for that blog on the ballot page. Has there been Bush/Halliburton tampering already?

MH...Nearly all of... (Below threshold)


Nearly all of those you mentioned were nominated in other categories, and moved to Best Blog.

Best Blog is a unique category in that way...

Sites (which could only appear once in the awards) were moved to that category to balance out others - take DailyKos for Best Liberal Blog or Powerline for Best Conservative Blog.

Fun times. Can't wait until... (Below threshold)

Fun times. Can't wait until I can actually get the voting thing to work.

Hey Kevin, I just noticed t... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin, I just noticed that in at least two categories I voted in earlier this morning, I am seeing the option to actually vote again instead of just the updated tally for the sites in that category.

The two I noticed this in were Eco: 5001-6750 and Eco: 6751-XXXX (forget the ending number).

I didn't try to re-vote, so I don't know what happens , but it sure looked like it would have allowed a subsequent vote from the same PC I used to vote on earlier.

Yes, Kevin, I've noticed th... (Below threshold)

Yes, Kevin, I've noticed that too. On the Military Blog category, it is offering me the option to vote again. I have not done so, but I figured you should know about it. ;)

Thanks much for the nod, by the way.

Kevin - I'm thrill... (Below threshold)

Kevin -

I'm thrilled to find myself as a finalist...but I'm hopeless when it comes to the techie stuff...is there any way you could tell me how to put the "finalist" graphic (w/ link back to you) in my sidebar? I'd appreciate it if you could help!


Kevin,Thanks for t... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the explanation. I was rather surprised at a couple of those choices, though. I'm sure it wasn't the easiest thing to put together though. Glad I wasn't in charge of that.

Ok, I feel reeallly stupid,... (Below threshold)

Ok, I feel reeallly stupid, but everytime I click on a blog to vote, it just sends me to that blog. I have clicked on "polls" only to be taken to the home page, which tells me to click on a link, which in turn...so I'm in this wierd loop. I do not get a tally, or know if my vote was counted or if I voted at all.

I downloaded macromedia player before I went to your website to vote.

So, what am I doing wrong? I'm voting from Netscape.

Thanks for all your help.

Dear Kevin,It may be... (Below threshold)

Dear Kevin,
It may be me, but I checked out the lib voting sites for the fun of it. When I went to vote, it kinda...well...didn't have any names present! lol. Just to let ya know...

Um...the conservative vote ... (Below threshold)

Um...the conservative vote has no names either. :)

Dee: What version Netscape?... (Below threshold)

Dee: What version Netscape?

Anchoress, I emailed from m... (Below threshold)

Anchoress, I emailed from my other email account with info on how I put my link on my sidebar since Kevin might be busy.

Minor quibble. I see the n... (Below threshold)

Minor quibble. I see the names, which is great. But many blogs have longish names, which is pushing the totals for blogs listed along the right hand side of the box off the edge.

Might I suggest one of two things:
1) Make the box bigger to accommodate long blog names.
2) Post the total votes for those blogs listed along the right *ahead* of the name so that only the last few characters of the blog name is lost.

Thanks for running this. Ho... (Below threshold)

Thanks for running this. Hope the joy exceeds the pain.;)

excellent job with whittlin... (Below threshold)

excellent job with whittling down the finalists (okay, i am really happy with the finalists since i am one :)

that said... a few people have come back to me saying that they are confused as to where to click once they get to the category page --- the word VOTE, while it IS uppercase, perhaps for the less click-savvy folks that are out there, maybe have an underline?

(or maybe some flashing hands pointing at the link saying CLICK HERE!!! CLICK HERE!!! --- joking.)

and a few were saying they think the site is broken because it says the polls aren't working on that page (i know, and you know that's not what the statement means... just some people, and i am not saying that my site is filled with readers from MENSA, are having a bit of a time figuring out where to click... yeah... i am rolling my eyes as well.)

just wanted to point it out to you...

again, swellegant job!!!!

Hi Kevin. I know you don't... (Below threshold)

Hi Kevin. I know you don't have enough to do, but thanks for the nomination (we are finalists in the 5000-6750 category and pleased as can be for the recognition). Noticing (and getting emails to this effect) that the voting is often coming up "page cannot be displayed" (not just in our category). I'm assuming you're aware and that this is a box issue - bless you for sacrificing your server to this madness.

Erin - The VOTE! was a temp... (Below threshold)

Erin - The VOTE! was a temporary measure. The actual poll is supposed to show up in that spot.

I will take you advice about dropping the disclaimer and adding less detail and more "Click here now!"

RY - It's a box issue. See my latest update.

On the plus side we've managed to make it through part of a day without rampant cheating...

Must be a traffic issue but... (Below threshold)

Must be a traffic issue but the site is timing out when trying to access it.

Yes no cheating is a plus. ... (Below threshold)

Yes no cheating is a plus. hang in there kev and know how much we all appreciate your work. and the anticipation just sweetens it.

Kevin:I'm using Fi... (Below threshold)


I'm using Firefox 1.0.6 under Windows 98. I'll trying upgrading Firefox. What I'm seeing when I click on “Vote” is the Flash box with nothing in it other than the radio buttons themselves. The names of the candidates are not displayed.

I know you don't want to he... (Below threshold)

I know you don't want to hear this, but really, where the fuck is Protein Wisdom?

Has voting opened in the Be... (Below threshold)

Has voting opened in the Best of the Ecosystem categories? I can't find a voting link for any of them.

Hi there,I run the... (Below threshold)

Hi there,

I run the group blog Sir Humphrey's, nominated for the best blog in Australia/NZ. We moved away from our Blogspot site to http://sirhumphreys.com a while ago. You might want to change the URL.

Thanks for the nomination, by the way. Whoever you are...

The Flash ballot doesn't sh... (Below threshold)

The Flash ballot doesn't show up for me on the Best Asian Blog. All the others did.

Kevin - I was making my way... (Below threshold)

Kevin - I was making my way voting for the Ecosystem categories and Urbangrounds is listed twice - in 6751-8750 blogs and in 5001-6750

Before I have a freaking ne... (Below threshold)

Before I have a freaking nervous breakdown (as if you haven't already?), I know I have at least one vote (mine) and the voting/results show just "(" for me, not even a "0".
Whassupwithat? I'm dyin' heah!

Panic alleviated a little--... (Below threshold)

Panic alleviated a little--thanks, Angry GWN!

(the length of the blog name explained my issue)

Wow, it looks like the lead... (Below threshold)

Wow, it looks like the leading vote getter so far in any category is in the Best of the Rest. Sadly it isn't me though. Oh well, it was an honor being (self) nominated. Thanks for making me a finalist, hopefully I'll gain a few more readers from the exposure.

Chris, I wouldn't feel bad ... (Below threshold)

Chris, I wouldn't feel bad at this point, it's still early and blogspot is down has been for quite some time so things might pick up later.

Sides even if we don't win in our respective ecosystem categories we do have the nifty finalist button...


Oh, I don't feel bad. I get... (Below threshold)

Oh, I don't feel bad. I get roughly 30 visits a day, I knew I had a snowballs chance in Haiti of winning. I just did it for the fun of it, and for the exposure. Plus, never know, I might make a second half surge ;)

Yeah with blogger being down some folks are at a definite disadvantage. Those are the breaks though for using a free platform I guess. I love wordpress too much to ever go back to blogger though!

Great idea, and I am sure y... (Below threshold)

Great idea, and I am sure you are hearing this 100 times, but you made a big error omitting EveryDayShouldBeSaturday. edsbs.com
Without question, the best college football related blog. Most information, broad coverage, equal opportunity offender. SEC people that don't think the sun rises and sets on them - they should win on that alone. They also appear willing to link to any other CFB blog, which is cool. Mustache Wednesday, Home of the now immortal 52 things that suck about espn, I could go on all night. In short, I bet they get more hits from across the country than any other CFB blog. Go check it out and tell me you don't agree.

Hilariously, the lefty blog... (Below threshold)

Hilariously, the lefty blogs are whining as always about being underrepresented. Funny they didn't think it was important enough to bother nominating other lefty blogs during the nomination phase and didn't volunteer to help Kevin, but now it's "unfair!" Waaah. Even the nominees are whining, and with less lefty competition, they're winning their categories because the lefty vote isn't split ten different ways.
Same $hit, different year. Same complaint, different topic. Always the sobbing victims of "unfairness."

<a href="http://www.groklaw... (Below threshold)

Groklaw is the best law blog. It covers technology and IP law, including the SCO v. IBM lawsuit over the future of Linux, Novell v. Microsoft, the Sony DRM flap, software patents, and things of that sort.

Just tuned into the weblog ... (Below threshold)

Just tuned into the weblog awards. I didn't know there was such a thing.

My personal favorites for the best blogs are:

Constant's Pations This blogger authored the quote used by Barbara Streisand at the Democratic National Convention, "Beware the leader that......" This quote is now so famous that it's an urban legend. It was not written by Shakespear or a Caesar quote.

Well informed and logical...excellent knowledge of the rule of law...well versed in military and White House protocols, and has the uncanny ability to find, piece together and expose inside information.

Brad Blog Brad has had EXCLUSIVE coverage on many voting issues. He broke the story on Diebold electronic voting machines with an insider named "Dieb-throat" and the phony American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) organization.

Crooks and Liars Always has the lastest posts & highlights from TV media news shows.

Last and probably most important, Conyersblog A congressman that actually reaches out to people and responds to questions and ideas. The only congressman with the cajones to stand up to this administration. A congressman that sponsored an unprecedented web petition with over a half a million signatures. A congressman that has given hope to millions across this country and abraod. A congressman that authored human rights legislation that unbelievably got approved through the House this year. A congressman that will lead the subpoena for impeachment when Dems regain the majority in 2006.

If it's too late for this years awards, then I would like to nominate them in advance for 2006.

I'm technologically and adm... (Below threshold)

I'm technologically and admittedly probably neurologically impaired anyway, but damned if I can find any kind of Flash download deal to in order vote for the Asia blog. I probably won't be checking in again to scroll down for eternity to see if you answer this, but if you have the time to email me with a suggestion or to point out what obvious frigging thing I overlooked, I'd appreciate it.

The Flash ballot doesn't sh... (Below threshold)

The Flash ballot doesn't show up for me on the Best Asian Blog. All the others did.
Posted by: Dusty at December 5, 2005 06:09 PM

I'm technologically and admittedly probably neurologically impaired anyway, but damned if I can find any kind of Flash download deal to in order vote for the Asia blog. I probably won't be checking in again to scroll down for eternity to see if you answer this, but if you have the time to email me with a suggestion or to point out what obvious frigging thing I overlooked, I'd appreciate it.
Posted by: Justin at December 6, 2005 03:26 AM

What they said.

Every time I attempt to vot... (Below threshold)

Every time I attempt to vote, after I click my selection, the screen freezes at "transmitting vote" and I get this: Error: 404 -- Invalid Key.

I am unable to see any poll... (Below threshold)
Susan K:

I am unable to see any polls on my Mozilla Firefox browser. Can you help? I hate IE!

Was wondering why DubyaD40.... (Below threshold)

Was wondering why DubyaD40.com didn't make the cut.

Hi, I noticed that in the t... (Below threshold)

Hi, I noticed that in the top 250 catagory, the link is to 'deansworld.com' (instead of 'deanesmay.com') which, well goes to a less than scrupulous web site.

This is the correct one: http://www.deanesmay.com/

Zombie Time in the Best Pho... (Below threshold)

Zombie Time in the Best Photoblog category doesn't seem to fit the category.

It is more of a blog that posts links to pictures, as opposed to a photoblog that posts their own pictures.

Just curious

Where is ANY nomination for... (Below threshold)

Where is ANY nomination for Free Republic, father of MemoGate? Swift Vets - deposer of Hanio John Kerry?

Both of these deserve nominations, seems VERY suspicious that they are not represented. In fact, it pretty much reduces this entire site to a pointless circle jerk for me.

It's hard for me to have an... (Below threshold)

It's hard for me to have any respect for a list of best humorous blogs that doesn't have World O'Crap in it (http://blogs.salon.com/0002874/). I believe that women's blogs have a more difficult time getting respect than do men's blogs, and her blog is an example.

I'm mulling over a criticis... (Below threshold)

I'm mulling over a criticism here, but in the sense that I think it ought to be considered with seriousness to ensure the continued efficacy of the Weblog Awards:

The 2005 Weblog Awards site is designed by a partner (owner? associate? wife?) of the person who writes LittleGreenFootballs and who IS Hosting Matters, also hosting the 2005 Weblog Awards site: server administrator, site designer/administrator, blog author nominated for "Best of..."

While I don't think anyone should be prevented from nominating and voting in the Awards (this year, any year), I DO think there's too much familiarity and comingling of advance resources or the appearance of special access/privilege in this specific coupling and/or hosting and design group to be among the nominees.

I realize they're popular. Which should be reward enough. But I do think they should not be participating as site names and site authors among any of the nominations.

you forgot <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

you forgot www.bildblog.de

the by far most popular german blog

as you can see it is far more popular than davids medienkritik that is on your list.
and the amount of popularity is an indicator of quality, at least in this case

Suzy you're way off base. ... (Below threshold)

Suzy you're way off base.

Who said the site was hosted at Hosting Matters? It's not. Last years domain was at HM, this years new (and permanent) domain is not. Checking the DNS will confirm that.

To the best of my knowledge Charles lives in LA and Stacy lives in Florida. I don't know anything about any "relationship" between them. Even if that were the case, she's simply the site designer (now done) and has no access to the system.

To those saying we "forgot"... (Below threshold)

To those saying we "forgot" such an such, a question. Where they nominated? If not how the heck were we supposed to know about them?

I didn't realize people too... (Below threshold)

I didn't realize people took this so seriously. Last I checked this was a free contest with zero prizes other than bragging rights and a winner button. If anyone is seeing this contest as a springboard to the upper echleon of the blogosphere (blogverse? which are we using now?), you should look at last years winners/nominees and see if you detect a trend. One contest ain't gonna make or break your blog.

If really you want to complain about awards, how about the Grammys? Seriously those things are fixed!

This is very weird.<p... (Below threshold)

This is very weird.

In the best Asian Blog category, why are the majoriy of sites that are NOT nominated on the list, and sites that are nominated are NOT on the list?

Do you even look at the nominations?

From the Nominations Page: http://weblogawards.org/2005/11/ ...blog.php#000023


Sassy Lawyer is not nominated.
Hemlock's Diary is not nominated.
Hongkie Town is not nominated.
XiaXue is not nominated.
MrBrown is not nominated.
MrMiyagi is not nominated.
The Marmot's Hole is not nominated.
Sinosplice is not nomianted.
The Shaky Kaiser is not nominated.
Shanghai Diaries is not nominated.
Our Man In Hanoi is not nominated.

In fact, only ESWN, Simonworld and Asiapundit are nominated.

Nothing against the above ppl, some of whom are my personal friends, but it's just something I find very very odd.

I have not been allowed to ... (Below threshold)

I have not been allowed to vote since yesterday afternoon (when I cast my first set of votes). :-( I'll try again tomorrow morning.

I also have been excluded f... (Below threshold)

I also have been excluded from second day voting.

Firefox 1.0.7 on XP.

In the best middle east or ... (Below threshold)

In the best middle east or africa blog section, the date still reads as December 4th. In addition, it won't let me vote again as it says I voted in the last 24 hours, which I have not.

Looks like a bug.

Another voter blocked since... (Below threshold)

Another voter blocked since well over 24 hours ago.

OK here's the deal. We nev... (Below threshold)

OK here's the deal. We never trusted users local time, since sooner or later they would have figured out to set their clocks back and vote again... We use the server time.

The server time (due to full hardware replacement yesterday) was mistakenly set to what I'm pretty sure was GMT. That puts it 5 hours ahead. Now that it's been changed to the proper time zone (EDT) there's a 29 hour lockout for SOME people - JUST FOR TODAY. New voters aren't subject to it at all. Both Pete and I have tested this and the polls to unlock at the 29 hour mark.

The only alternative is to give everyone an extra vote by reseting ALL the timeouts. That's a particularly crappy alternative IMHO.

Sorry, the best course for previous voters is to just wait it out the extra 5 hours. The next period (and all the rest) will be 24 hours as it's supposed to be. I'll add 5 extra hours to the end of the polls (Midnight EDT December 15) if people think I should...

Seems fair.... (Below threshold)

Seems fair.

Yes, please do. That should... (Below threshold)

Yes, please do. That should--if I understand you correctly--allow those of us blocked all day Tuesday one last chance, since it would fall after a 24 hour lock.

in Best Religious Blog... w... (Below threshold)

in Best Religious Blog... why are the vast majority Protestant (or Protestant variations)? Arent there extraordinary Catholic and Orthodox blogs out there...

Hey,I keep getting... (Below threshold)


I keep getting a message saying that I've voted in the past 24 hours; it was closer to 40 hours ago.

Tried it in Firefox and IE; same result.

Hopefully it'll get fixed so I can break double digits.

By the way, I was able to vote twice so far in some of the other categories [humor, best blog, etc...] -- just not in the 6751-8750 category where my site was nominated.

Thanks in advance,

Kevin, in the Asian Blog ca... (Below threshold)

Kevin, in the Asian Blog category three of us nominees (Miyagi, ESWN and myself) have all endorsed Simon World. Is there a chance that the AsiaPundit votes could be rolled into Simon's tally? (an odd request after my self nomination, I realize).

I am going to second what J... (Below threshold)

I am going to second what JP said. It has been well over 40 hours since I last voted and still I cannot vote. 6751-8750 category is the one giving me trouble, where my blog is being voted for. Thanks.

I'm getting "You have alrea... (Below threshold)

I'm getting "You have already voted once in the last 24 hours." but I did not! Please fix that as soon as possible othervise you can not call voting fair.

Since Michelle Malkin's blo... (Below threshold)

Since Michelle Malkin's blog isn't among the nominees, I won't be voting.

"OK here's the deal. We ... (Below threshold)

"OK here's the deal. We never trusted users local time, since sooner or later they would have figured out to set their clocks back and vote again... We use the server time."

Better solution, and I'd think easier to implement, would be to simply set up a script on the server that, at some predetermined time (say, midnight in whatever time zone the server resides), it wipes the "who's voted" slate clean, allowing everybody back in. That eliminates any issues with the individual voters' clocks, keeps everything nice and cleancut. A possibility for next year?

Kevin,I seem to be... (Below threshold)


I seem to be having a problem with the voting today. I get an error that states "Error: Could not initiate flash cookie." This error shows up in the poll box, but the rest of your site seems to work just fine.


I've been blocked from voti... (Below threshold)

I've been blocked from voting ("you've voted in the last 24 hours"), I understand your 'splaination, will try again later.

J.R., Malkin is in the Best... (Below threshold)

J.R., Malkin is in the Best Blogs section, she's even with Eschaton now, and Kos is ahead by about 500 votes.

OK, as the blogger known as... (Below threshold)

OK, as the blogger known as Angry in the Great White North, I have to ask.

Can some please expand the Best Canadian Blog box to make it a few characters wider?

Now I see my total as "(1". I know it is 100+, but 101 or 199? It's driving me nutty!

I'm a bit surprised that my... (Below threshold)

I'm a bit surprised that my attachment parenting weblog, the #1 match on Google for "parenting blog", isn't included in the parenting category. It's widely read, garners lots of discussion and is informative too. It's not, I admit, a tell-all nor is it particularly compelling if you seek voyeuristic excitement, but we're raising three kids and writing thoughtful articles about what we're doing, what's working, and why...


(of course, it'd be cool for my Feedster top 250 tech Q&A blog AskDaveTaylor.com to have been nominated too, but there's a heck of a lot of competition from very good tech bloggers :-)

How could BlameBush! (blame... (Below threshold)

How could BlameBush! (blamebush.typepad.com) not make it? "Liberal Larry" makes me laugh so hard he should be required to carry insurance in case I stroke out while I'm rolling on the floor. He's the Robin Williams of the Conservative Blogs.

I agree with Bob. 'Blame Bu... (Below threshold)

I agree with Bob. 'Blame Bush Because Bush is to Blame for everything' blog by Liberal Larry (Blamebush.typepad.com) should be nominatied for the humor group of blogs.

Just wondering why "Your Ma... (Below threshold)

Just wondering why "Your Mac Life" wasn't on the list for best podcast, seeing as they've been Podcasting since Way before "Podacasting" was "invented". If there's any question of its popularity, go to Audible.com and check out their placements in the top-10 lists.

So, I was off base. Thanks... (Below threshold)

So, I was off base. Thanks for clarifying. But, Hosting Matters seems to be hosting the Weblog Awards, designed by Hosting Matters, Staci, Wizbang's on HM, Charles is, he's also nominated along with Wizbang for the top ten...

It just seems that the people working ON and managing the Awards should be recused from being involved, to keep a sense of propriety, some sort of fairness for the many hundreds of thousands of other blogs.

I think Wizbang deserves gracious and thorough thanks and applause and gratitude by the entire blog community, and it isn't to say that you, Kevin, nor Wizbang aren't truly (sincerely) among the Top Ten blogs on the internet. But there should be ethical separations of who organizes and hosts and manages/administers the Awards and who is among finalists and carried forward to awarded.

Maybe next year get a different hosting company? And get someone else to administer the site...inorder to keep Wizbang free and clear, on the same level field as any other blog? I don't doubt you but I do doubt -- here I'll get blog rage, I'm sure, at some point -- HM as to involvement, given that their tier of blogs is also involved in gathering stats, etc. upon which the Awards generally emerge (I just paraphrased).

It's just my perspective as to the ethicality of the Awards, to see them improve every year and not degenerate into something pugalistically-literal. After my experience last year, being so generous with time, utilities and hours involved, and what transpired despite my very best intentions, it seems that if and when there's even a tad of reason to question the credibility, someone will do so.

I'm not doing so because I rely on you, Kevin, as an ethical person. I don't think the same about some others related to the Awards, and I've read a few trusted bloggers otherwise who reason similarly for just about the same reasons. Which is why I earlier described this year's as "inbred." I think it should be an Award process with an open approach to and about webblogging (d'oh) and not with this same recurring cluster of blogs and the same one host and employee/owner involved. And then also among the recurring top nominees. It just suggests too many possibilities for a non-squeaky process, in my view.

Or, squeaky process, depend... (Below threshold)

Or, squeaky process, depending.

Oh, I can't vote.

I don't use FLASH (security settings) but just caved and tried to install it so I can vote in the WA this evening, and still can't.

I'll go try relaxing security settings further and see if that works. If not, I'll return and complain again, ha.

Coupla' things:(1.... (Below threshold)

Coupla' things:

(1.) I can't vote. I don't see any link anywhere to "vote" -- I see links within the listings of each Category for individual blogs but those links result in arriving at the blogs themselves and not in a voting process (unless the voting is occuring 'silently' by selecting a link?).

(2.) I did successfully install MicroFlashPlayer and modified my browser settings and firewall to allow cookies, all that, and Flash is working but I see no links displayed afterward to enable voting.

(3.) Thus, where is any voting action enabled? Perhaps my firewall is still preventing something from being displayed? Just describe if you wouldn't mind WHERE on your pages there is a VOTE link/button/function and I'll go find it but otherwise, I haven't a clue. I read the FAQ and it doesn't describe the HOWTO VOTE process, so I need some guidance.

(4.) The family relationships with other bloggers I'm not well aware of, Kevin. I only know what I've experienced and been told by others. Thus, my suggestion for the Awards would be to not include authors in Awards when they're involved in administering, managing the Awards themselves. Whoever that may be in host, site management/design, programming, all of it as to administering the Awards. My suggestion, your Awards, you decide, it's just a suggstion and I've explained why I feel this way, based upon the comingling of the resources, the lines of involvement are blurred and it presents a confusing ethical question to me, and a few other bloggers.

To nominate for LGBT and Be... (Below threshold)

To nominate for LGBT and Best New Blog
(both categories if allowed)

Thomas & Co.

It is surprising to see a h... (Below threshold)

It is surprising to see a hate site (Harry's Place) listed as a finalist!

This is a David Duke mirror site that only ever prints articles that pushes an anti islamic point of view. The site also runs hate campaigns against individuals.


For some reason I didn't se... (Below threshold)

For some reason I didn't see Little Green Footballs in the list. I read it every day and consider it one of the better blogs on the web. I can't imagine why it didn't make the short list.

We must have Macromedia Fla... (Below threshold)

We must have Macromedia Flash installed to vote? Those of us who don't install binaries (Windows, etc.) read political blogs, too!

...too bad.

I'm still a little confused... (Below threshold)

I'm still a little confused at how Zombie time is a photoblog.

Sure he has photos, but it seems to be more of a place for the site owner to make little galleries from different polictical rallies. Not even in any sort of a blog format.

Is there a definition used for the term blog or photoblog, which specifies what kind of sites will and will not be included.

Just seems like a little bit of a joke to me. Even my own site being included seems like a joke. Especially since it doesn't even appear as a nominee in the original process.

Site inclusions seem to be very random and not really based any anything. Almost like they were chosen out of a hat.

Maybe I’m missing something... (Below threshold)

Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but how about an OPML for each of the categories? That would save a lot of time for me…

OPML file coming soon.... (Below threshold)

OPML file coming soon.

umm there is obvious tamper... (Below threshold)

umm there is obvious tampering going on with the voting for best sports blog -- someone is doing some process so they can recast the votes.. the way the voting is coming in it looks very scripted

There's something really fi... (Below threshold)

There's something really fishing going on with the Best Sports Blog. Voting for Athletics Nation keeps shooting up by the hundreds and there's talk on the site's "diaries" of "the process" and "covering tracks." It all has to do with some poster there named Nebraska.

what i want to know id this... (Below threshold)

what i want to know id this
you must ne idiots or right wing assholes bush lovers to have that idiot, that maladjusted, misinfornmed. uneducated fool, that has 'the real Cuba' as a finalist???????????????
your blog, your
'best of'
is must be a joke for those that have no life or do not understand the real world
Viva Cuca, Viva Venezuela, Viva El Salvador and Viva El Frente
Viva Revolucion

How did the Dilbert blog co... (Below threshold)
Cheney, uncut:

How did the Dilbert blog continue to ratchet votes AFTER the polls had closed? Nice "win," Scott.

For 'Dilbert', read 'Diebol... (Below threshold)
pseudonymous in nc:

For 'Dilbert', read 'Diebold'.

The logs have not yet been ... (Below threshold)

The logs have not yet been scrubbed. A little patience please...

I want to know just W... (Below threshold)

I want to know just WTF happened with the Humor Category!!!
Jesus' General has, through the
many days of one vote per person per day, been leading by THOUSANDS of votes -- sometimes almost 2:1!

Then, IN THE VERY LAST FEW HOURS, suddenly the 2nd place runner (Dilbert) comes up with THOUSANDS more votes than have been voted for them daily throughout the entire procedure?!

This is virtually impossible -- unless you're using Diebold -- or the CON's are cheating.
Huh. Them CHEAT.
Imagine THAT!

I DEMAND an investigation into this - it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!


And what is this about votes for Dilbert were allowed AFTER the deadline?!


If this IS legitimate, it is obviously a political maneuver -- NOT in response to the funniest blog -- of which Jesus' General wins hands down!
And if it IS political... then WTF GOOD is even bothering to denote categories??!
May as well just have one category: "Neo-CON/Republican or Democrat", "Conservative or Liberal" and have DONE with the fallacy of the blogs being judged upon their own merits no matter WHO agrees or disagree's with the point of view!

Quite simply, funny is funny! If you cannot judge and decide the winner based on those defining merits of the category itself you may as well throw these awards away -- they are USELESS!

I was wondering how do you ... (Below threshold)

I was wondering how do you exactly get your blog evaluated and how do you vote for others






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